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- PR405 Fix initial Renko bricks
  - Add option to select fixing of initial Renko bricks
  - PR403 partial order execution iterpending reported incorrectly
  - PR402 bug fix: 5 fixing after pull
  - PR406 upgraded to be able to be unpickled. (406)
  - PR411 [bug fix] frompackages directive functionality seems to be
  broken when using inheritance (411)
  - Typo corrections PR409, PR407

- Adding extra day before dtcmp calc, as otherwise the extradays
  have no effect (388)
  - Fixing the issue with TWS API Bust events (err code 10225) (396)
  - Add support for ASK quotes for CASH assets (395) plus fixes
  - Remove duplicated note (386)
  - Fixing time.clock for python>=3.8 (394)
  - Changed file initiation for WriterFile to make it work under
  multi-process optimization (397) plus fixes
  - Fixed backend loading if a backend is loaded (Google Collab) and
  backend to use on MacOSX
  - Fix: crumb in feeds.YahooFinanceData (400)
  - Fix color assignments, ticks line widths and some pep-8 improvements
  - Fix timeframe/compression detection when plotting
  - Fix default value for ticks display format on X-axis
  - Sample with ta-lib SAR test
  - Generic support of multiple "text/*" content types for Yahoo

- Correct calculation in haDelta indicator
  - Use initial datalabel for non-overlaid volume plot

- Add utility NonZeroDifference indicator
  - Redefine CrossUp, CrossDown and CrossOver indicators using
  NonZeroDifference to cover the case in which the crossing entities
  converge right before crossing up and down
  - PR 382 (Travis: Python 3.7, 3.8-dev travis), PR 383 PivotPoint doc

- Cover case in which result in high-level overridden operations have
  multiple lines and wer not be taken into account for minimum period
  - Add "Int" variants of percentage based sizers to import
  - Trades observer to show net profit instead of brutto, with parameter
  to control behavior

- Improve on indicator legend plotting to overcome matplotlib legend
  - Added PercenSizerInt and AllSizerInt which truncate the returned size
  to an int, suited better for stocks/futures

- Use opening price for submission check for Market orders when
  cheat-on-open is active
  - Update pnlcomm on all operations and not just profit/loss locking
  - Correct comment for fillalpha and add baralpha for candlestick opacity
  - Merge PR 378 (doc typo) PR 378 (rollover for live feeds and tz use
  in datetime utilities)
  - Use internal dict for data feed presence test and update trade observer

- Fix offline Yahoo feed by moving the new adjclose line up to the offline
  - Adapt the yahoodownload tool to the current status (ex: data not reversed)
  - Redownload all yahoo data feeds

- [PR 376] Fix call to _nextday in TradingCalendar
  - Clean up and rework of Yahoo Data. The data feeds seems to be reliable
  - IBStore Support for IND prices (simplfication of PR 373)

- Fix compression only scenarios when resampling and resampling after
  changes in
  - Final correction for rollover fix introduced in
  - Cover use case for mininum period calculation when all
  operations/indicators don't use the data feeds directly but lines of it

- Fix regression introduced with 8f537a1c2c271eb5cfc592b373697732597d26d6
  which voids the count of lost trades
  - Allow rollover to distinguish between no values temporarily (with None)
  and no values permanently (with False)
  - Avoid math domain error for negative returns in logarithmic calculations
  - Fix local variable declaration for compound returns
  - Fix typo in date2num tz conversion which shows up in direct usage

- Fix commission info assigment and orderref seeking in OandaStore (PR367)
  - Add strategy type to OptReturn (PR364)
  - Fix prepend_constant for OLS_Transformation (PR368)
  - Fix LogReturnsRolling compression when not specified (PR369)
  - Have ints instead of bools in some values with 1 Trade in TradeAnalyzer

- Avoid stage2 comparison using [0] in API methods
  - Support plotname, if given, as name of indicator in csv output

- Add optimization callbacks when running with 1 Core
  - Correct sell_bracket by removing old append code
  - Correct typo in
  - Pass period from RateOfChange100 to underlying ROC

- Correct PSAR acceleration capping
  - Enable PandasData line extension without the need to extend datafields

- Add `_skipnan` to plotlines to allow joining two points with a line
  - buy_bracket/sell_bracket allow suppressing stop/limit orders
  - Add stop-loss approaches sample
  - Correct codes for minutes compression

- Remove unused files
  - README update, Docstring corrections, documentation corrections
  - Update travis settings

- Provide default fundmode methods for all brokers
  - Correct order notification if positions exist when starting the broker
  and will be simulated
  - Correct csv values output if object has no length

- PR 326 Fix set_fundmode in bbroker
  - Synchronize fund history mode with master clock
  - Allow relocation of legend in plotting charts
  - Adapt broker observer to fund mode

- Handle volume as string null in YahooFinanceData
  - Corrections/Improvements to order history support
  - Add fund history support
  - Increase plotting margin of trade observers

- Add addorder_history support to replay history of orders
  - Add swapcloses to YahooFinanceXXX family to allow end users to control what
  the adjusted price actually is
  - Some docs and samples updates
  - Change default for _nextforce to False as it should be for most indicators

- Add haDelta indicator
  - Allow indicators to disable runonce
  - Add Renko bricks
  - Rework ix -> iloc pull request and autodetection algorithm in PandasData

- Fix 323 by providing default properties/methods for fundvalue/fundshares
  for all brokers

- Redownload the YahooFinance sample data yhoo-1996-2015
  - Add unstable exception for TALIB SAR
  - Add notes about usage of Hurst exponent and lag_start/lag_end parameters
  to override default lag values
  - Fix 321 by correcting typo in Writer.writelines
  - Add _start/start methods to Observers
  - Add fund tracking mode to the observers
  - Add new observers FundValue/FundShares
  - Adapt observers to fundmode: Value, TimeReturn, LogReturns, DrawDown,
  - Adapt analyzers to fundmode: DrawDown, Leverage, LogReturnsRolling,
  PeriodStats, LogReturns, Sharpe, TimeReturn, VWR
  - PR 319 for Pandas .ix deprecation (rewritten)

