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* Support Deluge. (8)
  * Use batch delete to improve efficiency.
  * Fix multi-language support in config file. (69)
  * Set the client names to be case-insensitive.


* Fix missing status ``StalledUpload`` and ``StalledDownload`` in version 1.5.0. (66)


* Fix a problem: cannot login to client with numeric username or password. (64)
  * Fix a problem: tasks could not be executed in a Transmission without label properties.
  * Fix a problem: removing conditions may not work for unlabeled and trackerless torrents.
  * Fix a problem: missing status ``Queued`` in Ī¼Torrent.
  * Add new status ``Error`` to filter ``status``.
  * Add support for Transmission labels. (24)
  * Add removing conditions: Maximum Download Speed ``max_downloadspeed`` and Minimum Upload Speed ``min_uploadspeed``.
  * Add removing conditions: Maximum Average Download Speed ``max_average_downloadspeed`` and Minimum Average Upload Speed ``min_average_uploadspeed``. (49)
  * Add removing conditions: Maximum Torrent Size ``max_size``. (21)
  * Add removing conditions: Maximum Number of Seeders ``max_seeder`` and Minimum Number of Leechers ``min_leecher``. (62)
  * Add removing conditions: Maximum Number of Connected Seeders ``max_connected_seeder`` and Minimum Number of Connected Leechers ``min_connected_leecher``.
  * Add a removing condition: Last Activity ``last_activity``, which removes torrents without upload or download speed for a period of time. (1) (9)
  * Add a removing condition: Maximum Download Progress ``max_progress``.
  * Add actions: add ``remove-active-seeds`` and ``remove-inactive-seeds`` to ``free_space``, ``maximum_number`` and ``seed_size`` in order to try to remove active or inactive torrents based on the last active time. (9)
  * Add a removing condition: Upload Ratio ``upload_ratio``, which can remove torrents based on the ratio of uploaded size to torrent size. (55)


Add `free_space` condition.


Fix bug that cannot delete torrents in qBittorrent v4.2.1+. (53)


Add support for new API in qBittorrent 4.2.1. (46)


Fix problem that the tracker filter needs to specific ports when the tracker URL includes port number. (38)


Added status ``StalledUpload`` and ``StalledDownload``. (34)


* Fixed a bug that when condition ``seed_size`` / ``maximum_number`` is used together with condition ``ratio`` / ``create_time`` / ``seeding_time``, the task will fail. (33)
  * New feature: if the content of filter has only one line, now it is allowed to write down directly without using list.


* Supported Python 2.7. (29)
  * Stopped supporting Python 3.4. (kennethreitz/requests5092)


* Fixed missing parser files. (32)
  * Fixed association of operators. (32) Now the operator and and or are guaranteed to be left-associative.


* Fixed bug: Program gets stuck when there are a lot of torrents in qBittorrent client (22).
  * Fixed bug: Duplicated logging in status filter.
  * Log system was updated:
  - Log path can be specified (Use ``--log`` argument, e.g. ``--log=/home/jerrymakesjelly/logs``) (23).
  - Logs are stored in different files by day (Format: ``autoremove.%Y-%m-%d.log``).
  * Changed the word ``seed`` to ``torrent`` (25).
  * Removed uncessary debug messages.




* Added new filter: Torrent Status
  * Added new condition: Maximum number of torrents


* Added installing information.


First version of autoremove-torrents šŸ„‡