Changelogs » Collective-portlet-calendar

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  - Nothing changed yet.


  - Change in the review state usage behavior: if no value is specified do not
  use the global site settings (that was a bit unexpected) but do not filter
  by review state at all.
  - Be sure that start/end criteria in collections never use values outside the
  current month
  - Fixed issue that make calendar display weird days when Collections use start
  or end criteria as calendar machinery already do
  - Calendar URI querystring parameters are now applied when root object is used
  - Fixed issue in the ``_render_cachekey`` method that gives some unexpected
  results with collections under certain circumstances
  - Fixed illogical behavior with collections: if you do not provide any
  ``review_state`` filter, a static ("published", "private") was used
  - Folder were not selectable as root object [keul]
  - **Drop support for Plone 4.0 and 4.1**.
  - Remove also browserlayer when running unistall profile. [keul]
  - Uninstall profiles was not run on uninstall [keul]
  - Removed useless paster generated code (there's no Archetypes contents there).
  - Support for new-style collections from package.
  This **drop Plone 3.3 compatibility**. [keul]
  - Removed kss attributes and added modern HTML 5 ones. This make the
  calendar JavaScript works on Plone 4.3. [keul]
  - Links to search page are  prefixed. [keul]
  - Fixed issue when not providing a portlet name. [keul]
  - Fixed layout: when not providing a title, the portlet looks like default
  Plone calendar. [keul]
  - Fixed portlet cache key. It was not looking for additional parameters.
  - Calendar portlet title in management screen were stored forever. [keul]


  - Added basic installation tests. [hvelarde]


  - Tested Plone 4.2 compatibility. [hvelarde]
  - Updated package information and development buildout configurations.
  - Added Basque translation. [shagi]


  - Added Italian translation. [keul]
  - Added Brazilian Portuguese translation. [erico_andrei]
  - Now also Plone 3.3 compatible. [keul]
  - Change the translation domain, fixing all the i18ndude stuff (that were not
  working), because while using the "plone" ones was not possible to translate
  anything. [keul]
  - Selecting a collection, all other filters are ignored (if you want a
  review_state or Subject filter, put it in the collection itself). [keul]
  - Added and fixed tests. [keul]
  - Minimal pyflakes changes. [keul]


  - Providing a base css to our portlet. [erico_andrei]
  - Allows restricting the results to only a subset of the site. [erico_andrei]
  - Adding portlet name/title. [erico_andrei]
  - Initial release. [erico_andrei]