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- Fix crash in Buildbot Windows service startup code (5344)


- Fix source distribution missing required buildbot.test.fakedb module for unit tests.
  - Fix crash in trigger step when renderables are used for scheduler names (5312)


Bug fixes
  - Fix `GitHubEventHandler` to include files in `Change` that comes from a github PR (5294).
  - Updated the `Docker` container `buildbot-master` to `Alpine 3.11` to fix.
  segmentation faults caused by an old version of `musl`.
  - Base64 encoding logs and attachments sent via email so emails conform to RFC 5322 2.1.1.
  - Handling the case where the BitbucketStatusPush return code is not 200.
  - When cancelling a buildrequest, the reason field is now correctly transmitted all the way to the cancelled step.
  - Fix Cache-control header to be compliant with RFC 7234 (5220).
  - Fix `GerritEventLogPoller` class to be declared as entry_point (can be used in master.cfg file).
  - Git poller: add `--ignore-missing` argument to `git log` call to avoid `fatal: bad object` errors.
  - Log watcher looks for the "tail" utility in the right location on Haiku OS.
  - Add limit and filtering support for the changes data API as described in 5207.
  Improved Documentation
  - Make docs build with the latest sphinx and improve rendering of the example HTML file for custom dashboard.
  - Make docs build with Sphinx 3 and fix some typos and incorrect Python module declarations.
  - `Property` and `Interpolate` objects can now be compared. This will generate a renderable that will be evaluated at runtime.
  - Added argument `count` to lock access to allow a lock to consume a variable amount of units.
  - Added arguments `pollRandomDelayMin` and `pollRandomDelayMax` to `HgPoller`, `GitPoller`, `P4Poller`, `SvnPoller` to spread the polling load
  Deprecations and Removals
  - Removed `_skipChecks` from `LockAccess` as it's obsolete


Bug fixes
  - Command `buildbot-worker create-worker` now supports ipv6 address for buildmaster connection.
  - Fix crash in latent worker stopService() when the worker is insubstantiating (4935).
  - Fix race condition between latent worker's stopService() and substantiate().
  - :class:`GitHubAuth` is now using `Authorization` headers instead of `access_token` query parameter, as the latter was deprecated by Github. (5188)
  - ``jQuery`` and ``$`` are available again as a global variable for UI plugins (5161).
  - Latent workers will no longer wait for builds to finish when worker is reconfigured.
  The builds will still be retried on other workers and the operators will not need to potentially wait multiple hours for builds to finish.
  - p4poller will no longer override Perforce login ticket handling behavior which fixes random crashes (5042).
  Improved Documentation
  - The procedures of upgrading to Buildbot 1.x and 2.x have been clarified in separate documents.
  - The layout of the specification of the REST API has been improved.
  - Updated newsfragments README.txt to no longer refer to renamed class `buildbot.reporters.http.HttpStatusBase`
  - The documentation now uses the read-the-docs theme which is more readable.
  - A new www badges style was added: ``badgeio``
  - `buildbot.reporters.http.HttpStatusPushBase` now allows you to skip unicode to bytes encoding while pushing data to server
  - New ``buildbot-worker create-worker --delete-leftover-dirs`` option to automatically remove obsolete builder directories


