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* Added numpy validator JustSize
  * Added validators Has and AllHave to check for attributes
  * Added weak type checkers Like...
  * Reverted regression in Typed decorator


* Removed np.int16 and np.float16 from JustNpNum
  * Added JustGen to check for GenratorType
  * Added JustKey, JustValue, and JustItem to check dictionary views
  * Added support fo deque, defaultdict, and OrderedDict
  * Many mores smalls tweaks under the hood ...


* Added Contains validator
  * Fixed bug in Bounded decorator
  * OneOf now accepts dict, dict_keys, dict_values, and dict_items as items
  * JustLen now accepts lengths also as frozenset, dict, dict_keys, and dict_values
  * Some fixes to error and log messages


* Added the validator Identifier


* Renamed "all_len" keyword in AllLen validator to "alen"
  * Renamed "all_hi" and "all_lo" keywords in AllLimited to "alo" and "ahi"
  * Fixed various docstring
  * Refined various error messages


* Fixed various docstrings
  * Added frozenset type checker JustFrozen to


* Added TypedDict type checker
  * Added TypedTuple type checker
  * Added LimitedTuple validator
  * Refactored error messages for the All validators and type checkers
  * Added skipping type checks in Typed decorator for arguments marked with ...
  * Added skipping limit checks in Bounded decorator for arguments marked with ...
  * Added type introspection for iterables to Typed decorator
  * Refactored error messages from Typed decorator
  * Added bounds introspection for iterables to Bounded decorator
  * Refactored error messages from Bounded decorator
  * Renamed Call validator to JustCall


* Added type checkers for functions and methods
  * Added validator for callables