Changelogs » Astropy-helpers




- No changes yet.



- Correctly handle main package directory inside namespace package. [486]



- Reverting issuing deprecation warning for the ``build_sphinx`` command. [482]

- Make sure that all data files get included in tar file releases. [485]



- Make sure that ``[options.package_data]`` in setup.cfg is taken into account
when collecting package data. [453]

- Simplified the code for the custom build_ext command. [446]

- Avoid importing the astropy package when trying to get the test command
when testing astropy itself. [450]

- Avoid importing whole package when trying to get version information. Note
that this has also introduced a small API change - ``cython_version`` and
``compiler`` can no longer be imported from the ``package.version`` module
generated by astropy-helpers. Instead, you can import these from
``package.cython_version`` and ``package.compiler_version`` respectively. [442]

- Make it possible to call ``generate_version_py`` and ``register_commands``
without any arguments, which causes information to be read in from the
``setup.cfg`` file. [440]

- Simplified and moved most of the configuration to setup.cfg. [445]

- Add a new ``astropy_helpers.setup_helpers.setup`` function that does all
the default boilerplate in typical ```` files that use
astropy-helpers. [443]

- Remove ``deprecated``, ``deprecated_attribute``, and ``minversion`` from
``astropy_helpers.utils``. [447]

- Updated minimum required version of setuptools to 30.3.0. [440]

- Remove functionality to adjust compilers if a broken compiler is detected.
This is not useful anymore as only a single compiler was previously patched
(now unlikely to be used) and this was only to fix a compilation issue in the
core astropy package. [421]

- ``sphinx-astropy`` is now a required dependency to build the docs, the
machinery to install it as eggs have been removed. [474]



- Moved documentation from README to Sphinx. [444]

- Fixed broken OpenMP detection when building with ``-coverage``. [434]



- Added extensive documentation about astropy-helpers to the README.rst file. [416]

- Fixed the compatibility of the build_docs command with Sphinx 1.8 and above. [413]

- Removing deprecated file. [369]

- Removing file and requiring setuptools 1.0 or later. [384]

- Remove all sphinx components from ``astropy-helpers``. These are now replaced
by the ``sphinx-astropy`` package in conjunction with the ``astropy-theme-sphinx``,
``sphinx-automodapi``, and ``numpydoc`` packages. [368]

- Make add_openmp_flags_if_available() work for clang.
The necessary include, library, and runtime paths now get added to the C test code
used to determine if openmp works.
Autogenerator utility added ``openmp_enabled.is_openmp_enabled()``
which can be called post build to determine state of OpenMP support.

- Add version_info tuple to autogenerated Allows for simple
version checking, i.e. version_info > (2,0,1). [385]



- Nothing changed.



- Nothing changed.



- Removing Python 2 support, including 2to3. Packages wishing to keep Python
2 support should NOT update to this version. [340]

- Removing deprecated _test_compat making astropy a hard dependency for
packages wishing to use the astropy tests machinery. [314]

- Removing unused 'register' command since packages should be uploaded
with twine and get registered automatically. [332]



- Fixed an issue that caused pytest to crash if it tried to collect
tests. [488]



- Removed ``tocdepthfix`` sphinx extension that worked around a big in
Sphinx that has been long fixed. [475]

- Allow Python dev versions to pass the python version check. [476]

- Updated bundled version of sphinx-automodapi to v0.11. [478]



- Updated bundled version of sphinx-automodapi to v0.10. [439]

- Updated bundled sphinx extensions version to sphinx-astropy v1.1.1. [454]

