Changelogs » Bfit

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  * Fixed T = nan issue in fetch files tab
  * Updated how versions are checked
  * Updated dependencies
  * Make main function and sys call for running bfit. No longer is python3 -m bfit needed
  * Updated readme


  * Updated fraction_b pretty label
  * Updated window title
  * Centered options in fit file right frame
  * Fixed issue with fit contraints
  * Fixed error on fit cancel
  * Fixed crash on unicode error for minuit printing
  * Fixed crash on constrained fit with migrad
  * Fixed fitting error
  * Fixed issue with init par ordering
  * Changed tkk.Entry to Entry for white cursor color
  * Calculators no longer need enter press to set value
  * Fetch: no enter press needed to set rebin & omit on checked items
  * Periodic update disables matplotlib autoscale
  * Fit files: fixed error message on fit fail
  * Fit constraints added message on fit fail
  * Fit constraints disables fit tab on fit
  * Fixed do_quiet when fetching latest run
  * Added NQR mass flow to camp window
  * Fixed minos input for global_fitter
  * Global fitter: fixed print for minuit
  * Enabled some items when fitting
  * Fixed fitline title when merging lots of runs
  * Fixed model fitting, limit assignment
  * minuit: fixed chi2 output for dof <= 0
  * Calculators are now in their own menus
  * Moved redundant code to process popup
  * Added draw after fit switch
  * Renamed some menu options


  * Fixed data directory lookup for packaged data
  * Updated manifest
  * Centered the image in the attenuation popup
  * Fixed tight_layout in attenuation popup
  * Fixed issue with opensuse initial window size of attenuation popup
  * Update bdata version
  * Drawing now works with l/r and r/b counters
  * Moved fit to a seperate process
  * Fit status window allows cancellation of fit
  * Added progress bar to fit status window
  * Fitting no longer blocks main thread. For now, all buttons disabled during fit.


  * Moved bfit call to main thread
  * Added fix for macOS users for forking
  * Fixed fitting merged runs
  * Fixed result legend fontsize
  * Fixed export fit/data issues
  * Fixed pretty label update issue
  * Updated bdata version to account for bad freq calc on single counters
  * Added version printout to logs
  * Added spaces after commas (style fix)
  * Added additional logging statements
  * Updated pip need version printout
  * Changed images dir to data
  * Added nmr data on signal attenuation
  * Added calculator for signal attenuation
  * Fixed setting icons command in a few windows
  * Fit files no longer prints keyerror on export parameters


  * Fixed lorentz width back to proper value
  * FIixed width points on GUI parameter estimator
  * Changed how minos errors get executed in global_fitter and fit_bdata
  * Fixed global fitter issue with dof < 1
  * Fixed typos
  * Fixed crash on minor error
  * Improved bilorentzian initial value guesses
  * fixed unicode error in minuit output
  * added check for version, runs in separate process
  * Added draw asym from +/- helicity of a single counter


  * Fixed draw norm with asymmetric errors
  * Checkboxes in fetch no longer allow residuals and data/fit at the same time
  * Fixing a shared parameter now fixes for all runs
  * Fixed fit model parameter output
  * Improvements to global fitter bounds assignment
  * Added minuit object for easy migrad fitting of data. Object is accessible at top-level


Non-Backwards Compatible Changes
  * Input changes to global_fitter, fit_bdata, and global_bdata_fitter
  * Lorentzian function, BiLorentzian function now report actual FWHM. Prior value was 2x too low. [This is wrong. It was right the first time. Updated in v4.1.1]
  New Features
  * Added menu option to force normalized draw without fit parameter
  * Added results button to fit tab to show the breakdown of multi-component fits
  * Allows direct import of some fitting backend functions, such as `from bfit import global_fitter`
  * Added migrad minimizer from iminuit for independent, global, constrained, and model fits.
  * Added least squares class for migrad minimization, which accounts for x and asymmetric errors.
  * Added asymmetric error reporting for fit tab, export, compare table, parameter drawing, model fitting
  * Added menu option to switch minimizers: curve_fit (trf), midgrad with hesse errors, migrad with minos errors
  * Draw parameters now have pretty latex-ed labels
  * Added button and popup for user-defined parameters which can be used in both drawing and model fitting
  * Updated spins for all bnmr probes
  * Updated bdata version
  * Updated Readme
  * Updated Help document
  * Updated save/load state
  * Removed 'Get P0' button
  * Fixed draw parameter initial label to be blank
  * Fixed drawing too many objects in legend
  * `fit_bdata`: Added flush for print statement on shared parameter fits
  * Fixed the resetting fixed checkbox issue on tab change
  * `fetch_files`: degrid now unselects fit drawing. Fixes a small bug
  * Fixed missing logged T issue
  * Fixed draw parameter sort order - important when drawing with connecting lines
  * Fixed 2e axis units
  * When fitting a model, the mouseover annotation remains in place.
  * Fitting a model allows drawing of multiple lines, distinguished by their functional form
  * Fixed remove legend on draw_all for other figstyles