- Fix PSAR calculations for resampled/replayed streams
  - Sample for psar with intraday resampling 5 -> 15 minutes
  - Set the environment of a backfill_from data in master ibdata
  - Add dnames to the strategy documentation
  - Allow plotmaster to point to itself
  - Add plotylimited option to control vertical scaling locking on data plots
  - Add (semi)logarithmic plotlog control to plotinfo
  - Simplify live status detection for IB to allow optimization
  - Keep the observer cycles always synchronized with the strategy cycles
  regardless of running mode
  - Correct arguments for top level cerebro callback for data notifications
  - Add HeikinAshi candles indicator (plotted as lines)
  - Add HeikinAshi as filter to directly modify the data
  - Plot only last close value if lineonclose is plotted and correct high
  - Add PR 320 with indicators AwesomeOscillator,
  AccelerationDecelerationOscillator, RelativeMomentumIndex
  - Doc corrections and additions, including PR 319
  - PR 315 with rewrite to generalize setting the backend

- Add TrueStrengthIndicator
  - Port YahooDownload tool to v7 API
  - rewrite tool py3 bytes/str compatibility during write
  - Support internal re-fetching of linetokens in csv based datas
  - Support Yahoo skipping of lines with null values
  - New adaptations to Yahoo new format for adjusted prices
  - Update of data samples in Yahoo format
  - Update of documents and samples to make use of YahooFinanceCSVData
  consistent with chosen data sample

- Add support for new Yahoo v7 api
  - Quandl: Allow dataset specification, apikey correction and cosmetics

- Quandl Data Feed Online/Offline (at least for WIKI EOD)
  - Online: bt.feeds.Quandl
  - Offline: bt.feeds.QuandlCSV
  - Add studies category for indicators that draw in the past
  (study events in past price movements)
  - PR 307 Fractal study added to studies/contributions
  - PR 304 Timer corrections for weekdays filter
  - Docs corrections and typos

- Add PR 303 with hook support for btrun
  - Fix regression introduced with trading calendars for replaying
  - Avoid a DivisionByZeroError in SharpeRatio if not enough returns for the

- Finish timers implementation and documentation
  - Add timers samples and cheat-on-open sample
  - Add a List class to check for containment with __contains__ rather than
  standard list is or __eq__

- Fix 302 to plot resampled data with non aligned end of sessions
  - PR 297 to save figures to files (refactored to save multiple strategies
  and multiple figures)
  - Ensure a data feed has always a non-empty _name if possible
  - Alias getcash/getvalue to get_cash/get_value in broker subclasses if the
  latter are missing
  - PR 300 Set tools as executables
  - PR 301 Metatrader4 csv format
  - Documentation updates

- Timer calls implementation
  - Broker support for cheat-on-open
  - Add cheat_on_open to cerebro to allow next_open
  - Finish trading calendar resampling for weeks
  - Support Yahoo download over proxies
  - Doc corrections/additions
  - Support quick broker notifications

- Oanda support for bracket orders
  - Oanda support for stop trailing order
  - Filling in plotting support numeric values and control of alpha blending
  - Documentation updates (filling, addobservermulti)
  - Fix wrong calling of sizer with fixed isbuy=True after refactoring for
  mixing of buy/sell and order_target_xxx

- Add tradingcalendar
  - Add tz support for strategies
  - Docs updates
  - Add multi/tradingcalendar samples
  - Add div/floordiv operations to lines
  - Return data references in all cerebro methods adding data stream

- Keep processing orders after create in OandaStore after change to process
  new messages
  - Manage CFDs also as cash data in rqtMktData

- Fix 295 by only managing tf and cp if resample/replay have been specified
  - Correct expire and cancel in OandaStore
  - Correct BollingerBands to use the chosen movav for the StdDev calcs
  - Ensure parameters wit plotinfo and no plotname get a name granted

- Fix 294 which break plotting by plotting with no indicators/observers

- Plotting control options for last value in legend and right hand side
  - Documentation improvements
  - Support numeric timestamps in CSVGenericData

- Add new samples (OCO, StopTrail/Limit, LRSI, partial-plot, psar,
  - Add Bracket order support
  - Bracket order for IB and adapted sample
  - Correct cancel order message reception in OandaStore
  - Cosmectic changes to quickstart examples
  - Document bracket, stoptrail/limit, oco, partial-plotting, same axis
  plotting, future-vs-spot

- StopTrail/StopTrailLimit/Oco for Interactive Brokers
  - PR 290 for child OCO orders
  - Oco and other generic parameters passed transparently from any order
  generating method (ex: order_target_size) down to buy and sell
  - Correct pricelimit parameter in ib
  - Use strategy datetime instead of data0 and ensure a complete header in
  Positions analyzer

- Catch limit/stop order creation earlier in Oanda Store
  - StopTrail/StopTrailLimit orders for backtesting

- Docs updates
  - OCO implementation for backtesting

- Make sure sizer is only used if size is not None (default)
  - Doc corrections
  - Improve legend presentation in sameaxis mode

- Added Calmar, TimeDrawDown and PeriodStats analyzers
  - Reach data by names as dict or dot notation
  - Allow one asset to compensate the positions of another
  - Add more python versions to Travis PR 276
  - Support plotting datas on same y-axis
  - Update sample in contrib pair trading PR 273
  - PR 274 number of tranches to FixedSize Sizer and add FixedSizeTarget
  - Close 280 exception when get pyfolio analyzer agaist multiple data
  - Close 277 (inc PR 277) by entering re-calculation of xstart and xend
  plotting indices

- Add Indicator HurstExponent (requires numpy)
  - Allow plotting specific date ranges with start and end named arguments
  to plot
  - Address 269 missing last bar backfill_from
  - Fix typo (271) in frompackages import for InfluxDB feed
  - Add OLS_Slope_InterceptN, OLS_BetaN, OLS_TransformationN and Coint
  - Ensure broker has prices even if tick_xxx is not defined

- Add LaguerreRSI PR 265
  - Add LaguerreFilter PR 267
  - Doc maintenance (also PR 266)
  - Add ParabolicSAR
  - Add InfluxDB Data feed (PR 257) and Import Tool (PR268)
  - Add auto-pytz code from IBData to generic feeds to allow passing strings
  Address 262
  - Add support for packages and frompackages
  - Finish import of new sizers
  - Fix 263 - Refresh resample-tickdata to specify timeframe
  - Store module name and not module in talib autogenerated wrapper class
  - pyfolio api change note

- Correct csvgeneric import

- Set eos time from param.sessionend in csv timeframes
  - Improve support for timeframe/compression in btrun
  - Add ApplyN indicator (and base for it and variants BaseApplyN)
  - Add PercentSizer and AllInSizer
  - Add DV2 Indicator
  - Add PercentRank Indicator

