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Updated to reflect new functionality.


This release of `aws-creds` introduces the ability to assume roles. To facilitiate this, the following features have been added under the `roles` subcommand:
  1. add: Adds a role.
  2. assume: Assumes a saved role.
  3. ls: Lists all roles available to be assumed.
  4. rm: Removes an assumed role permanently from aws-cred config.
  5. unassume: Unassumes a role, switching back to source account.
  *N.B.* `aws-creds` does not yet support roles that require mfa.


- Added error handling.
  - Fixed 1 by adding check_environment().


-  Bug Fix: 5 added spacing at top of output.


- Bug Fix: Removed __main__ statement in creds/
  - Updated spacing between methods as per PEP-8 standards.


AWS Credential Picker (aws-creds)
  Makes it easier to use multiple AWS accounts when you don't have SSO available. You can easily save multiple profiles, and then log into them with an simple set of commands.
  The following commands are available within the AWS Credential Picker.
  1. add: Add a new credential.
  2. rm: Remove a credential.
  3. ls: List all the saved credentials.
  4. login: Login using a credential.
  5. logout: Remove all of the files used by the aws-cli in ~/.aws.
  6. status: Print details about the current session (account/user).
  7. update: Updates the selected profile with new values.
  8. rotate: Rotates your Access Key if you have a spare slot available.
  9. default: Used to manage default region and output type.
  1. get: Prints out the default region and output type.
  2. set: Sets the default region and output type.
  **This release is the first feature completer elease of aws-creds**


- Added the ability to automatically rotate access keys using the `rotate` command.
  - Split out functions that use boto3 into creds/


- Updated uninstall script to ensure `.egg` file is removed.
  - Updated bug with status which would attempt access key age even when not logged in.
  - Updated formatting bugs.


- Migrated all code to a new `Credential` class which includes all application logic.
  - Implemented `rm` (profile removal).
  - Implemented `update` (profile update).
  - Added functionality to migrate from old file version (`accounts.json`) to new directory-based structure.
  - Current profile file now stores guid of the current profile.
  - All functionality documented.
  - updated to reflect new functionality.


- Removed custom code in `` and `` to support commands.
  - Updated `` and `` to use click API.
  - Updated all references to `print()` and `input()` with appropraite click counterparts.
  - Updated `` to reflect all changes.
  - Removed `version` command.
  - Added `--version` option `click.version_option()`.


Alerts if a login has failed due to AWS Environment variables.


This release adds error handling.
  The error log is located at ~/.aws/error_log and keeps up to the last 100 errors.
  Please attach this error log to any tickets.


Initial Release of aws-creds.
  Includes the following functionality:
  - Adding new credentials.
  - Listing saved credentials.
  - Logging in with saved credentials.
  - Logging out.
  - Status of current credentials (which profile/account/user).
  Dependencies: boto3.