- Include package name in error message for Python version in
````. [441]



- Fixed compatibility with Sphinx 1.8+. [428]

- Fixed error that occurs when installing a package in an environment where
``numpy`` is not already installed. [404]

- Updated bundled version of sphinx-automodapi to v0.9. [422]

- Updated bundled version of numpydoc to v0.8.0. [423]



- Removing file and requiring setuptools 1.0 or later. [384]



- Avoid deprecation warning due to ``exclude=`` keyword in ````. [379]



- Fix segmentation faults that occurred when the astropy-helpers submodule
was first initialized in packages that also contained Cython code. [375]



- Support dotted package names as namespace packages in generate_version_py.

- Fix compatibility with setuptools 36.x and above. [372]

- Fix false negative in add_openmp_flags_if_available when measuring code
coverage with gcc. [374]



- Make sure that astropy-helpers 3.x.x is not downloaded on Python 2. [362, 363]

- The bundled version of sphinx-automodapi has been updated to v0.7. [365]

- Add --auto-use and --no-auto-use command-line flags to match the
``auto_use`` configuration option, and add an alias
``--use-system-astropy-helpers`` for ``--no-auto-use``. [366]



- Added new helper function add_openmp_flags_if_available that can add
OpenMP compilation flags to a C/Cython extension if needed. [346]

- Update numpydoc to v0.7. [343]

- The function ``get_git_devstr`` now returns ``'0'`` instead of ``None`` when
no git repository is present. This allows generation of development version
strings that are in a format that ``setuptools`` expects (e.g. "1.1.3.dev0"
instead of ""). [330]

- It is now possible to override generated timestamps to make builds
reproducible by setting the ``SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH`` environment variable [341]

- Mark Sphinx extensions as parallel-safe. [344]

- Switch to using mathjax instead of imgmath for local builds. [342]

- Deprecate ``exclude`` parameter of various functions in setup_helpers since
it could not work as intended. Add new function ``add_exclude_packages`` to
provide intended behavior. [331]

- Allow custom Sphinx doctest extension to recognize and process standard
doctest directives ``testsetup`` and ``doctest``. [335]



- Fix compatibility with Sphinx <1.5. [326]



- Add support for package that lies in a subdirectory. [249]

- Removing ``compat.subprocess``. [298]

- Python 3.3 is no longer supported. [300]

- The 'automodapi' Sphinx extension (and associated dependencies) has now
been moved to a standalone package which can be found at - this is now bundled in
astropy-helpers under astropy_helpers.extern.automodapi for
convenience. Version shipped with astropy-helpers is v0.6.
[278, 303, 309, 323]

- The ``numpydoc`` Sphinx extension has now been moved to
``astropy_helpers.extern``. [278]

- Fix ``build_docs`` error catching, so it doesn't hide Sphinx errors. [292]

- Fix compatibility with Sphinx 1.6. [318]

- Updating to the last version before it's removal. [321]



- Fixed the missing button to hide output in documentation code
blocks. [287]

- Fixed bug when ``build_docs`` when running with the clean (-l) option. [289]

- Add alternative location for various intersphinx inventories to fall back
to. [293]



- ``build_sphinx`` has been deprecated in favor of the ``build_docs`` command.

- Force the use of Cython's old ``build_ext`` command. A new ``build_ext``
command was added in Cython 0.25, but it does not work with astropy-helpers
currently.  [261]



- Added sphinx configuration value ``automodsumm_inherited_members``.
If ``True`` this will include members that are inherited from a base
class in the generated API docs. Defaults to ``False`` which matches
the previous behavior. [215]

- Fixed ``build_sphinx`` to recognize builds that succeeded but have output
*after* the "build succeeded." statement. This only applies when
``--warnings-returncode`` is  given (which is primarily relevant for Travis
documentation builds).  [223]

- Fixed ``build_sphinx`` the sphinx extensions to not output a spurious warning
for sphinx versions > 1.4. [229]

- Add Python version dependent local sphinx inventories that contain
otherwise missing references. [216]

- ``astropy_helpers`` now require Sphinx 1.3 or later. [226]



- The CSS for the sphinx documentation was altered to prevent some text overflow
problems. [217]



- Fixed crash in build with ``AttributeError: cython_create_listing`` with
older versions of setuptools. [209, 210]



- The original ``AstropyTest`` class in ``astropy_helpers``, which implements
the `` test`` command, is deprecated in favor of moving the
implementation of that command closer to the actual Astropy test runner in
``astropy.tests``.  Now a dummy ``test`` command is provided solely for
informing users that they need ``astropy`` installed to run the tests
(however, the previous, now deprecated implementation is still provided and
continues to work with older versions of Astropy). See the related issue for
more details. [184]

- Added a useful new utility function to ``astropy_helpers.utils`` called