- Patch CST timezone name to CST6CDT
  - Support automatic argument wrapping as line objects in CrossOver
  - Initialize attributes before rejection can happen in OandaData
  - Stop considering clones to decide if live feeds have to wait or not to
  avoid cpu hogging
  - Use _mindatas to decide how many from the parent datas to pass if none
  is specified by the user
  - Some doc corrections

- Adapt order_target_value to short cash semantics in broker
  - Several refinements to resampling to deliver synchronized bars on end of
  - Add exceptions and strategy skip exception
  - IBData - Deactivate code for faster downloads during absence of live data
  to avoid breaking reconnection code
  - Allow selective order based skipping of coc

- Close 244 by giving feeds the chance to finish initialization by
  themselves, ensuring proper initialization and allowing early data
  download (merged and refactored PR 245)
  - Add support for live data detection and dynamic queue check
  timeouts to avoid pausing on historical traversal when other feeds
  are live
  - Add PR 242 DrawDown length observer
  - Assimilate PR 240 into cash asset
  - Fixes 239 by providing empty values if the data or indicator has
  not produced a value yet
  - New DrawDown Analyzer and refactoring of DrawDown observer
  - Closes 235 by updating PivotPoint Family to make plotting work under new
  sync scheme and automate self-coupling
  - Some usual documentation updates / typo corrections
  - Minor corrections/improvements
  - Address 243 by sorting (timeframe, compression) data feeds internally to
  avoid forcing users to pass smaller timeframes first
  - Add end-of-session calculation, including adding end-of-session to daily
  data from IB

- Complete TimeFrameAnalyzerBase with a call to _nextstart and children
  - Improve 1st comparison point of benchmark
  - Documentation updates / samples clean-up
  - IBData feed timezone and backfill gap corrections
  - Initial support for CFD products (untested) to request BID and not TRADES
  - Ensure initialization of backfill_from data feeds

- Benchmark observer will observer after the strategy has reached its
  minimum period
  - Refactoring of TimeFrameAnalyzerBase
  - Ensure NoTimeFrame name is always returned rightly
  - Documentation updates
  - btrun will only load data feeds if they can be imported

- Improve unleveraged value by not unleveraging profit and loss
  - Doc edits from PR 223, 224
  - Correct refactoring leftover for backfill_from for IBData and OandaData
  - Extend btfd sample with logs
  - Add ZeroDivisionError to SharpeRatio
  - Add automargin to commission info schemes

- Closes 230 by closing the pool on completion rather than waiting for
  garbage collection
  - Default to show unleveraged value and allow retrieval of leveraged
  - Update btfd sample to updated leveraged value
  - Improve order value reporting with leverage
  - Correct dataseries TimeFrame name presentation in writers
  - Doc updates

- Added pair-trading sample from remroc: PR 223, 224, 225
  - Some documentation updates
  - Leverage support
  - Closes 227 numfigs type=int in arg parsing
  - Correct no-plotting of datas
  - Correct pandasdata integer addressing issue
  - Correct time comparison when running with runonce=True
  - Update SessionFiller to more stringent standards in modern versions

- Add time comparison for single line operations
  - Correct plotting error calculations with volume and improve data on data
  - Remove cosmetic comma

- PR 221 Correct onda candleFormat parameter
  - Allow data on data plotting and no data plotting
  - Remove double labeling on indicators
  - Analyzer LogReturnsRolling
  - Observer LogReturns
  - Improved order management of input for validity
  - Set default end date for online downloads in Yahoo if not set
  - Gold vs SP500 Sample

- PR 195 make runstrats iterable to allow callbacks
  - Fixes 189 by adding callback during optimization
  - Fixes 205 to avoid errors during unnamed argument usage in strategy
  - Regression correction for no short-cashing

- PR 212 added Vortex indicator
  - Closed 215 writer opens file in binary mode
  - Closed 210 missing comma in status definitions lists in feed
  - PR 203 python3 compatiblity for ib (long)
  - Added shortcash parameter to broker to control cash increase/decrease

- PR 202 to fix import in ibdata
  - PR 196, 198 - doc updates
  - PR 199 delegate notifications in Chainer Data Feed
  - PercentChange indicator request from 192
  - %B BollingerBands from 190
  - Check bar time before market type execution 190

- Pull Request 187 to improve SQN and test
  - Update some samples
  - Refactor new KST - Closes 183
  - Closes 163 adding interest as commission to correct calculate PNL
  - Improve SignalStrategy overriden methods to avoid impacting user subclasses
  - Closes 168 - Fetching open orders
  - 173 short-circuit calculation sqn in case of no trades
  - strategy selection sample

- Closes 179 Ichimoku indicator
  - Plotting allows now filling areas and showing the indicator name even with
  plotlinelabels active
  - Use _minperiod in linebuffer.qbuffer for maxlen rather than default 1
  - Closes 169 - Correct DaySteps filter
  - Add ROC100 indicator
  - Add KnowSureThing indicator

- Improve cheat-on-close to provide exact match price even during replay
  - Allow offsetting resampling bar set by timeframe/compression units

- Separate resampling from replaying for synchronization purposes
  - Modernize sample to better check 169

- Further use cases coverage for new synchronizatio method and
  - PR 173 - SharpeRatio returns None if it cannot be calculated
  - PR 173 - SQN returns 0 (instead of raising exception) if no trades have
  been made
  - Cover replay case for cheat-on-close
  - Extra analyzers in VWR Sample and modernized PivotPoint sample
  - Reworked of plotting for datas of different length by matching date indexes
  - Removed old mlen accounting for plotting different timeframes
  - 172 cover extra unwinding of linebuffer and add extra size to qbuffer

- Correct RSI_EMA, RSI_SMA subclassing
  - Add cheat-on-close to the broker
  - Correct own operation bug directly on lines (was fine on line
  - Add support for __neg__ operator (-) to lines
  - Adresses 170 by forcing a bool as return
  - Extend signal trigger detection to inverse and any values
  - Support for embedding in a line non-line types
  - Closes 171. Make safepow the default
  - Use DataTrades only if several datas are in place

- Workaround IbPy not converting bytes by passing strings in Python3
  - safepow parameter for StandardDeviation

- Closes 156 by adding LinePlotterIndicator
  - Closes 154 by providing hollow candlesticks
  - Ensure unique name for analyzers to get all printed out by writers
  - Fix installation instructions for plotting

