Changelogs » Axonius-api-client



* Minor changes in display output for CLI commands
* CLI docs done.


* Query built by get_by_value now surround in parenthesis
* Removed raw field as valid field for adapters, it stopped working, unknown
* Added echo of query and fields to all get* commands.
* Massive updates to docs


* Added logic for throwing an exception if no UUID or client ID returned from REST API on add adapter connection call, regardless of error=True/False


Minor version bump due to signature changes:
* Changed signature of users & devices get_by_value, no more RE:/NOT: - need to supply value_regex=True/False and value_not=True/False instead. also added query_pre/query_post.
* changed signature of all filter methods in adapters in cnxs, no more RE:, need to supply value_regex=True/False
* changed signature of adapters get_by_cnx_count to allow min/max value


Bump for fixes to doc strings, saved query fields not being used properly, and more


This is a complete refactor of the API client. There are too many features to list here, but most importantly there is now a command line interface *axonshell*