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- Updated CSS colour references
  - Fixed 404 image link


- Fixed [100]( Use Eel 0.12.4
  - Fixed [103]( Use `--console`/`--windowed` instead of `--nowindowed`/`--noconsole`
  - Be more consistent when choosing option strings - found in [104](


- Fixed [99]( Added `--no-ui` to tell the application to not open the ui and simply print out the address that the server is running on.
  - When using this option, the server will keep running until manually stopped (Ctrl + C).


- Merged [96]( Fixed Python 2.7 compatibility


- Made warnings appear at the top of the ui when using versions of PyInstaller/Python that a known to conflict
  - Added argument `--output-dir` to set the default output directory
  - Added argument `--logging-level` to override logging level for console output
  - Added helpful links to the top of the ui
  - Removed Python 3.4 from supported versions as it is not officially supported by PyInstaller anymore
  - Some other build and background improvements


- Fixed binary not reading arguments
  - Fixed input being emptied when cancelling file dialogs


- Completely refactored project
  - Code separation
  - Cleaned up logging silencing
  - Advanced tab is built dynamically to support newly added PyInstaller commands
  - Added "Settings" ui tab for non-PyInstaller settings
  - Better input colouring for inputs expecting files/directories
  - Started adding tests to help support multiple operating systems and versions of Python more confidently.
  - Automatic deployments on tag
  *Note: This introduces a different format for exported configuration json files which causes older configuration files to be incompatible.*


- Added support for Eel 0.11.0


- Fix 61: Don't try to use Chrome if Eel detects a path that does not exist


- Leave a space between extra command data and the Python file


- Allow PyInstaller dev branches to be used


- Fix 58: Do not supply keyword arguments to os.startfile.


- When the server stops, close the UI
  - Fix 56: Stop Python process freezing when displaying tkinter dialogs
  - Don't pass filetypes to tkinter's askopenfilename on MacOS


- Allow importing and exporting od argument configurations as json files
  - Other improvements to behind-the-scenes state
  - No changelog notes for earlier versions.