- Allow defining the datetime format string for the x axis and data points.
  Closes 148
  - Rework plotting to account for datas with different lengths and work with
  auto locators/formatters
  - Improve signals to handle multiple datas and wrap LineIterators (Indicators)
  - Use excess returns for the standard deviation in Sharpe Ratio

- Improve data synchronization behavior
  - Make new DataTrades synchronize to strategy
  - Correct TimeFrameAnalyzerBase to synchronize with strategy

- Add DataTrades Observer to plot the trades of multiple datas independently
  - Make this observer the default in cerebro (old behavior via oldtrades=True)

- copyas method in data feeds to let a clone data be seen differently in the
  - Count trades on strategy basis and not main data basis
  - Add RQAlpha link
  - Fixes 153 by closing file descriptors after preloading

- Correct plotting for multi strategy approach
  - Make Crossover plot like any other indicator

- Automatic inline plotting if running inside a notebook
  - Correct new plotting code for Python 3

- README Updates
  - Improvements to generic Store management and VChartfile
  - Addresses time underflow/overflow in 143

- Set annualization factor for days to 252 in SharpeRatio to match the value
  most used in the literature
  - Add Returns analyzer
  - Closes 137 Added VWR (VariabilityWeightedReturn) analyzer
  - Fixes 141. optreturn must only be applied when optimizing
  - Correct getting default value for ptfimeframe in pyfolio2 sample. Fixes 142

- Rework SharpeRatio, add annualization and add SharpeRatio_A with default
  - Improve data / results message passing during optimization
  - Some documentation improvements/corrections

- Add rounding control to YahooFinanceCSVData and update docs. Closes 138
  - Sharpe Ratio external testing sample. Addresses 137
  - order_target_api, sample and cos. Closes 134

- Added Any, All, Reduce, function replacements
  - Added AnyN, AllN, ReduceN indicators
  - Aliased Highest -> MaxN, Lowest -> MinN
  - Added VChartfile Store and Feed improving over existing feed
  implementing the store pattern and fetching the basepath location
  from the registry if possible
  - Some docs improvements/corrections
  - Add a generic Store to let stores subclass
  - Add a Chainer, RollOver data feed and sample
  - Add shortcuts for some subpackages: indicators -> ind, observers -> obs
  strategies -> strats, commissions -> comms
  - Add framework for analyzer testing and tests for 2 analyzers: SQN,

- Finalize Oanda integration
  - Allow simulated orders (meant to fetch initial positions from live brokers)

- Add support for credit interest rate (125), with update of docs, sample,
  support in broker and btrun
  - urlencode tickers for yahoo downloads (feed and tool)

- Added indicators (3): Hull MA, ZeroLag Indicator, Dickson MA
  - Added control of object cache to cerebro (default deactivated)
  - Refactored the support for "next" only indicators
  - Typos and Docs updates (also from pull-requests)

- Refactor bt.signals to bt.signal (keeping compatibility for prev uses)
  - Improve writer to write non-string lists and fetch headers after anylzers
  - Add base bt.Signal strategy class for easier subclassing
  - Update btrun to support signals/slippage/flushing, update feeds and minors
  - Correct writer collections of analyzers parameters
  - Correct reverse overloaded operations in stage2
  - Some docs/docstrings corrections

- Slippage implementation in broker, documented and with sample
  - Refactoring/File Reordering of broker and volume fillers
  - Documentation updates/corrections/cleanup
  - Merge 120

- Filters documentation and reference
  - Add pinkfish ohl + o filter
  - Some filter refactoring
  - README Updates

- Refactoring of pyfolio and children analyzers following 116 to try to
  support future intraday support in *pyfolio*
  - Allow adding a specific signal strategy subclass to cerebro
  - Refactor SignalStrategy to ease up subclassing

- 106 Oanda Data Feed
  - Adding _dataname to always be able to identify a data by symbol, including
  - Address 115 resampling of same ibdata which was losing timezone information
  in cloning
  - Display raw datetime information in ibtest. For same data resample topic
  in 115

- Addresses 115 - improvement in ib multiple data handling
  - Improvements in vcdata multiple data handling

- Added signals api
  - Correct value calculation for shorted stocks
  - Add a symbolic margin to commissioninfo if not specified
  - Remove line amonst marker in Trades observers

- Added getsize to CommissionInfo API to allow, for example, a sizer to
  calculate the size of a trade using percentages
  - Add __btversion__ which is a tuple of ints for easy version comparison
  - Add macd-settings sample

- Pinkfish challange sample
  - Add stash to feeds to allow filtered output to be resent to filters
  - Restore deprecated setsizing method in FixedSize sizer for old quickstart
  - Rework quickstart tutorial and samples to use addsizer and deprecate
  - Allow BuySell observer to plot above / below high / low for clarity,
  especially when plotting ohlc/candles bars
  - Add support for observer orders during replay
  - Improve Close order execution logic
  - Fix microsecond precision errors in end of session calculations in order
  and feed
  - Docstrings cosmetic changes

- Changes to support separate auto-documentation for a branch of an object
  - ta-lib integration: Closes 53
  - ta-lib documentation
  - Improve sizers internal interface by having a strategy attribute, which
  can be used before resorting to the broker
  - observer and benchmarking documentation update

- Reworked and published sizers interface (addresses 104) with changes
  in cerebro and Strategy
  - Observers documentation
  - Refactor timereturn analyzer logic for better readability

- Correct lastvalue update in TimeReturn
  - Closes 111 by annualizing the returns if the rate is not downgraded

- Closes 89 by adding benchmarking to TimeReturn and new observers
  TimeReturn/Benchmark (sample included)
  - Analyzers can be embedded in observers to share functionality
  - Added TimeFrame.NoTimeFrame
  - ibpy imported in readthedocs for IBStore/IBBroker/IBData doc generation

- Closes 108 - Plotting documentation
  - Some updates to analyzer docs
  - Further refactoring/improvements/corrections to the analyzers

- Pyfolio integration
  - Refactoring/reorganization of analyzers

- Correct filler implementation in the broker to consider order side for the
  value returned from a filler
  - Extend volumefilling sample to cover sell and repetition scenarios

- Added support for volume filling strategies in the broker
  - Added 3 volume fillers: FixedSize, FixedBarPerc, BarPointPerc
  - Added broker and fillers to the docs
  - Added TimeReturn to the Analyzers reference
  - Added DaySteps filter and sample to downsample a day bar in open + rest