``find_data_files``.  This is similar to the ``find_packages`` function in
setuptools in that it can be used to search a package for data files
(matching a pattern) that can be passed to the ``package_data`` argument for
``setup()``.  See the docstring to ``astropy_helpers.utils.find_data_files``
for more details. [42]

- The ``astropy_helpers`` module now sets the global ``_ASTROPY_SETUP_``
flag upon import (from within a ````) script, so it's not necessary
to have this in the ```` script explicitly.  If in doubt though,
there's no harm in setting it twice.  Putting it in ``astropy_helpers``
just ensures that any other imports that occur during build will have this
flag set. [191]

- It is now possible to use Cython as a ``setup_requires`` build requirement,
and still build Cython extensions even if Cython wasn't available at the
beginning of the build processes (that is, is automatically downloaded via
setuptools' processing of ``setup_requires``). [185]

- Moves the ``adjust_compiler`` check into the ``build_ext`` command itself,
so it's only used when actually building extension modules.  This also
deprecates the stand-alone ``adjust_compiler`` function. [76]

- When running the ``build_sphinx`` / ``build_docs`` command with the ``-w``
option, the output from Sphinx is streamed as it runs instead of silently
buffering until the doc build is complete. [197]



- Fix missing import in ``astropy_helpers/``. [196]



- Fixed bug where running ``./ build_sphinx`` could return successfully
even when the build was not successful (and should have returned a non-zero
error code). [199]



- Fixed a regression in the ``./ test`` command that was introduced in



- Fixed issue with the sphinx documentation css where the line numbers for code
blocks were not aligned with the code. [179, 180]

- Fixed crash that could occur when trying to build Cython extension modules
when Cython isn't installed. Normally this still results in a failed build,
but was supposed to provide a useful error message rather than crash
outright (this was a regression introduced in v1.0.3). [181]

- Fixed a crash that could occur on Python 3 when a working C compiler isn't
found. [182]

- Quieted warnings about deprecated Numpy API in Cython extensions, when
building Cython extensions against Numpy >= 1.7. [183, 186]

- Improved support for py.test >= 2.7--running the ``./ test`` command
now copies all doc pages into the temporary test directory as well, so that
all test files have a "common root directory". [189, 190]



- Added workaround for sphinx-doc/sphinx1843, a but in Sphinx which
prevented descriptor classes with a custom metaclass from being documented
correctly. [158]

- Added an alias for the ``./ build_sphinx`` command as
``./ build_docs`` which, to a new contributor, should hopefully be
less cryptic. [161]

- The fonts in graphviz diagrams now match the font of the HTML content. [169]

- When the documentation is built on, MathJax will be
used for math rendering.  When built elsewhere, the "pngmath"
extension is still used for math rendering. [170]

- Fix crash when importing astropy_helpers when running with ``python -OO``

- The ``build`` and ``build_ext`` stages now correctly recognize the presence
of C++ files in Cython extensions (previously only vanilla C worked). [173]



- Various fixes enabling the astropy-helpers Sphinx build command and
Sphinx extensions to work with Sphinx 1.3. [148]

- More improvement to the ability to handle multiple versions of
astropy-helpers being imported in the same Python interpreter session
in the (somewhat rare) case of nested installs. [147]

- To better support high resolution displays, use SVG for the astropy
logo and linkout image, falling back to PNGs for browsers that
support it. [150, 151]

- Improve ``setup_helpers.get_compiler_version`` to work with more compilers,
and to return more info.  This will help fix builds of Astropy on less
common compilers, like Sun C. [153]



- Released in concert with v0.4.8 to address the same issues.



- Added new pre-/post-command hook points for ```` commands.  Now any
package can define code to run before and/or after any ```` command
without having to manually subclass that command by adding
``pre_<command_name>_hook`` and ``post_<command_name>_hook`` callables to
the package's ```` module.  See the PR for more details.

- The following objects in the ``astropy_helpers.setup_helpers`` module have
been relocated:

- ``get_dummy_distribution``, ``get_distutils_*``, ``get_compiler_option``,
``add_command_option``, ``is_distutils_display_option`` ->

- ``should_build_with_cython``, ``generate_build_ext_command`` ->

- ``AstropyBuildPy`` -> ``astropy_helpers.commands.build_py``

- ``AstropyBuildSphinx`` -> ``astropy_helpers.commands.build_sphinx``

- ``AstropyInstall`` -> ``astropy_helpers.commands.install``

- ``AstropyInstallLib`` -> ``astropy_helpers.commands.install_lib``

- ``AstropyRegister`` -> ``astropy_helpers.commands.register``

- ``get_pkg_version_module`` -> ``astropy_helpers.version_helpers``

- ``write_if_different``, ``import_file``, ``get_numpy_include_path`` ->

All of these are "soft" deprecations in the sense that they are still
