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- GUI (converter) in a single window, with a single vertical scrollbar and linenenumbers
  - Simplified the work required to create documentation for simplified tracebacks in a given language
  - Improved tracebacks to make sure that they reflect better the dialect used.
  - Wrote a script to duplicate all tests for pyupper in the other dialects.
  - Added full test for pyupper (and other dialects)
  - Changed translations so that they are done with gettext
  - Removed old way of supporting translations of human languages
  - Printing information about language and dialect used in console
  when they are changed.
  - console prompt now shows the py prefix to decrease potential confusion
  - Removed information about --diff option from documentation, including


- Added GUI for conversion
  - Removed obsolete corresponding command line option
  - Removed --diff command line option as it is done better with the GUI.
  - Tracebacks now written to stderr instead of stdout
  - Simplified traceback for NameError done
  - Improvement for long partial sources quoted in tracebacks
  - Simple test added for transcoding
  - Added tracebacks generation in French, with all pyupper examples reproduced
  - Also added corresponding pytest tests
  - Console prompt is still based on dialect but does not include the py prefix.


- Console prompt is now based on dialect
  - Transocode works.
  - Test is written, showing how to call it from user's code
  - Command line option --transcode implemented
  - Properly implemented --show_converted option; it was active by default.
  - Reorganized the tests by dialect, introducing new naming convention.


- Fixed bug in console
  - Added translations of error messages in French and English


First recorded change log.
  - Console works
  - Diff works
  - Included dialects: pyupper, pyen, pyfr, pyes
  - Included languages: en
  - Custom exceptions implemented
  - Docs in good enough shape to have been published
  - Decent test coverage using pytest
  - etc.