- UltimateOscillator added. Requested with ticket 103
  - VisualChart Live Data Feed/Trading integration
  - Add YahooFinanceData (online) to formats supported by btrun

- InteractiveBroker Live Data Feed/Broker
  - Rework of many internals to support live feeds
  - DateTime Management (timezones) support added
  - Extra Rework of Resampler/Replayer to support live feeds and earliest
  possible bar delivery

- Fixes 99 by conditionally importing ib modules

- safediv added to Stochastic from Pull Request 97
  - Initial integration fo ib feed/broker. Can operate but it is not yet fully
  - Comprehensive ib testing sample
  - Added "store" and "data" notifications to cerebro and strategy for the
  integration of live feeds
  - Internal datetime clarifications
  - Fixes 94 removing leftover decode('utf-8') after removing 'b' from 'rb'
  when opening csv files
  - Fix bug in strategy.close and add plimit support to it
  - Some documentation updates

- Memory saving schemes (exactbars parameter to cerebro) full implemented
  - Add mixing-timeframes to the docs
  - Add memory-savings to the docs
  - Cosmetic corrections to data-resampling sample

- Address 84 86 by implemting a LinesCoupler lines object which fills longer
  timeframe lines with shorter timeframes
  - Add sample for LinesCoupler
  - New links for readthedocs io domain
  - Detection Improvement for objects supported by writers

- Add 3 new indicators (from 81): PivotPoint, FibonacciPivotPoint,
  - Add new function CmpEx
  - Change plotinit to the intial stages of plotting
  - Add plotinfo information to any LineSeries objects
  - Implement LineActions Cache
  - Implement Indicator Cache
  - Cover resampling across midnight border 81
  - Correct error in docs (concepts) 82
  - Addresses 82 by only advancing indicators in runonce mode if the clock
  has overtaken it
  - Addresses 82 by having LinesOperations define and internal clock which
  may not be the owner

- WeekDaysFiller sample for 76
  - Implement new memory saving schemes. Addresses 74
  - Additions/Refactoring to the intenal api offered to filters and internal
  utils objects and removal of leftover prints
  - Refactoring of replay/resample filters
  - Some testing refactoring
  - Support for cross-plotting across datas of different timeframes
  - PivotPoint sample for 81

- Correct resampling/replaying behavior for calculating the delivery with
  configured compression fator for timeframes ticks and days or larger.
  Addresses 47, 77, 78
  - Adapt resample/replay tests to improved resampling/replaying code which
  delivers the bar 1 tick earlier
  - Sample for bidask data to OHLC. Closes 78

- Fix broken data-multitimeframe sample
  - Address 72 by improving _getsizing method which not also takes data as
  - Fixes 77 by correctly calculating when the current session ends for the
  last bar (when next session data is already in)

- Fixes 67 by having the Buy Sell Observer be displayed for all datas in the
  - Improve support of live data feed resampling/replaying. Addresses comments
  in 69 and 44
  - Support safe division by zero RSI calculations. Closes 68
  - Fixes 71. Single Lines (LineOperations in this case) don't get added to
  the indicator mix for writers

- Improved detection in cerebro.resampledata of existing datas before cloning
  - Added detection in cerebro.replaydata of existing datas before cloning

- Add samples following 'Close' order corrections/improvements for
  testing. Addresses 62
  - Improve 'Close' execution support and correct conflicting behavior
  with method checksubmit. Addresses 62
  - Correct method close of strategy by using kwargs which was not
  taking into account the existence of a plimit parameter in methods
  buy/sell and would pass the execution type as plimit
  - PandasData extension sample and data supporting discussion in
  ticket 65
  - If datas have been passed to cerebro, ensure cerebro has a
  strategy to run against (which can get indicators, analyzers,
  observers and other through the appropriate interface)
  - Addresses 64 by auto-cloning datas in resampledata if the data
  was already in the system
  - Return a list in case is not run due to missing datas

- Update of bidask sample
  - SessionFiller correction to avoid moving the evaluated bar too early into
  the stack and avoid the previous session to fill into new session

- Remove old DataReplayer/DataResampler and cerebro resampledata_old and
  replaydata_old which were using them
  - Adapt docs and test to remove DataReplayer/DataResampler and document the
  newer interfaces
  - Add ``linesoverride`` parameter to enable redefining the lines of an object
  at any stage. Allows removing OHLC default support
  - Generalized GenericCSV to use the defined line aliases
  - Generalized tick assignment to use the defined line aliases

- Closes 61 by checking datamaster against None to prevent operator
  overloading to evaluate the object as False because line 0, contains a value
  of 0 at index 0

- Closes 49 by setting the matplotlib backend to "tkagg" to avoid using other
  non-tested backends
  - io.StringIO instead of internally imported one from py3
  - CSVDataBase unicode/bytes unification and also for YahooFinanceData feed
  - yahoodownlaod tool bytes/unicode clarification and urlopen bug correction

- Fixes 55 and improves management of CSV subclasses opening a file from
  other sources
  - Sample which tests yahoo online downloading

- Fixes 51 - a trade may reopen a position but close a trade if overlapping
  (different tradeid) trades are active
  - Address Pull Request 52 by adding Py 2/3 MAXINT compatible "constant" which
  is imported into TradeAnalyzer and used instead of sys.maxint
  - Fixes 50 by correcting open/popen typo in StopLimit order

- Fixes 46 by adding a default of = 0 to indicate that no trades
  were executed and therefore no statistics
  - Fixes 46 by adding a default of = 0 to indicate that no trades
  were executed and therefore no statistics
  - CalendarDays filter implementation and added sample
  - Removed gitter from README

- Filters moved to submodule filters
  - Full docstring update for CommInfoBase
  - Small improvements to internal AutoDict/AutoOrdereDict
  - Implementation of Trade history log (40)
  - Added __bool__, __nonzero__ to Position for position testing
  - Orders support miscellaneous information from end-users (42)
  - Trades get unique identifier and datetime for opening/closing time (42, 43)
  - Corrected typo in iteritems (38)

- Addition of keys, values, items to py2/3 compatibility layer
  - Add getdatanames to strategy
  - take data or name as key for operation
  - Close 37 pannotated typo in "atclose" order type in broker
  - Close 35 adding getpositionbyname, getpositionsbyname, getpositions and the
  associated properties without "get"

- 33 correction of typo added during correction of 33
  - Added getdatabyname and string_types check in buy/sell/close to retrieve
  datas in Strategy