importable from ``astropy_helpers.setup_helpers`` for now, and there is
no (easy) way to produce deprecation warnings when importing these objects
from ``setup_helpers`` rather than directly from the modules they are
defined in.  But please consider updating any imports to these objects.

- Use of the ``astropy.sphinx.ext.astropyautosummary`` extension is deprecated
for use with Sphinx < 1.2.  Instead it should suffice to remove this
extension for the ``extensions`` list in your ```` and add the stock
``sphinx.ext.autosummary`` instead. [131]



- Improved the ``ah_bootstrap`` script's ability to override existing
installations of astropy-helpers with new versions in the context of
installing multiple packages simultaneously within the same Python
interpreter (e.g. when one package has in its ``setup_requires`` another
package that uses a different version of astropy-helpers. [144]

- Added a workaround to an issue in matplotlib that can, in rare cases, lead
to a crash when installing packages that import matplotlib at build time.



- Fixed incorrect/missing git hash being added to the generated ````
when creating a release. [141]



- Fixed problems related to the automatically generated _compiler
module not being created properly. [139]



- Fixed an issue where could blow up when astropy_helper's
version number is 1.0.

- Added a workaround for documentation of properties in the rare case
where the class's metaclass has a property of the same name. [130]

- Fixed an issue on Python 3 where importing a package using astropy-helper's
generated module would crash when the current working directory
is an empty git repository. [114, 137]

- Fixed an issue where the "revision count" appended to .dev versions by
the generated did not accurately reflect the revision count for
the package it belongs to, and could be invalid if the current working
directory is an unrelated git repository. [107, 137]

- Likewise, fixed a confusing warning message that could occur in the same
circumstances as the above issue. [121, 137]



- More improvements for building the documentation using Python 3.x. [100]

- Additional minor fixes to Python 3 support. [115]

- Updates to support new test features in Astropy [92, 106]



- The generated ```` file now preserves the git hash of installed
copies of the package as well as when building a source distribution.  That
is, the git hash of the changeset that was installed/released is preserved.

- In smart resolver add resolution for class links when they exist in the
intersphinx inventory, but not the mapping of the current package
(e.g. when an affiliated package uses an astropy core class of which
"actual" and "documented" location differs) [88]

- Fixed a bug that could occur when running ```` for the first time
in a repository that uses astropy-helpers as a submodule:
``AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'mkdtemp'`` [89]

- Fixed a bug where optional arguments to the ``doctest-skip`` Sphinx
directive were sometimes being left in the generated documentation output.

- Improved support for building the documentation using Python 3.x. [96]

- Avoid error message if .git directory is not present. [91]



- Fixed some CSS issues in generated API docs. [69]

- Fixed the warning message that could be displayed when generating a
version number with some older versions of git. [77]

- Fixed automodsumm to work with new versions of Sphinx (>= 1.2.2). [80]



- Fixed git revision count on systems with git versions older than v1.7.2.

- Fixed display of warning text when running a git command fails (previously
the output of stderr was not being decoded properly). [70]

- The ``--offline`` flag to ```` understood by ````
now also prevents git from going online to fetch submodule updates. [67]

- The Sphinx extension for converting issue numbers to links in the changelog
now supports working on arbitrary pages via a new ```` setting:
``changelog_links_docpattern``.  By default it affects the ``changelog``
and ``whatsnew`` pages in one's Sphinx docs. [61]

- Fixed crash that could result from users with missing/misconfigured
locale settings. [58]

- The font used for code examples in the docs is now the
system-defined ``monospace`` font, rather than ``Minaco``, which is
not available on all platforms. [50]



- Initial release of astropy-helpers.  See `APE4
<>`_ for
details of the motivation and design of this package.

- The ``astropy_helpers`` package replaces the following modules in the
``astropy`` package:

- ``astropy.setup_helpers`` -> ``astropy_helpers.setup_helpers``

- ``astropy.version_helpers`` -> ``astropy_helpers.version_helpers``

- ``astropy.sphinx`` - > ``astropy_helpers.sphinx``

These modules should be considered deprecated in ``astropy``, and any new,
non-critical changes to those modules will be made in ``astropy_helpers``
instead.  Affiliated packages wishing to make use those modules (as in the
Astropy package-template) should use the versions from ``astropy_helpers``
instead, and include the ```` script in their project, for
bootstrapping the ``astropy_helpers`` package in their script.