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Minor updates to correct behavior in certain circumstances

- Assigns value "Unknown" when the name for an AMI-id is not available
- this occurs if the AMI is deleted, but you still have instances built from it
- prevents display of the spot instance tag "aws:ec2spot:fleet-request-id"
- this tag is auto-assigned for spot instances


License Change and minor help message adjustments


This release incorporates several fixes:

- On Windows, `awss ssh` now functions properly
- Windows doesn't have a native `ssh` command
- So it requires pre-reqs for ssh, which are detailed in the readme
- Includes fix from pip release v0.9.10 (which wasn't released on github)
- Eliminated errors for instances with zero tags


This is primary a fix release to keeps in sync with a PIP release

- Fixed error during data collection if an instance was in 'terminated' state
- Dramatically improved output for users with white terminal backgrounds

- eliminated some unnecessary vars via new algorithms
- renamed vars & functions for improved readability
- revised test scripts for changes


Github release to sync up with PyPi release.

Automated tests provide 92% code coverage.
Fixed issue determining home directory on Windows for ssh function
Restructured code within library
- Provided ability to write test scripts without AWS connection
- Improved adherence to PEP guidelines
- __init__ file contains docstring describing the library
- __main__ added so library can be executed as a module


This release has substantial code changes, feature additions, and prepares for the future.

- All tags & values are displayed for each instance with the `list` command
- tag names & values now stored with other instance data
- many future features enabled by this enhancement
- Use the * wildcard with any command:
- `awss list Ub*`  or `awss stop Deb*`
- Enter commands without specifying a target to chose from the picklist
- particularly useful for `awss stop` to list running servers then select them from list
- user input for picklist now uses enter key vs. single keypress
- necessary for users with more than 9 instances in their lists
- SSH login-name detection enhanced & can detect the instance OS if the
name is anywhere in the AMI-name string (not just the beginning)
- rewrote the data collection logic that retrieves information about instances
- docstrings added throughout most of the code
- this reduces traffic to AWS by 50 to 200%
- makes it easier to test on CI machines without AWS credentials


The Refinement Release

- Code broken out into modules
- Functions, Vars, and docstrings adjusted for maximum readability
- Added initial testing scripts - currently at 75% coverage
- Cyclomatic Complexity down to 4 or less for every function!
- Maintainability Index is A for every module


Dramatically Restructured

- New flow with fewer functions
- New query algorithm that allows combined parameters
- Simplified function and var names


Internal module, structure and code refinements.

- Cyclomatic Complexity ratings are 5 or less for every function
- Moved some functions to separate files


Updates to documentation and structure

- README.rst updated
- Now installable via `pip`


**aws-shortcuts** is a superset of my **aws-quick-cli** repo with the following enhancements

- written in Python instead of Bash, so it's slightly quicker
- commands are performed in one script - reducing code duplication and reducing size
- commands that require specifying an instance now support instance-ID in addition to name