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This version contains some bugfixes and new features.

* Include py.typed in (79)
* Fix property validation error message (81)
* Don't log errors if call failed after disconnect (84)
* Support PEP563 annotations (3)
* Service: support async properties (86)
* Client: Support coroutines as signal handlers (2)


This version contains some bugfixes and a new feature

* Add `connected` instance variable to the `MessageBus` (74)
* Better handling of message bus errors on disconnect (de8ed30)
* Ensure futures are not done when settings results and exceptions (73, 1213667)


This version adds performance optimizations, bugfixes, and new features.

* aio.MessageBus: Support passing unix fds. (54)
* Unmarshaller optimizations for a significant performance increase in message reading. (62, 64)
* Cache instances of `SignatureTree`. (ace5584)
* Fix socket creation on macos. (63)
* Implement PEP 561 to indicate inline type hints. (69)
* aio.MessageBus: Return a future from `send()`. (302511b)
* aio.MessageBus: Add `wait_for_disconnect()` to detect connection errors. (ab01ab1)

Notice: `aio.MessageBus.send()` will be changed to a coroutine function in the 1.0 version of this library.


This version adds some bugfixes and new features.

* Support tcp transport addresses (57)
* Add support for the annonymous authentication protocol (32)
* Add flags kwarg to aio high level client method call (55)
* Allow subclassing of DBusError (42)
* Fix exception in aio message handler loop on task cancellation (ff165aa)
* Improve error messages (46, 59)
* Fix match rule memory leak bug (508edf8)
* Don't add match rules for high level client by default (615218f)
* Add empty properties interface to standard interfaces (49)


This version adds some bugfixes and new features.

* Add the object manager interface to the service. (14, 37)
* Allow coroutines in service methods. (24, 27)
* Client: don't send method replies with `NO_REPLY_EXPECTED` message flag. (22)
* Fix duplicate nodes in introspection. (13)


This version adds some bugfixes.

* Allow exporting interface multiple times (4)
* Fix super call in exceptions (5)
* Add timeout support on `introspect` (7)
* Add unix fd type 'h' to valid tokens (9)
* Dont use future annotations (10)
* Fix variant validator (d724fc2)


This version adds some major features and breaking changes.

* Remove the MessageBus convenience constructors (breaking).
* Complete documentation.
* Type annotation for all public methods.


This is the first release of python-dbus-next.



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