Bug fixes
  - Fix a potential deadlock when interrupting a step that is waiting for a lock to become available.
  - Prepare unique hgpoller name when using multiple hgpoller for multiple branches (5004)
  - Fix hgpoller crash when force pushing a branch (4876)
  - Fix mail recipient formatting to make sure address comments are separately escaped instead of escaping the whole To: or CC: header, which is not RFC compliant.
  - Master side keep-alive requests are now repeated instead of being single-shot (3630).
  - The message queues will now wait until the delivered callbacks are fully completed during shutdown.
  - Fix encoding errors during `P4Poller` ticket parsing 5148.
  - Remove server header from HTTP response served by the web component.
  - Fix multiple race conditions in Telegram reporter that were visible in tests.
  - The Telegram reporter will now wait until in-progress polls finish during shutdown.
  - Improve reliability of timed scheduler.
  - transfer steps now correctly report errors from workers 5058.
  - Warn if Buildbot title in the configuration is too long and will be ignored.
  - Worker will now wait for any pending keep-alive requests to finish leaving them in indeterminate state during shutdown.
  Improved Documentation
  - Mention that `QueueRef.stopConsuming()` may return a Deferred.
  - Add the parameter --use-tls to `buildbot-worker create-worker` to automatically enable TLS in the connection string
  - Gerrit reporter now passes a tag for versions that support it.
  This enables filtering out buildbot's messages.
  - `GerritEventLogPoller` and `GerritChangeSource` coordinate so as not to generate duplicate changes, resolves 4786.
  - Web front end now allows you to configure the default landing page with `c['www']['default_page'] = 'name-of-page'`.
  - The new option `dumpMailsToLog` of `MailNotifier` allows to dump formatted mails to the log before sending.
  - Workers will now attempt to read `/etc/os-release` and stores them into worker info as `os_<field>` items.
  Add new interpolation `worker` that can be used for accessing worker info items.


  Bug fixes
  - Updates supported browser list so that Ubuntu Chromium will not always be flagged as out of date.
  - Fixed IRC notification color of cancelled builds.
  - Updated url in description of worker service for Windows (no functionality impact).
  - Updated templates of www-badges to support additional padding configuration (5079)
  - Fix issue with custom_templates loading path (5035)
  - Fix url display when step do not contain any logs (5047)


  Bug fixes
  - Fix crash when reconfiguring changed workers that have new builders assigned to them (:issue:`4757`, :issue:`5027`).
  - DockerLatentWorker: Allow to bind the same volume twice into a worker's container, Buildbot now requires 'docker-py' (nowadays 'docker') version 1.2.3+ from 2015.
  - IRC bot can have authz configured to create or stop builds (:issue:`2957`).
  - Fix javascript exception with grid view tag filtering (:issue:`4801`)
  Improved Documentation
  - Changed PluginList link from trac wiki directly to the GitHub wiki.
  - Created a `TelegramBot` for notification and control through Telegram messaging app.
  - Added support for environment variable P4CONFIG to class ``P4Source``
  - Allow to define behavior for GitCommit when there is nothing to commit.
  - Add support for revision links to Mercurial poller
  - Support recursive matching ('**') in MultipleFileUpload when `glob=True` (requires python3.5+ on the worker)


  Bug fixes
  - allow committer of a change to be null for new setups (:issue:`4987`)
  - custom_templates are now working again.
  - Locks will no longer allow being acquired more times than the `maxCount` parameter if this parameter is changed during master reconfiguration.
  - Improve log cleaning performance by using delete with join on supported databases.
  - Hiding/showing of inactive builders is now possible in Waterfall view.