- Fixes 33 by properly adjusting the cash for existing open futures (added
  long comment to explain the logic)
  - TimeReturn analyzer added. Can calculate returns for all timeframes
  - SharpeRatio updated to use TimeReturn including automatic adjustment of
  the (annual) riskfreerate for timeframes days, weeks, months. It can still
  use the legacy AnnualReturn analyzer
  - CommInfoBase added as root of all commission schemes to make commission
  schemes more flexible by not tying margin to commission type deduction
  - Added 4 CommInfoBase derived classes with standard commission schemes
  - Extended broker.setcommission call with parameters to work with the new
  - Implemented the legacy CommissionInfo as a subclass of CommInfoBase, fully
  retaining the existing behavior
  - Some in-code documentation updates

- Fixes 31 - Packaging issue under Python 3.x introduced in

- 29 extend commissions to support additional schemes
  - 27 convert iterable in pandas datasource to list before checking len
  - Packaging reordering to suppor introduction of dependencies

- Correct missing super in start some Data Feeds. Closes 27

- DivByZero function included to perform division without triggering
  - SessionFiller completed as data filter
  - Corrections to WriterStringIO
  - Final renaming of data filter API
  - Reset of operators to stage1 to be able to run over same data again withoug
  - Update data-replay/resample samples to use new filter API
  - Rework of testcaes to use new filter API and run all combinations of

- Comminfo passed down to trades for multitrade profit and loss calculation
  for issue 226
  - Addition of filters/processors (naming not final) to data sources
  - (Re)Implementation of Resampling/Replaying as Processors - Old
  Implementation still available
  - Changed X axis formatting for Weeks/Months/Years
  - DataFilter/DataFiller implemented as DataSources and also as
  - DataFilter/DataFiller sample
  - Time management improvement to address precision issues when isolating time
  from coded datetime with new functions in LineBuffer

- Further refactoring of resampling (keeping previous parameter names
  compatible) killing corner case for last bar still having the sub-bar
  timestamp - Close 25
  - Added sessionstart parameter to DataBase to complement sessionend
  - Some module import refactoring to refer to main module
  - Added DataFilter class
  - Close 24 by enabling writer to handle Analyzer dictionaries which carry
  non-string as keys
  - Correct/enhance some of the samples

- Refactoring of minute/seconds/microseconds bar compression scheme to allow
  time adjusted bars
  - Added tick_last to datas - alias of tick_close
  - resampledata and replaydata methods added to cerebro
  - Added tick_last to datas - alias of tick_close
  - Added multitrade support and sample
  - Added helper time2num and num2time to complement date2num and num2date
  - RelativeVolumeByBar Sample
  - Corrected fromdate being set at the end of session
  - Refactor some data feeds to use iterators and discard itertools.count
  - Add dm/tm methods to LineBuffer to get numeric parts (int/fraction) of
  numeric datetime representation
  - Added sample datas with volume
  - Corrected _orlogic for "Or" function and bool'ized And and Or
  - Refactored starting points in running strategies
  - Added queue/Queue to py3 compatibility
  - Further rework of minute (and sub-minute) Data Resampling/Replaying
  - Added tia/visualize-wealth/QSTK/TradingWithPython to README
  - Added tick_last to set of tick variables (open/high/low/close)
  - Added resampledata and replaydata to cerebro to avoid having to instantiate

- Added TimeFrame for Ticks, MicroSeconds and Seconds
  - Plot support for new Ticks, MicroSeconds and Seconds TimeFrames
  - Removed flushing of sys.stdout on Win32 platforms to avoid interactions with
  ipython (fixes 20)
  - Reworked Resampling for TimeFrame Minutes (closes 19) and added Resampling
  for Seconds, MicroSeconds and TickData
  - Sample of plot-on-same-axis added
  - Added pypy/pypy3 tests to Travis and added to to documentation
  - Added sample which resamples tickdata

- Small documentation updates
  - Indicators can be plotted on/over other indicators
  - Sample of plot-on-same-axis added

- Doc/Readme additions for 3.5
  - Removed dangling py3 in writer from six transition
  - Added writer testcase

- Added Python 3.5 to Travis CI
  - Removed 2.6 and added 3.5 from
  - Refactored to internal function and added btrun executable to
  - Added cerebro parameters and writers support to btrun
  - Fixed duplicate writers next call in "next" mode
  - Improved LineSeries objects name printing in WriterFile and changed "csv"
  to False
  - Correct sign of "closed" if a long/short position if a position is reduced:
  closes 18
  - Removed six dependency through small internal Py2/Py3 module and updated
  docs and
  - Removed nose-exclude from test requirements
  - Implement current order status in broker
  - 0 can be passed as number of maxcpus for optimization (same as None)
  - SQN and TradeAnalyzer documented

- Drop Python 2.6 support (also removing internal OrderedDict) after adding
  nexbars which needs collections.deque with maxlen (>= 2.7)
  - First Writer Implemenatation for CSV Output
  - TradeAnalyzer implementation
  - SystemQualityNumber (SQN) implementation

- Broker reworked to check margin/cost limits on order submission/execution
  - Broker fix to avoid having the wrong sign on short "Trades"
  - Rework Trades commission deduction
  - Additions to Position, Order to support broker new checks
  - Add missing analyzers loop call to "_next"
  - Observers loop handled in Strategy now (only object holding them)
  - Observers reachable in strategy via new alias "observers" (in addition to
  - Cosmetic changes to analyer pprint
  - Correction to Position.__len__ to work with negative sizes (short positions)
  - Crossover defaults to true for plotting just like any other indicator
  - "Exactbars" mode added which limits the amounts of bars to those needed by
  each indicator. Disables runonce, preloading and plotting. It uses a
  ringbuffer method
  - Documentation/Samples directory (and hence doc fixes) rework
  - Documentationn rework for direct execution of scripts against sample datas
  - Multiple Data Strategy added as Sample
  - Automatic import of flushfile
  - Added LineForward as complement to LineDelay
  - Correct double call to Analyzer._next
  - Cover case in which a line from a data is directly assigned, avoiding the
  binding to kick-in too early
  - Correction in Accum indicator (typo line -> lines) and super addition to

