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* Bugfix 113: Fix remaining exchanges who are not reporting timestamps correctly
* Feature: Generated timestamps now based on message receipt by feedhandler
* Feature: Multi-callback support
* Feature: Rework ZMQ using pub/sub with topics
* Feature: FTX Exchange
* Feature: Gemini subscriptions now work like all other exchanges
* Feature: Use unique id for each feed (as opposed to feed id/name)
* Bugfix: fix Poloniex historical trade timestamps
* Bugfix: Bitmex L2 channel incorrectly classified
* Feature: Kraken Futures
* Feature: Redis backend supports UDS
* Feature: Binance full book (L2) with deltas
* Feature: Allow user to start event loop themselves (potentially scheduling other tasks before/after).


* Feature: Rest Endpoints for Historical Deribit data
* Feature: Specify numeric datatype for InfluxDB
* Bugfix: Greatly improve performance of book writes for InfluxDB
* Feature: Bybit exchange support
* Bugfix: Deribit now returning floats in decimal.Decimal
* Feature: Elastic Search backend


* Bugfix: Book Delta Conversion issue in backends
* Bugfix: Tweak BitMEX rest api to handle more errors more gracefully
* Feature: Deribit Exchange support
* Feature: Instrument channel
* Bugfix: support Kraken websocket API changes
* Bugfix: correct USDT symbol mappings for Bitfinex
* Bugfix: Fixed mongo book backend
* Feature: Book delta support for mongo, sockets, ZMQ


* Feature: Book delta support for InfluxDB
* Feature: Swaps on OkEX


* Bugfix: Fix tagging issue in InfluxDB
* Bugfix: Fix book updates in InfluxDB
* Feature: Book delta support in Redis backends
* Feature: Book delta support in Kafka backend


* Feature: Cleanup callback code
* Feature: Poloniex subscription now behaves like other exchanges
* Feature: Kafka Backend


* Bugfix: Timestamp normalization for backends were losing subsecond fidelity
* Feature: All exchanges report timestamps in floating point unix time
* Bugfix: Implement change in OkEx's trading pair endpoint for pair generation


* Feature: Config support for Coinbene, Binance, EXX, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, HitBTC
* Feature: Complete clean up of public REST endpoints
* Feature: Improved book delta example
* Feature: Bitstamp Websocket V2 - L3 books now supported
* Bugfix: Incorrect book building in Kraken


* Bugfix: Coinbase L3 Book would get in cycle of reconnecting due to missing sequence numbers
* Feature: Kraken L2 Book Deltas
* Feature: Book deltas streamlined and retain ordering
* Feature: OKCoin exchange support
* Feature: OKEx exchange support
* Feature: Coinbene exchange support
* Feature: Support Huobi Global and Huobi USA


* Bugfix: Kraken REST api using wrong symbol for trades
* Feature: Complete work on standardizing Bitfinex rest API
* Bugfix: Allow index symbols on Bitmex


* Feature: Trades sides are now labeled as Buy / Sell instead of Bid / Ask.
* Feature: Support for the Huobi exchange
* Bugfix: Change how exchange pairs are mapped for REST module - only map exchanges that are used
* Bugfix 67: Ensure all trades report the taker's side


* Feature 57: Write updates directly to MongoDB via new backend support
* Feature 56: Experimental support for fine grained configuration per exchange
* Feature 58: Support Kraken websocket API
* Feature: Only generate trading pair conversions for configured exchanges
* Feature: Historical trade data on REST api for Kraken


* Feature 55: OHLCV aggregation method in backends plus support for user defined aggregators
* Feature: EXX exchange support


* Bugfix: Poloniex logging had bug that prevented reconnect on missing sequence number


* Feature 50: Support multiple streams per websocket connection on Binance
* Bugfix 51: Fix pairs on streams in Binance


* Feature: InfluxDB support via backend
* Feature: Aggregation backend wrappers
* Bugfix: BookDelta callback no longer needs to be an instance of BookUpdateCallback
* Bugfix: REST module was creating duplicate log handlers
* Bugfix: Bitfinex REST now properly handles cases when there are more than 1000 updates for a single tick