  Database upgrade may take a while on larger instances on this release due to newly added index.
  Bug fixes
  - Add an index to `steps.started_at` to boost expensive SQL queries.
  - Fix handling of the `refs_changed` event in the BitBucket Server web hook.
  - Fix errors when disconnecting a libvirt worker (issue 4844).
  - Fix Bitbucket Cloud hook crash due to changes in their API (issue 4873).
  - Fix `GerritEventLogPoller` was using the wrong date format.
  - Fix janitor Exception when there is no logchunk to delete.
  - Reduced the number of SQL queries triggered by `getPrevSuccessfulBuild()` by up to 100.
  - `buildbot.util.git.GitStepMixin`: Prevent builders from corrupting temporary ssh data path by using builder name as part of the path
  - `buildbot.util.git.GitTag`: Allow `tagName` to be a renderable.
  - Fix Github error reporting to handle exceptions that happen before the HTTP request is sent.
  - `buildbot.changes.gitpoller.GitPoller`: Trigger on pushes with no commits when the new revision is not the tip of another branch.
  - `buildbot.steps.source.git.Git`: Fix the invocation of `git submodule foreach` on cleaning.
  - Fix StatsService not correctly clearing old consumers on reconfig.
  - Fix various errors in try client with Python 3 (issue 4765).
  - Prevent accidental start of multiple force builds in web UI (issue 4823).
  - The support for proxying Buildbot frontend to another Buildbot instance during development has been fixed.
  This feature has been broken since v2.3.0, and is now completely re-implemented for best performance, ease of use and maintainability.
  Improved Documentation
  - Document why some listed icons may not work out-of-the-box when building a custom dashboard (issue 4939).
  - Improve Vault secrets management documentation and examples.
  - Link the documentation of `www.port` to the capabilities of `twisted.application.strports`.
  - Move the documentation on how to submit PRs out of the trac wiki to the documentation shipped with Buildbot, update and enhance it.
  - Update buildbot worker image to Ubuntu 18.04 (issue 4928).
  - `buildbot.worker.docker.DockerLatentWorker`: Added support for docker build contexts, `buildargs`, and specifying controlling context.
  - The `buildbot.changes.gerritchangesource.GerritChangeFilter` and `buildbot.changes.gerritchangesource.GerritEventLogPoller` now populate the `files` attribute of emitted changes when the `get_files` argument is true. Enabling this feature triggers an additional HTTP request or SSH command to the Gerrit server for every emitted change.
  - Buildbot now warns users who connect using unsupported browsers.
  - Boost janitor speed by using more efficient SQL queries.
  - Scheduler properties are now renderable.
  - `buildbot.steps.python.Sphinx`: Added `strict_warnings` option to fail on warnings.
  - UI now shows a paginated view for trigger step sub builds.
  Deprecations and Removals
  - Support for older browsers that were not working since 2.3.0 has been removed due to technical limitations.
  Notably, Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported.
  Currently supported browsers are Chrome 56, Firefox 52, Edge 13 and Safari 10, newer versions of these browsers and their compatible derivatives.
  This set of browsers covers 98% of users of


Bug fixes
  - Fix vulnerability in OAuth where user-submitted authorization token was used for authentication
  ( Thanks to Phillip Kuhrt for reporting it.

2.3.0 not secure

  - Support for older browsers has been hopefully temporarily broken due to frontend changes in progress. Notably, Internet Explorer 11 is not supported in this release. Currently supported browsers are Chrome 56, Firefox 52, Edge 13 and Safari 10, newer versions of these browsers and their compatible derivatives. This set of browsers covers 98% of users of
  Bug fixes
  - Fixed :bb:step:`Git` to clean the repository after the checkout when submodules are enabled. Previously this action could lead to untracked module directories after changing branches.
  - Latent workers with negative `build_wait_timeout` will be shutdown on master shutdown.
  - Latent worker will now wait until `start_instance()` before starting `stop_instance()` or vice-versa. Master will wait for these functions to finish during shutdown.
  - Latent worker will now correctly handle synchronous exception from the backend worker driver.
  - Fixed a potential error during database migration when upgrading to versions >=2.0 (:issue:`4711`).
  Deprecations and Removals
  - The implementation language of the Buildbot web frontend has been changed from CoffeeScript to JavaScript. The documentation has not been updated yet, as we plan to transition to TypeScript. In the transitory period support for some browsers, notably IE 11 has been dropped. We hope to bring support for older browsers back once the transitory period is over.
  - The support for building Buildbot using npm as package manager has been removed. Please use yarn as a replacement that is used by Buildbot developers.

2.2.0 not secure

Bug fixes
  - Fix passing the verify and debug parameters for the HttpStatusPush reporter
  - The builder page UI now correctly shows the list of owners for each build.
  - Fixed bug with tilde in git repo url on Python 3.7 (:issue:`4639`).
  - Fix secret leak when non-interpolated secret was passed to a step (:issue:`4007`)
  - Added new :bb:step:`GitCommit` step to perform git commit operation
  - Added new :bb:step:`GitTag` step to perform git tag operation
  - HgPoller now supports bookmarks in addition to branches.
  - Buildbot can now monitor multiple branches in a Mercurial repository.
  - :py:class:`~buildbot.www.oauth2.OAuth2Auth` have been adapted to support ref:`Secret`.
  - Buildbot can now get secrets from the unix password store by `zx2c4` (
  - Added a ``basename`` property to the Github pull request webhook handler.
  - The GitHub change hook secret can now be rendered.
  - Each build now gets a preparation step which counts the time spend starting latent worker.
  - Support known_hosts file format as ``sshKnownHosts`` parameter in SSH-related operations (:issue:`4681`)

