Changelogs » Bebleo-smtpd-fixture

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Final release as bebleo_smtpd_fixture before becoming smtpdfix.
  - Adds deprecation warning to the fixture letting developers know that if by chance they're using bebelo_smtpd_fixture they should move to smtpdfix


Adds support for enforcing authentication. Specific changes include:
  - Adds a changelog.
  - Adds support for `.env` files with `python-dotenv`.
  - Enforces encryption on AUTH methods that require it.
  - Corrects bug that prevented cancelling authentication with the LOGIN mechanism by sending a * and updates error message to match [RFC4954 - SMTP Service Extension for Authentication](
  - Corrects bug that caused the fixture hang on windows if certificates were not found in the path specified by the `SMTPD_SSL_CERTS_PATH`.
  - Ensures that the session is authenticated when the `SMTPD_ENFORCE_AUTH` environment flag is set to `True` before processing DATA, MAIL, RCPT commands.


This version adds authentication and encryption to the fixture. Specifically:
  + SSL/TLS is now support and certificates are supplied out-of-the box if logging in using or localhost as the address
  + Authentication now supports CRAM-MD5, PLAIN, and LOGIN mechanisms.


Version 0.2.0 implements authentication for the fixture to simulate a more realistic environment for testing.