- Added reversion to stage1 operator behavior when the strategy backtesting is
  - Refactoring of minimum period calculation in LineIterator
  - Refactoring of strategy minimum period calculation to allow indicator
  - Cerebro support for addition of indictors to inject into strategies
  - bt-run rework to support multiple strategies (o none), observers, indicators
  and analyzers with individual kwargs per entry
  - bt-run rework of plotting to single argument with kwargs
  - Corrected ill behavior when separatin multiple line objects passed as single
  argument to an indicator which lead to multi-owner management for the 2nd
  line and posterior
  - Analyzer defines stubs for print pprint and get_analysis
  - Addion of LineDelay opposite: LineForward to support positive (look/write
  backwards) arguments in the line(period) notation
  - Added datas and data alias in Analyzers

- Thorough documentation rework
  - Corner case for multiple timeframe datas when the larger timeframe doesn't
  contribute to minimum period with indicators
  - Correction of data resampling which affected same timeframe (which is valid
  because compression can be different)
  - Built-In Strategies auto-documentation added
  - Blaze data support and Pandas Datafeed with only numeric indices support
  - bt-run accepts kwargs per loaded object (strategy, observer, analyzer) and
  can load the default Strategy object if none is specified

- Automation script added
  - Pandas Dataframe support
  - Improvements to OrderedDict imports for Python 2.6 compatibility
  - Default reference price for orders is bar closing price if not set like in
  Market orders
  - Analyzers added: non-lines objects offering in-run/post-run statistics
  - Analyzers added: SharpeRatio and AnnualReturn
  - Improved Observers which now support (like Indicators/Strategies)
  - Simplified cerebro return values for run: single list if not optimizing and
  list of lists if optimizing
  - Order Execution Sample script added
  - SMA_CrosssOver Strategy included in submodule backtrader.strategies

- Generic Data Feed Development Documentation
  - Observers Documentation
  - Support for last tick values in data feeds (data.tick_xxx with xxx being,
  open, high, low, close, volume, openinterest. Unless a real-time feed is
  used or a replay is done, the values will be those of the regular bar
  - Replayer support filling up the last used tick_xxx values
  - Orders have new attribute with the next end of session after the order
  - Broker uses the tick prices for order execution supporting with it the same
  logic in replay and regular mode
  - Fixes 11: On Market Close Orders new logic including end of session check
  - VisualChart binary file direct support

- Quickstart documentation update to use Trades
  - Issue 3 setcash before the run corrected
  - Addition of GenericCSVData (following 6)
  - Documentation on DataFeeds
  - SierraChartCSVData added
  - Documentation on DataFeed development
  - 8 to address valid for order limited in time
  - Improved to order creation (via buy/sell) from the strategy
  - Corrected plimit typo in order execution
  - Corrected redefinition of enum for order execution types Stop/StopLimit
  - Order cloning and unique id per order to allow same order notified
  twice in same interval with different events
  - Added missing notification for order.accept
  - Broker refactoring on BuyOrder detection and price naming for limit
  - Documentation on order creation and execution

- Added Gitter stuff to README.rst
  - Documentation updates
  - Moved operations calculations to strategy with extra P&L information from
  the broker (with an updated CommissionInfo profitandloss method) and
  simplified Operations observer along the way
  - Removal of the analyzer paradigm, refactoring the introduction of observers,
  which now can be done through Cerebro to make them really usable as
  statistics generators. Default observers get added from Cerebro unless
  explicitly indicatoed not to do so
  - notify renamed to notify_order (patch support included)
  - notify_operation renamed to notify_trade
  - All "Operation" references changed to "Trade"
  - Minor version bump due to the "Operation" and "Observer" refactoring
  - Addition of a drawdown observer

- Further corrections for more "unpickable" cases

- Multicore support for optimization
  - Corrected quickstart samples to change Yahoo "reversed" to "reverse" and
  change the value from True to False
  - Changes needed to support pickling: adding dynamic classes to modules,
  assigning unique names to dynamic classes, not keeping instance methods in
  variables and removing lambda definitions for functions defined at module
  - Changes to testcommon and test_strategy_optimized to avoid nosetests errors
  with multiprocessing

- Correction to yahoodownload from check when exception is raised
  - alias plotname assignment done before the alias variable is overwritten to
  avoid plotname from just being the 2nd letter of the alias
  - Added incminperiod to increase minperiods with non further calculations
  - Notation relaxation: indicators may not indicate on which data they operate
  and the data of the owner will be used automatically
  - zlema now calles super on init
  - Cosmetic corrections to moving averages to not use aliased names
  - Corner minimum period calculation case covered in
  ExponentialSmoothingDynamic in which a passed line as a parameter is not being
  considered in any calculation because there is no line assignment in the
  - Corrections to FeedBase to avoid passing "dataname" twice
  - Added a crosshairs cursor to the charts using modified MultiCursor from
  matplotlib (submitted to Matplotlib)
  - Moving Average Refactoring into separated files
  - Indicators (88): Trix/TrixSignal (w doc/test)

- Import Indicator and functions into the indicators package to enable
  indicators to do a "from ." import
  - Improvements to class alias definition
  - Indicators (74): basicops receives Average, WeightedAverage, ExpSmoothing,
  - Indicator (75): ZLEMA with tests and documentation
  - Refactored MovingAverage placeholder and MovingAverages to use basic
  operations and autoregister in the placeholder
  - Refactored DEMA, TEMA, ZLEMA to subclasses of MovingAverageBase for
  - Refactored envelope to automatically create envelopes from all
  auto-registered MovingAverages
  - Refactored oscillator to automatically create envelopes from all
  auto-registered MovingAverages
  - Indicators (77): ZLEMAEnvelope, ZLEMAOscillator added
  - Indicators (79): TrueLow, TrueHigh added and TrueRange refactored to use them
  - Indicators (81): UpDayBool, DownDayBool as specialized versions of UpDay and
  - Refactored all indicators to do a relative "." import for Indicator and
  - Removed docstring code from LineSeries to move it to a sphinx extension
  - Added sphinx etension to automate documentation of indicators
  - Removed previous indicator documentation and added "indautoref" own
  directive for autodocumentation
  - indicators autoregister with Indicator (for things like autodocumentation)
  - Avoid automatically generated Envelope/Oscillator from MovingAverages to
  register to avoid "EnvelopeOscillator" subclasses
  - Indicators receiving only 1 data get the 2nd and later lines as extras (use
  case: a crossover uses line 0 and 1 automatically)
  - Indicators (85): PriceOscillator, PercentagePriceOscillator,
  PercentagePriceOscillatorShort, PrettyGoodOscillator added
  - Indicators (86) - Williams Accumulation/Distribution (WilliamsAD) added