2.1.0 not secure

  - Worker to Master protocol can now be encrypted via TLS.
  Bug fixes
  - To avoid database corruption, the ``upgrade-master`` command now ignores all
  signals except ``SIGKILL``. It cannot be interrupted with ``ctrl-c``
  - Fixed incorrect tracking of latent worker states that could sometimes result
  in duplicate ``stop_instance`` calls and so on.
  - Fixed a race condition that could manifest in cancelled substantiations if
  builds were created during insubstantiation of a latent worker.
  - Perforce CLI Rev. 2018.2/1751184 (2019/01/21) is now supported
  - Fix encoding issues with Forcescheduler parameters error management code.
  Improved Documentation
  - fix grammar mistakes and use Uppercase B for Buildbot
  - :py:class:`` now have
  `connection_string` kw-argument which can be used to connect to a master
  over TLS.
  - Adding 'expand_logs' option for LogPreview related settings.
  - Force schedulers buttons are now sorted by their name. (:issue:`4619`)
  - :bb:cfg:`workers` now have a new ``defaultProperties`` parameter.

2.0.1 not secure



Deprecations and Removals
  - Removed support for Python 2.7 in the buildbot master code.
  Buildbot worker remains compatible with python2.7, and interoperability tests are run continuously.
  - APIs that are not documented in the official Buildbot documentation have been
  made private. Users of these undocumented APIs are encouraged to file bugs to
  get them exposed.
  - Removed support of old slave APIs from pre-0.9 days. Using old APIs may fail
  silently. To avoid weird errors when upgrading a Buildbot installation that
  may use old APIs, first upgrade to to 1.8.0 and make sure there are no
  deprecated API warnings.
  - Remove deprecated default value handling of the ``keypair_name`` and
  ``security_name`` attributes of ``EC2LatentWorker``.
  - Support for ```` containers cloud provider has been removed as this
  service has shutdown.
  Bug fixes
  - Fix CRLF injection vulnerability with validating user provided redirect parameters (
  Thanks to ``mik317`` and ``mariadb`` for reporting it.
  - Fix lockup during master shutdown when there's a build with unanswered ping
  from the worker and the TCP connection to worker is severed (issue:`4575`).
  - Fix RemoteUserAuth.maybeAutLogin consumes bytes object as str leading to
  TypeError during JSON serialization. (:issue:`4402`)
  - Various database integrity problems were fixed. Most notably, it is now
  possible to delete old changes without wiping all "child" changes in cascade
  (:issue:`4539`, :pull:`4536`).
  - The GitLab change hook secret is now rendered correctly. (:issue:`4118`).
  - Identifiers can now contain UTF-8 characters which are not ASCII. This
  includes worker names, builder names, and step names.

1.8.2 not secure

Bug fixes
  - Fix vulnerability in OAuth where user-submitted authorization token was used for authentication
  ( Thanks to Phillip Kuhrt for reporting it.

1.8.1 not secure

Bug fixes
  - Fix CRLF injection vulnerability with validating user provided redirect parameters (
  Thanks to ``mik317`` and ``mariadb`` for reporting it.