  * Added function placer for bilorentz
  * Fixed bug with initial values in 1f mode
  * Attempted fix to missing NBM histograms issue (untested)
  * Fixed rounding issue with impl energy labels
  * Fixed QuadLorentz placement bug
  * Fixed draw in log graph, especially with regards to the update button
  * Fixed redraw mode creating new windows
  * Added done print statement for shared parameter fitting
  * Added normalized asymmetry draw mode for 20 and 2h
  * Added menu option for selecting thermometer channels
  * Fixed normalized and shifted draw modes to use fit values if available
  * Updated y labels for most special draw modes (i.e. everything other than "Asymmetry")
  * Updated help page with new draw modes.


  * Added quadrupolar split lorentzian fit with graphical initial parameter setting


  * Fixed draw shifted split
  * Added draw normalized combined


  * Added bdata.bmerged object in prep for merging runs
  * Fixed accidental undo of what's new option
  * Fixed param draw to have mouseover annotations with run id
  * widened window
  * fixed issues with merged runs
  * added warning for calculation applicability
  * now uses bdata v6.0.0
  * Fixed return binding on label entry
  * Added history listbox


  * Fixed issue with drawing 1f and 1w on fitting
  * Reverted to TkFixedFont with no sizing selection
  * Removed "remove_drawn_object" method
  * Added automated test function application for faster development
  * Added merge run feature accessible through a new syntax during run fetching
  * Added a what's new option under the help option which redirects to the github releases page


  * Added metadata to global fitter input, reorganized init
  * integrator.pyx: Moved creation of C++ integrator to init in favour of adding a dealloc function
  * Added parameter plot legend, now applies fit styles
  * Fixed issue when fitting single run
  * Rewrite of run removal when on stack/redraw mode
  * Fixed removal of annotations on stack
  * fixed colorcycle reset on redraw
  * Fixed extra window popup on draw new
  * Moved remove objects to plt tracker
  * Updated fit_bdata docstring
  * Updated window title
  * Added font style to
  * Added annotations that show on mouseover


Non-Backwards Compatible Revisions
  * Global fitter rewrite for increased simplicity and speed. (2f145d1)
  ** get_par now outputs stdev as well as covariance matrix.
  ** renamed some of the inputs.
  * fit_list replaced with fit_bdata. (b9e6a88)
  ** No longer takes runs, years as input, now list of bdata objects (or bjoined objects)
  Other Major Revisions
  * Inspect tab draws in its own category of figures.
  * Added file header when exporting parameters, fits, and data.
  * Updated units popup to easily accommodate new run modes.
  * Removed force run mode option in menu.
  * Updates to help html file.
  * Added template for fitting popups, constraint and model fitting now inherit from this.
  * Added license info and citation for double exponential C++ code.
  * Rebin and omit now take effect when exporting data.
  * Fixed getattr for pulsed object (base class for pulsed_strexp and pulsed_exp).
  Minor Revisions
  * Added update button for parameters.
  * Fixed and added 2e draw modes.
  * Set p0 from prior also now sets fixed flag.
  * Periodic update does not block inspect tab.
  * Added close all figures menu option
  * Updated README
  * Fixed update issue
  * Drawing style popup: fixed import of webbrowser
  * Periodic updates no longer make a random blank figure when ending.
  * Added spaces in inspect rates
  * Fixed update param for scaled (read: log) axes plots
  * Updated pypi classifiers.
  * Fetch tab: rebin label no longer incorrectly specifies that changes apply only to SLR runs
  * Various fixes to fitting gui objects to account for changes to fitting backend


  * Fixes
  * Fixed drawing data during fit when fetch tab asym mode does not match fit tab
  * Fixed dof during chisq calculation when some parameters are fixed in global fitting
  * Fixed global fitting error due to adding xlims
  * Fixed p0 height < 0 error
  * p0 for biexp now has the two components differ by a factor of 10
  * New Features
  * Added force runmode to try to fix instances where the runmode is not written to file during run
  * Added export fit line data
  * Added button for p0 finder for each fit line
  * Added normalized alpha diffusion drawing