- Correction of bug which prevented lines in different indicators to have the
  same name and different index at the same hierarchy level
  - Added AroonUpDown, AroonOscillator, AroonUp, AroonDown,
  AroonUpDownOscillator (with tests and docs)
  - Added basic indicators FindFirstIndex, FindFirstIndexHighest,
  FindFirstIndexLowest (with test and docs)
  - Added basic indicators FindLastIndex, FindLastIndexHighest,
  FindLastIndexLowest (with test and docs)
  - Documented OperationN (so anyone can subclass it if wished)
  - Removed old MaxN and MinN (same as Highest and Lowest)
  - Made RSI_SMA the class and RSI_Cutler the alias
  - Added support in plot and lineiterator to put plot specific code (like
  dynamically setting plothlines) in a separate method to fully separate
  indicator logic from any plotting logic
  - Fully specified Python versions supported in and some PEP8 changes
  - Changed test case generation string printing to simplify operations (Python
  3.2 doesn't support 'u')
  - Existing indicators updated to use new plot/indicator code logic separation
  - Improvements to envelope object hierarchy with method to prepare periods
  - Changed (previously unused) behavior of assignment to lines[x],
  allowing establishing line bindings without knowing the alias
  - Subclass OperationN from new PeriodN to allow for subclasses of
  basic PeriodN with no need to define "func"
  - LineSeries objects "lines" can be mixed with objects holding "lines"
  - MetaParams objects can be mixed with other objects containing "params"
  - MetaLineSeries support for alias definition and autodocumentation of alias,
  lines, parameters, plotinfo and plotlines
  - Correction to AutoInfoClass._getdefaults to correctly return a list under
  - Refactored Moving Averages to be "formulated" objects rather than next/once
  based to allow for easy mixin/subclassing
  - Refactored and simplified envelope indicators
  - Refactored indicators to use alias and semi-autodocumentation facilities
  from LineSeries
  - Indicators (60): DEMA, TEMA (with tests and docs)
  - Indicators (62): DEMAEnvelope, TEMAEnvelope (with tests and docs)
  - Indicators (70): Oscillator, SMAOsc, EMAOsc, SMMAOsc, WMAOsc, DEMAOsc and
  TEMAOsc (with testcases and docs) added (MixIn also documented)
  - Testcase for Envelope added
  - Plot bug correccted which could prevent indicators (on same plot as data) on
  indicators from being plotted
  - Plot support for plotlines properties to be specified as lines

- CCI Plotting labels improved
  - WilliamsR plotname/plotlines names improved
  - Stochastic plotlines names improved
  - Momentum plotting labels improved
  - DirectionalMovement plotting labels improved
  - XXXDeviations plotting labels improved
  - Changes (__hash__ in lineroot and list(xxx.values) when plotting) for Python
  3.4 compatibility
  - test_strategy_optimized import xrange from six for Python 3 and travis.yml
  updated to runn with Python 3.4 too
  - OrderedDict recipe added for Python 2.6 compatibility
  - Continuous integration check under Travis added for 2.6/3.2/3.3
  - Updated Readme and docs about Python compatibility

- Tests for strategy optimized/not optimized added
  - Cosmetic change to "triggered" parameter initialization in StopLimitOrders
  - Test added for "Operation"
  - Test for "Position"
  - All indicators changed to used absolute imports for clarity and possible
  - Added indicator MeanDeviation (and doc)
  - Added indicator CommodityChannelIndex (CCI) (docs and test)
  - Reordered StdDeviation/MeanDeviation into own module and doc sub-section
  - Plot support for lines having a name different than the class alias (ex:
  plusDI can be plotted as +DI)
  - Update docs badge link to project, add direct link to indicators in docs and
  clarify installation from sources with header
  - Refactoring of UpDays/DownDays to UpDay/DownDay for RSI
  - DirectionalMove Indicators (+tests/docs): DI, +DI, -DI, ADX, ADXR, DMI, DM

- Wikipedia link for DetrendedPriceOscillator
  - Renaming of Stochastic and Williams lines to include "perc" (originally %)
  - Removal of specific plotnames in MovingAverages
  - Williams renamed to WilliamsR for accuracy and line renamed to percR
  - Stochastic lines renamed to percK and percD from kperc and dperc for
  - StochasticFull added (3 lines)
  - CrossOver, CrossUp, CrossDown indicators and documentation
  - Correct broker usage in "close" operation
  - Operations observer plotting style changed to "full"
  - BuySell observer plotting style changed to full and buy color changed to
  lime for visibility
  - Broker correction of initial commission assigment. Introduced error when
  adding support for optimization
  - Added indicators: Envelope, SMAEnvelope, EMAEnvelope, SMMAEnvelope,
  WMAEnvelope, KAMAEnvelope (tests and docs included)
  - Corrected label plotting when a LineSeries object is passed as label
  - Documentation and test for CommissionInfo

- Correction to minperiod calculation to correctly calculate and take into
  account indicator on indicator/single lines minperiods together with
  multi-timeframe datas
  - Extra plotting defaults to lineiterator to simplify plotting code
  - Added plotforce to force plotting of an indicator which relies on
  non-plotted/plottable data/clock sources
  - Plotting support for indicator on indicator respecting above/below order
  - Support plotting indicators which don't have a data/indicator clock by
  looking up the chain
  - Add badges' alternative test and add a badge for the documentation
  - KAMA sets plotname to override inherited one from SimpleMovingAverage
  - Williams %R indicator and test
  - Momentum, RateOfChange, MomentumOscillator and tests

- Reordering and addition of sample datas
  - Addition of samples limited to 2014 and 2006
  - Independent Yahoo Online Download Tool
  - TrueRange formula improvement
  - Changed LineSeries "array" access to property
  - data_0 references changed to more generic data
  - Added AdaptiveMovingAverage
  - AdaptiveMovingAverage added to the docs
  - YahooCSV "reversed" parameter changed to reverse (and inverted default to
  - Changes to make online downloads Py3 compatible
  - Multi-Timeframe datas which are exhausted will return empty bars
  - Improvements in VChartCSVData for name and timeframe recognition
  - Added own simple csv format for sample
  - Reordering/Addition of data samples
  - Addition of nosetest testcases covering indicators, data multi timeframe
  and resampling
  - Travis-ci integration
  - Extra minperiod check in LineIterator postinit hook to account for
  indicators with calculations in __init__ not applied directly to line

- First tagged and documented release