Changelogs » Atmosphere-cli




* added instance shelve/unshelve added instance attach\_volume/detach\_volume
* updated list actions to use uuid instead of id added instance start/stop/reboot
* updated api request responses add instance suspend/resume
* updating python requirements (cliff dev version)
* upgraded cliff to v2.9.0 added a delete hook to enable confirmation added volume delete
* added image version show and added version id's to image show
* added volume create added image search updated image list with filtering on tag, created\_by, and project\_id
* updated api/tests for updated version of atmosphere
* added volume list/show added allocation source list/show added instance create/actions
* fixed typo
* added project create/list/show
* added instance list/show
* added more fields to detail views
* added size list/show
* added version and identities list/show
* enhanced getting options from environment (or .env file)
* now testing against python 2.7.x and 3.6.x
* convert datetime to isodate for console output
* added provider functionality and tests
* updated tests
* main api and request now sending token
* should now pass behave command-line help test
* added options for base\_url and token (can also set in environment or .env file)
* added testing of request
* added command-line piece of showing a single image
* added retrieving a single image
* now passing behave help test
* updating changelog
* initial api to hit atmosphere rest api with requests testing api using mock server
* updating changelog
* updating travis-ci config
* updated changelog
* updating travis config
* updated changelog
* updated pytest args
* updating changelog
* add pytest-cov options
* updated changelog
* added some coverage tools
* updating changelog
* adding badges to readme
* added basic test for pytest to pass travis-ci build
* adding travis-ci config
* updated changelog
* added behave4cmd0, setuptools\_behave, and now passing first behave test
* adding initial (stubbed) instance list
* adding docs (sphinx) dir



* basic module layout using OpenStack's pbr
* Initial commit