Changelogs » Biostructmap

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* Removed SciPy dependency, which simplifies install process.
  * DSSP is only called if it is required, for example when there is a need to calculate secondary structure or solvent accessibility.
  * Also removed redundant methods for writing output data to file.
  * Updated README to reflect optional requirements for BLAST+, Exonerate and DSSP.




v0.2.0, 2017-10-24 -- Major update, first release since making biostructmap public.
  * Added features:
  * Additional genetic tests (Watterson's theta, nucleotide diversity)
  * Added multi-chain support. This allows mapping of data from different chains.
  * Some code refactoring was performed. map method is now available from the Structure class, not each individual Chain.
  * Data requirements altered slightly. Each data object should be associated with a particular set of structure chains e.g. {('A', 'B'): data_1, ('C',): data_2}
  * Reference sequences should be provided for each chain: {'A': seq_1, 'B': seq_1, 'C': seq_2}