1.8.0 not secure

Bug fixes
  - Fix a regression present in v1.7.0 which caused buildrequests waiting for a
  lock that got released by an unrelated build not be scheduled (:issue:`4491`)
  - Don't run builds that request an instance with incompatible properties on
  Docker, Marathon and OpenStack latent workers.
  - Gitpoller now fetches only branches that are known to exist on remote.
  Non-existing branches are quietly ignored.
  - The demo repo in sample configuration files and the tutorial is now fetched
  via ``https:`` instead of ``git:`` to make life easier for those behind
  firewalls and/or using proxies.
  - `buildbot sendchange` has been fixed on Python 3 (:issue:`4138`)
  - Add a :py:class:`~buildbot.worker.kubernetes.KubeLatentWorker` to launch
  workers into a kubernetes cluster
  - Simplify/automate configuration of worker as Windows service - eliminate
  manual configuration of Log on as a service
  Deprecations and Removals
  - The deprecated ``BuildMaster.addBuildset`` method has been removed. Use
  ```` instead.
  - The deprecated ``BuildMaster.addChange`` method has been removed. Use
  ```` instead.
  - ``buildbot`` package now requires Twisted versions >= 17.9.0. This is
  required for Python 3 support. Earlier versions of Twisted are not supported.

1.7.0 not secure

Bug fixes
  - Fixed JSON decoding error when sending build properties to www change hooks
  on Python 3.
  - Buildbot no longer attempts to start builds that it can prove will have
  unsatisfied locks.
  - Don't run builds that request images or sizes on instances started with
  different images or sizes.
  - The Buildbot master Docker image at has
  been upgraded to use Python 3.7 by default.
  - Builder page has been improved with a smoothed build times plot, and a new
  success rate plot.
  - Allow the Buildbot master initial start timeout to be configurable.
  - An API to check whether an already started instance of a latent worker is
  compatible with what's required by a build that is about to be started.
  - Add support for v2 of the Vault key-value secret engine in the
  `SecretInVault` secret provider.
  Deprecations and Removals
  - Build.canStartWithWorkerForBuilder static method has been made private and
  renamed to _canAcquireLocks.
  - The Buildbot master Docker image based on Python 2.7 has been removed in
  favor of a Python 3.7 based image.
  - Builder.canStartWithWorkerForBuilder method has been removed. Use

1.6.0 not secure

Bug fixes
  - Fixed missing buildrequest owners in the builder page (4207,
  - Fixed display of the buildrequest number badge text in the builder page when
  on hover.
  - Improved FileUpload efficiency (3709)
  - Fix usage of master paths when doing Git operations on worker (4268)
  Improved Documentation
  - Misc improvement in Git source build step documentation.
  - Improve documentation of AbstractLatentWorker.
  - Improve the documentation of the Buildbot concepts by removing unneeded
  details to other pages.
  - Added a page that lists all pending buildrequests (4239)
  - Builder page now has a plot displaying the evolution of build times over time
  - Add method ``getResponsibleUsersForBuild`` in
  :py:class:`~buildbot.notifier.NotifierBase` so that users can override
  recipients, for example to skip authors of changes.
  - Added SSL proxy capability to base web application's developer test setup
  (``gulp dev proxy --host the-buildbot-host --secure``).
  - The Material design Web UI has been removed as unmaintained. It may be
  brought back if a maintainer steps up.
  - Add define parameter to RpmBuild to specify additional --define parameters.

1.5.0 not secure

Bug fixes
  - Fix the umask parameter example to make it work with both Python 2.x and 3.x.
  - Fix build-change association for multi-codebase builds in the console view..
  - Fixed builders page doesn't list workers in multi-master configuration
  - Restricted groups added by :py:class:`~buildbot.www.oauth2.GitHubAuth`'s
  ``getTeamsMembership`` option to only those teams to which the user belongs.
  Previously, groups were added for all teams for all organizations to which
  the user belongs.
  - Fix 'Show old workers' combo behavior.
  - GitHub teams added to a user's ``groups`` by
  :py:class:`~buildbot.www.oauth2.GitHubAuth`'s ``getTeamsMembership`` option
  are now added by slug as well as by name. This means a team named "Bot
  Builders" in the organization "buildbot" will be added as both ``buildbot/Bot
  Builders`` and ``buildbot/bot-builders``.
  - Make ``urlText`` renderable for the
  :py:class:`~buildbot.steps.transfer.FileUpload` build step.
  - Added ``noticeOnChannel`` option to :bb:reporter:`IRC` to send notices
  instead of messages to channels. This was an option in v0.8.x and removed in
  v0.9.0, which defaulted to sending notices. The v0.8.x default of sending
  messages is now restored.
  - Reverted: Fix git submodule support when using `sshPrivateKey` and `sshHostKey` because it broke other use cases (4316)
  In order to have this feature to work, you need to keep your master in 1.4.0, and make sure your worker ``buildbot.tac`` are installed in the same path as your master.

