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There is a new stable version of astrobject on pip!
  this version has several major feature improvement such that:
  For the users:
  - A new Catalogue: Gaia DR1. The way catalogue are handle within the code is also much more straightforward
  - A new Instrument: SNIFS photometric channel. Made for calibrated images of SNIFS (Childress et al. 2013)
  - New collection entry: Photodiagnostics. How to extract physical information from images. The example of the stellar mass of galaxies.
  - Improved background setting in Images and Instruments: set the background value/array while loading the instrument/image. You can also use `background="simple"` to avoid the improved sep background estimation I've develop.
  - SepObjects is able to download catalogue even when not attached to an image/instrument.
  For developers:
  - Check the New `Handler` classes in baseobjects. There is `TargetHandler`, `WCSHandler` and `CatalogueHandler` so far. These virtual classes can be inherated by any class that will gain all the basic tools associated to the Handlers. For instance, if your new object inherits `TargetHandler` it will have `.target` `.set_target()` `has_target` etc. This is made possible and easy thanks to the PROPERTIES/SIDE_PROPERTIES/DERIVED_PROPERTIES structure of `BaseObject`.