Changelogs » Aws-okta-keyman

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* Hotfix to correct missing update to


* Support --account and --role to choose the account or role
  * Update coverage to 5.2
  * Entry point moved to to make local development simpler
  * Logger setup moved to to make use of Keyman as a lib simpler
  * Added PR template


* Properly handle boto profile errors caused by invalid AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE settings
  * Properly handle case where user has zero AWS apps in Okta
  * Bump version to 0.8.1
  * Update documentation
  * Add versions to test dependencies
  * Move from bs4 (incorrect) to beautifulsoup4
  * Add update argument that checks for a new version and upgrades (pip or brew) if a newer version is available


* Add ability to specify key duration
  * Add optional AWS console login URL output
  * Update documentation
  * v0.8.0


Add region parameter, screen only output option, command wrapper, bug fixes, v0.7.5
  * Add optional region parameter which enables use with GovCloud
  * Add screen only output for cases where the credentials may need to be copied to another locaiton for use
  * Add command wrapper allowing keyman to execute another command for you with the AWS credential env vars provided to the command
  * Fix crash in case where ~/.config or a specified config file path does not exist
  * Minor code improvements
  * Fix user input to trim leading and trailing whitespace
  * Version bump to 0.7.5


* Fix selection bug
  * Simplify multiple-account role code


* Prevent incompatible Keyring installation
  * Fix dbus-python platform value to linux2


* Upgraded logger to colorlog (supported)
  * Upgraded test suite to pytest (supported)


* Add dependency on keyring, SecretStorage, and dbus-python (for 2.7 on linux)
  * Use keyring for multi-platform keyring access for password cache
  * Update options to support password cache


* Application-level MFA is now supported
  * Two-level MFA is now supported (org and app)
  * Improved the menu/selector interface to better support large orgs
  * Improved reup loop reliability
  * Reduced noise in debug logging
  * Slowed loop timings to reduce logging/noise
  * Improved documentation
  * Test coverage improvements
  * Minor code lint fixes


* Support AWS Orgs with child accounts
  * Show account names in role selection when there are multiple accounts
  * Support and automated testing for Python 3.8
  * Fix logic bug in Duo Web feature
  * Improve test coverage
  * Tests can now be run with multiple threads (faster)
  * Reduce noise in test output
  * Improved error handling and messaging
  * Improved user messaging
  * Can now run nosetests from directly without pip installing first
  * Simplified python_reqires statement in
  * Add interactive basic configuration
  * Update documentation


* AWS Accounts can now be populated from Okta
  * Username will now default to the current user when not specified
  * Update PyPI description to use
  * Minor documentation updates
  * Tests for
  * Version bump to v0.5.1


* Added browserless MFA for Duo Auth
  * Improved documentation throughout
  * Fixed typos throughout
  * Updated to more recent dependencies
  * Dropped support for Python 2.7.0 through 2.7.3 due to a Python bug that breaks testing
  * Added support for Python 3.7


Added support for more MFA types:
  * Call OTP
  * Question/Answer


The significant part of this release is refactoring and not user affecting but the following user-facing changes were made.
  * Google Auth OTP support
  * Better messaging when MFA is required but no factors from Okta are supported


* Improve handling of malformed YAML files


* Added support for Oktapreview domain to make testing outside of the prod organization easier


This release adds support for a local config file to make usage of the tool much easier for end users.
  Check out the updated for more details.


* Fixes broken --reup


AWS Okta Keyman is a hard fork of [nd_okta_auth][nd_okta_auth] by [, Inc.][nextdoorinc].
  This fork adds support for Duo Auth and is available today in pip with `pip install aws_okta_keyman`