  * New features
  * Added switch for setting p0 based on prior fits
  * Added 1n custom variable output to inspect tab
  * Added x limits to fitting
  * Added unique id label ('') and made this the default
  * Simplified tab names, made tabs larger and easier to click
  * Disallowed fit parameters to be both shared and fixed.
  * Added the 1e run mode
  * Bug fixes
  * Specifies TkAgg matplotlib backend to account for differences in raise window command
  * Fixed fitstyle error on fitting for more than 8 runs. Omitting legend now works.
  * Fetch data tab checkbox labels now update on fetch
  * Fixed extra blank matplotlib figures popping up when redraw mode selected and no figure active
  * Unselecting runs in fetch tab also removes corresponding plotted result in fit tab
  * Export data now properly sets .csv file extension


  * Bug Fixes
  ** Fetching of asymmetry mode
  ** Fit tab now removes all runs before loading a previous state
  ** bfit reference is weakref proxy in all children
  ** Fixed memory leak in integrator
  ** All popup windows now have icon in tray
  ** fitdata container now saves p0/bounds input from user as float
  * Changed behaviour
  ** 1/T1 is displayed as 1_T1
  ** Modelling the fit results is now a popup window
  ** Downloads data when missing (due to bdata updates)
  ** Removed MixedStrExp function from backend
  * New features
  ** Python command execution window under "file". Prints to command line.
  ** Constrained parameters fit window.


  * Added param y to fileview for 1w mode
  * Fixed file autocomplete in fileviewer
  * Added fetch to most recent in file fetch
  * Added error-less fitting for data model
  * Fixed draw new for both data and fit selected. Now always draws these stacked for same run.
  * Fixed export of 1w files
  * Added yaml to list of dependencies
  * Reduced maplotlib version requirement to 2.2.4
  * Fixed some issues with xlim
  * Added run duration to fetch display
  * Plot tracker clears figure before closing in attempt to return memory
  * Added background change on mouseover in file fetch
  * Separated variable in asym calc type boxes, shows only implemented fitting modes


  * Repaired fixed parameter fitting for independent and global fitting
  * Classifiers in is now a list
  * Added return function to ncomp spinbox
  * Added 1w to function placer
  * Added labels to match new ppg/epics/camp additions
  * Fixed labels not set when run removed issue
  * Fit checkbox for all set to True on fit
  * Fetch tab: remove set all button in favour of enter button
  * Added draw NBM asymmetry switch
  * Added pos/neg helicity draw and fitting


  * Changed labelling in plot to
  * Fixed annotation
  * Added many camp variables to param draw
  * Added rates to param draw and fileviewer
  * Fixed do_fit remove legend on too many drawn items
  * Fixed start time to be actual time (Epoch)
  * Updated README for fit modules
  * Fixed rebining to allow setting in fit tab. Also in backend functions
  * Added fit model to results


  * Added global fitting for 2e mode
  * Fixed size of viewing window in fit files tab
  * Fixed resize of windows in fileviewer
  * Fixed positioning of misc frames
  * Fixed chisq calculations of single runs
  * Cosmetic padding fixes
  * Added year to drawing and export parameters
  * Added beta averaged T1 to drawing and export parameters
  * Global fitter draw mode "append" now draws fits in black
  * Added PltTracker: figure windows are tracked, drawing happens in sorted windows. Periodic updates are working.


  * Modify all default set to False
  * Fixed version check for bdata
  * Added popup for units selection


  * Added bi-exp fitting function
  * Added 2e fitting for Slope Combined and Diff Combined


  * Added global chisq box
  * Added buttons to save/load program state


  * Moved color definitions to
  * Renamed a ton of modules, make backend directory
  * Added 1w run mode
  * Added backend to list of modules
  * fetch tab: fixed label for small B fields
  * fetch tab: added info string to checkbox label


  * Fixed default string for fetch_files
  * Added BiLorentzian function
  * Major updates to function placer
  * Added error message box to gui_param_popup


  * Updated readme with 31mg functions
  * Now calls update_idletask on every grid or degrid
  * Changed to black theme
  * Fixed export issues


  * Added switch for changing probes
  * Removed baseline from SLR fitting functions
  * Added decay scheme for 31Mg and daughter corrections
  * Fixed modify all recursion error
  * Added probe species label
  * Added 1000/T and chisquared draw options to parameter list
  * Added run titles to fit files tab, and updated formatting of run numbers
  * Fixed fit files resizing error
  * Fixed legend for >8 files when fitting (no longer draws, catches warning)


  * Fixed lorentzian function
  * Added gui popup for p0 selection


  * Fixed typo in open archive command
  * Fixed run id mixing issue
  * Fixed parameter reset on tab switch
  * Fixed file sorting in file fetch tab
  * Return key bindings in fit tab more intuitive