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  - A new `Configuration.reload` method makes it convenient to reload and
  re-parse all YAML files from the file system.


  - A new `MappingValues` template behaves like `Sequence` but for mappings with
  arbitrary keys.
  - A new `Optional` template allows other templates to be null.
  - `Filename` templates now have an option to resolve relative to a specific
  directory. Also, configuration sources now have a corresponding global
  option to resolve relative to the base configuration directory instead of
  the location of the specific configuration file.
  - There is a better error message for `Sequence` templates when the data from
  the configuration is not a sequence.


  - `pathlib.PurePath` objects can now be converted to `Path` templates.
  - `AttrDict` now properly supports (over)writing attributes via dot notation.


  - Break up the `confuse` module into a package. (All names should still be
  importable from `confuse`.)
  - When using `None` as a template, the result is a value whose default is
  `None`. Previously, this was equivalent to leaving the key off entirely,
  i.e., a template with no default. To get the same effect now, use
  `confuse.REQUIRED` in the template.


  - `float` values (like ``4.2``) can now be used in templates (just like
  ``42`` works as an `int` template).
  - The `Filename` and `Path` templates now correctly accept default values.
  - It's now possible to provide custom PyYAML `Loader` objects for
  parsing config files.


  - A new ``Path`` template produces a `pathlib`_ Path object.
  - Drop support for Python 3.4 (following in the footsteps of PyYAML).
  - String templates support environment variable expansion.
  .. _pathlib:


  The first stable release, and the first that `beets`_ depends on externally.
  .. _beets: