Changelogs » Cromosim

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Main new features of the Release 2.0.2 of cromosim (mainly concerning
  microscopic crowd modeling):
  * addition of a Destination class allowing to use a more elaborate color
  code: a door can be represented by a red line, another by a yellow line, etc ...
  * possibility of having several elements of the Domain class. It is for
  example possible to define a domain per floor.
  * possibility of having several possible destinations for people and
  chaining them
  * possibility of defining stairs, thanks to the Destination class
  * during the initialization of groups of people, their radius and speed of
  movement can be defined with probability laws (normal or uniform). They are
  also assigned an initial destination.
  Unfortunately these big changes break the backward compatibility with
  Release 1.0 scripts, at least for microscopic crowd modeling.
  See for more details