1.4.0 not secure

Bug fixes
  - Fix `Build.getUrl()` to not ignore virtual builders.
  - Fix git submodule support when using `sshPrivateKey` and `sshHostKey`
  settings by passing ssh data as absolute, not relative paths.
  - Fixed :bb:step:`P4` for change in latest version of `p4 login -p`.
  - :py:class:`buildbot.reporters.irc.IrcStatusBot` no longer encodes messages
  before passing them on to methods of its Twisted base class to avoid posting
  the ``repr()`` of a bytes object when running on Python 3.
  - Added new :bb:step:`GitPush` step to perform git push operations.
  - Objects returned by :ref:`renderer` now are able to pass extra arguments to
  the rendered function via `withArgs` method.
  Test Suite
  - Test suite has been improved for readability by adding a lot of ``inlineCallbacks``
  - Fixed tests which didn't wait for ``assertFailure``'s returned deferred.
  - The test suite now runs on Python 3.7 (mostly deprecation warnings from dependencies shut down)

1.3.0 not secure

  Bug fixes
  - buildbot-worker docker image no longer use pidfile. This allows to
  auto-restart a docker worker upon crash.
  - GitLab v3 API is deprecated and has been removed from, so
  we now use v4. (:issue:`4143`)
  - -:bb:step:`Git` now supports `sshHostKey` parameter to specify ssh public
  host key for fetch operations.
  - -:bb:step:`Git` now supports `sshPrivateKey` parameter to specify private ssh
  key for fetch operations.
  - -:bb:chsrc:`GitPoller` now supports `sshHostKey` parameter to specify ssh
  public host key for fetch operations. This feature is supported on git 2.3
  and newer.
  - -:bb:chsrc:`GitPoller` now supports `sshPrivateKey` parameter to specify
  private ssh key for fetch operations. This feature is supported on git 2.3
  and newer.
  - Github hook token validation now uses ``hmac.compare_digest()`` for better security
  Deprecations and Removals
  - Removed support for GitLab v3 API ( GitLab < 9 ).

1.2.0 not secure


1.1.2 not secure


1.1.1 not secure

  Bug fixes
  - Fix issue which marked all workers dis-configured in the database every 24h
  (:issue:`3981` :issue:`3956` :issue:`3970`)
  - The :bb:reporter:`MailNotifier` no longer crashes when sending from/to email
  addresses with "Real Name" parts (e.g., ``John Doe <john.doedomain.tld>``).
  - Corrected pluralization of text on landing page of the web UI
  Improved Documentation
  - Corrected typo in description of libvirt
  - Update sample config to use preferred API
  Misc Improvements
  - Home page now contains links to recently active builders

