Changelogs » Balto



* Improve a bit the performance of the tree rendering.
* Show the error log of runs. Thanks madprog for the pull-request
* Highlight the currently selected file.
* Add a basic timing tab in the test detail part.


- Move the packaging from to pyproject.toml with poetry
- Update installation procedures to use pipx instead of asking to manually download a binary
- Allow to override tool directly on the command-line
- Add support for running Balto without a configuration file (need the `--tool` option).
- Add support for Python 3.6 (thanks to 4)


- Fix runner configuration option mismatch between the config example and the code
- Commit missing JS file
- Fix error when trying to launch `Run All` before calling `Collect All`
- Improve the run details display by displaying the return_code of the subprocess if there was an error


Big release:
- Update the web interface to use bulma instead of material-ui
- Move the tree interface to react-virtualized-tree to improve performance
- Add the new awesome logo
- First official release with PyInstaller, meaning you don't need Python installed.


Initial release