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PyPI package:
  Docker image:
  The ZipApp is available below, as bork.pyz.
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  * Release v5.0.0. (183 by duckinator)
  * Enable the option to compress ZipApps. (182 by duckinator)
  * Allow configuring files uploaded GitHub Releases and update documentation. (5.0.0b6) (181 by duckinator)
  * Replace usage of distutils.version with packaging.version. (180 by duckinator)
  * Extract remaining CI-only tests from .cirrus.yml into tests/ (179 by duckinator)
  * Allow specifying project name explicitly (defaults to `<repo>` in `<owner>/<repo>`) (5.0.0b5) (178 by duckinator)
  * More improvements on GitHub Releases (v5.0.0b4) (177 by duckinator)
  * Fix automation + improve Github Releases support (v5.0.0b3) (175 by duckinator)
  * GitHub Release support/v5.0.0b2 (174 by duckinator)
  * Attempt adding GitHub Release support (173 by duckinator)
  * [CI] Fix `docker push` calls. (172 by duckinator)


PyPI package:
  ~Docker image:
  The Docker release was [broken]( for this version.
  The ZipApp is available below, as bork.pyz.


Bork v4.0.2 is now available. There are no user-facing changes, but there is now a Docker image available.
  PyPI package:
  Docker image:
  The ZipApp is available below, as `bork.pyz`.


Bork v4.0.1 has been released. Most of the work was behind-the-scenes stuff, like improving CI for Bork itself.
  As always, it's available via pip:
  Notable changes you may notice are:
  - Dropped support for Python 3.5 because the latest Twine requires 3.6+.
  - When Bork runs Twine, it uses `--repository` instead of `--repository-url`, which allows you to use `~/.pypirc`. (,
  - Bork is now released as a zipapp!
  (Shame about that file size for the zipapp, though. ;~;)