1.1.0 not secure


1.0.0 not secure

  Despite the major version bump, Buildbot 1.0.0 does not have major difference with the 0.9 series.
  1.0.0 is rather the mark of API stability.
  Developers do not foresee a major API break in the next few years like we had for 0.8 to 0.9.
  Starting with 1.0.0, Buildbot will follow versioning methodology.
  Bug fixes
  - Cloning :bb:step:`Git` repository with submodules now works with Git < 1.7.6
  instead of failing due to the use of the unsupported ``--force`` option.
  - :bb:chsrc:`GitHub` hook now properly creates a change in case of new tag or
  new branch. :bb:chsrc:`GitHub` changes will have the ``category`` set to
  ``tag`` when a tag was pushed to easily distinguish from a branch push.
  - Fixed issue with :py:meth:`Master.expireMasters` not always honoring its
  ``forceHouseKeeping`` parameter. (:issue:`3783`)
  - Fixed issue with steps not correctly ending in ``CANCELLED`` status when
  - Fix maximum recursion limit issue when transferring large files with
  ``LocalWorker`` (issue:`3014`).
  - Added an argument to P4Source that allows users to provide a callable to
  convert Perforce branch and revision to a valid revlink URL. Perforce
  supplies a p4web server for resolving urls into change lists.
  - Fixed issue with ``buildbot_pkg not hanging on yarn step on windows
  - Fix issue with :bb:cfg:`workers` ``notify_on_missing`` not able to be
  configurable as a single string instead of list of string (:issue:`3913`).
  - Fixed Builder page should display worker name instead of id (:issue:`3901`).
  - Add capability to override the default UI settings (:issue:`3908`)
  - All :ref:`Reporters` have been adapted to be able to use :ref:`Secret`.
  :bb:chsrc:`SVNPoller` has been adapted to be able to use :ref:`Secret`.
  - Implement support for Bitbucket Cloud webhook plugin in
  - The ``owners`` property now includes people associated with the changes of
  the build (:issue:`3904`).
  - The repo source step now syncs with the ``--force-sync`` flag which allows
  the sync to proceed when a source repo in the manifest has changed.
  - Add support for compressing the repo source step cache tarball with ``pigz``,
  a parallel gzip compressor.

0.9.15.post1 not secure

  Bug fixes
  - Fix worker reconnection fails (3875, 3876)
  - Fix umask set to 0 when using LocalWorker (3878)
  - Fix Buildbot reconfig, when badge plugin is installed (3879)
  - Fix (3865) so that now
  :py:class:`~buildbot.changes.svnpoller.SVNPoller` works with paths that
  contain valid UTF-8 characters which are not ASCII.

0.9.15 not secure

Bug fixes
  - Fix builder page not showing any build (:issue:`3820`)
  - Fix double Workers button in the menu. (:issue:`3818`)
  - Fix bad icons in the worker action dialog.
  - Fix url arguments in Buildbot :ref:`Badges` for python3.
  - Upgrading to `guanlecoja-ui` version 1.8.0, fixing two issues. Fixed issue
  where the console view would jump to the top of page when opening the build
  summary dialog (:issue:`3657`). Also improved sidebar behaviour by remembering
  previous pinned vs. collapsed state.
  - Fixes issue with Buildbot :bb:worker:`DockerLatentWorker`, where Buildbot can kill running
  workers by mistake based on the form the worker name (:issue:`3800`).
  - Fixes issue with Buildbot :bb:worker:`DockerLatentWorker` not reaping zombies process within its container environment.
  - Update requirement text to use the modern "docker" module from the older
  "docker-py" module name
  - When multiple :bb:cfg:`reporter` or :bb:cfg:`services` are configured with
  the same name, an error is now displayed instead of silently discarding all
  but the last one :issue:`3813`.
  - Fixed exception when using :py:class:`buildbot.www.auth.CustomAuth`
  - New Buildbot SVG icons for web UI. The web UI now uses a colored favicon
  according to build results (:issue:`3785`).
  - ``paused`` and ``graceful`` :ref:`Worker-states` are now stored in the
  - :ref:`Worker-states` are now displayed in the web UI.
  - Quarantine timers is now using the ``paused`` worker state.
  - Quarantine timer is now enabled when a build finish on ``EXCEPTION`` state.
  - Standalone binaries for buildbot-worker package are now published for windows and linux (``amd64``).
  This allows to run a buildbot-worker without having a python environment.
  - New ``buildbot-worker create-worker --maxretries`` for :ref:`Latent-Workers`
  to quit if the master is or becomes unreachable.
  - Badges can now display `running` as status.
  - The database schema now supports cascade deletes for all objects instead of
  raising an error when deleting a record which has other records pointing to
  it via foreign keys.
  - Buildbot can properly find its version if installed from a git archive tarball generated from a tag.
  - Enhanced the test suite to add worker/master protocol interoperability tests between python3 and python2.
  Deprecations and Removals
  - buildbot.util.ascii2unicode() is removed. buildbot.util.bytes2unicode()
  should be used instead.