* Readme change for long description rendering issue


* Feature 41: Rework trading pairs to generate them dynamically (as opposed to hard coded)
* Feature: When book depth configured Redis, ZMQ and UDP backends only report book changes when changed occurred in
depth window
* Feature: TCP socket backend support
* Feature: UDS backend support


* Bugfix 45: Bitstamp prices and sizes in L2 book are string, not decimal.Decimal
* Feature: Binance support


* Bugfix 43: Coinbase L2 book used "0" rather than 0 for comparisons against decimal.Decimal
* Feature: REST feed market data supported via normal subscription methods
* Feature: Kraken support
* Bugfix: Bitfinex book timestamps match expected bitfinex timestamps (in ms)


* Feature: Timestamps for orderbooks and book deltas
* Feature 40: NBBO now uses best bid/ask from L2 books
* Feature 28: GDAX now renamed Coinbase and uses coinbase endpoints
* Feature: ZeroMQ backend. Write updates directly to zmq connection
* Feature: UDP Socket backend. Write updates directy to UDP socket


* Feature: L2 books are now all price aggregted amounts, L3 books are price aggregated orders
* Book deltas supported on all feeds
* Bugfix: Fix NBBO feed


* Feature: GDAX/Coinbase rest support - trades, order status, etc
* Feature: Arctic backend, supports writing to arctic directly on trade/funding updates
* Bugfix: 36 Update poloniex to use new trading pairs and handle sequence numbers
* Bugfix: Improve Bitfinex orderbooks and handle sequence numbers
* Bugfix: GDAX and Bitmex orderbook and logging improvements


* Added some docstrings
* Feature: Add exchanges by name to feedhandler. Easier to instantiate a feedhandler from config
* Logging improvements
* Bugfix: non-gathered futures were suppressing exceptions when multiple feeds are configured. Changed to tasks
* Redis backend uses a connection pool


* Feature: support for writing order books directly to redis
* Feature: ability to specify book depth for redis updates


* Feature: normalize bitfinex funding symbols


* Bugfix: fix symbol in bitfinex rest


* Feature: access rest endpoints via getitem / []
* Bugfix: 31 - funding channel broke gemini
* Feature: Book deltas for GDAX
* Bugfix: Fix intervals on Bitmex (rest)


* Feature: Funding data from Bitmex on ws
* Feature: Funding historical data via rest
* Bugfix: Python 3.7 compatibility
* Feature: Rest trade APIs are now generators
* Feature: funding data on bitfinex - ws and rest


* Bugfix: Handle 429s in Bitmex (REST)
* Feature: Redis backend for trades to write updates directly to redis
* Bugfix: issue 27 - Bitmex trades missing timestamps


* Bitfinex and Bitmex historical trade data via REST
* Bugfix: interval incorrect for rest time ranges
* Bugfix: lowercase attrs in Rest interface


* Feature: Support for delta updates for order books
* REST api work started


* Bugfix: Clear data structures on reconnect in bitmex
* Feature: Support reconnecting on more connection errors
* Feature: Timestamp support on trade feeds
* Feature: Connection watcher will terminate and re-open idle connections


* Feature: Reconnect when a connection is lost
* Bugfix 22: Check for additional connection failures
* Feature 4: Trade ID support
* Feature: Account for new gemini message type


* Feature: Bitmex


* Bugfix 10: Change from float to decimal.Decimal in GDAX
* Feature 5: use sorted dictionaries for order books
* Feature 17: logging support
* Bugfix: Gemini order books now work
* Bugfix: All json floats parsed to Decimal
* Bugfix: Fix Bitstamp pair parsing
* Feature: Major clean up of channel, exchange, and trading pair names


* Bugfix 4: produce ticker from trades channel on GDAX
* Feature: Bitstamp feed


* Feature: HitBTC feed
* Feature: Poloniex Orderbook support


* Feature: Gemini Feed


* Initial release: GDAX, Poloniex, Bitfinex Support
* Feature: NBBO support