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New features
  * Support for PACKAGE_IMPORT_NAME (60)


Bugs fixed
  * Fixes for problems found by OpenPathSampling (54)


Bugs fixed
  * Fix issues with less-than-perfect version tags (52)


This is the public-ready version of Autorelease. Thanks to the ability to [import Travis configs](, this can now finally be the project I've wanted it to be -- easily used by different projects, my own or those of others.
  More docs still need to be written, but the main idea is that you keep a particular branch `stable` from which you do your releases. When you want to do a release, you make a PR against `stable`. It runs tests and a test deployment; when merged it cuts a GitHub release and pushes the real deployment. All without you needing to worry about it!
  Basic setup process is:
  * vendor the `` and `` scripts from here
  * write your `setup.cfg`
  * add a few environment variables to your Travis script: `AUTORELEASE_TOKEN` (a GitHub personal access token) and pypi credentials $TWINE_USERNAME and $TWINE_PASSWORD (should be the same for both pypi and testpypi)
  * import `dwhswenson/autorelease:autorelease-travis.ymlv0.1.0` in your Travis script
  * optionally, write a small script to check that your branch/version behavior is correct
  (Note: Version 0.1.0 is essentially a repackaging of 0.0.18, so there is no changelog here.)


New features
  * Improve testpypi deployment (48)


New features
  * Scripts to improve testpypi integration (45)


New features
  * New and setup.cfg-based setup (40, 42)
  * Single file autorelease import for other repos (f01bb19)


This is a release-process fix for [Autorelease 0.0.12]( See changelog there.


New features
  * Use Travis config imports (36)
  * Release notes writing script (29)


New features
  * Option to allow skipping patch versions (30)


- add `autorelease-release` script as proper entry point
  The `0.0.x` series is for experimental releases.


- allow versions to be equal when `TRAVIS_EVENT_TYPE` is cron
  The `0.0.x` series is for experimental releases.


- add `deploy.on.tags: true` to pypi deploy
  The `0.0.x` series is for experimental releases.


- tags branches allow version equality (instead of requiring a version increase)
  The `0.0.x` series is for experimental releases.


- Treat release tags as target for release-style testing
  The `0.0.x` series is for experimental releases.


Fixes due to failed releases 0.0.3 and 0.0.4 (not released due to errors).
  * Use Travis-CI stages to manage multiple stages of release process, with deployment and test thereof on testpypi [5]
  * Add (only partly tested) automatic creation of releases on GitHub (as a stage before final deployment to pyPI) [8]
  The `0.0.x` series is for experimental releases.


Adds support for easier scriptability for tests.
  The `0.0.x` sequence is for experimental releases.


First experimental release of `autorelease`. The `0.0.x` sequence is for experimental releases.