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This release improves the implementation of autodocsumm by generating the tables using the `.. autosummary` directive. This solves multiple ambiguities within the package. We furthermore add new options:
  - `:autosummary-sections:` to select specific sections to generate the autosummary tables for
  - `:autosummary-no-titles` to omit section titles
  Furthermore this release adds the `.. autoclasssumm::` and `.. automodulesumm::` directives to generate the autosummary tables anywhere in the documentation.


Minor fix with reference to and to not use the `Autosummary.warning` attribute.


This patch makes autodocsumm compatible with sphinx 2.4.0.


Thanks to the work by piyushk in, autodocsumm now has a `:autosummary-no-nesting:` option to disable the generation of autosummary tables for the classes in a module.
  As such,
  .. automodule:: module
  will generate an autosummary table for the specified `module`, but not for the members (i.e. classes) in the module.
  See the [docs for an example](


This new releases solves the bug from to properly name instance attributes in the autosummary table. Thanks maeddlae for reporting.


Thanks to coldfix, autodocsumm has now better support for cython files and a better documentation.
  See the PRs, and


This minor release includes some compatibility fixes for sphinx 2.0 (see PR and some fixes for `*args` and `**kwargs` in function signatures (see PR






A bug in the functionality of not documenting data (see  [autodocsumm.dont_document_data]( forced a rebuild of the entire docs always. This has been fixed.