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- Remove the GUI component because PySide is no longer supported by Python versions greater than 3.5
  - The code is more organized and easier to understand.


In this release
  - Added for easy dependency resolution and pypi support.
  - Restructured the directories to reflect this.
  - You can now download the project from pypi. `python3 -m pip install ascii_py`
  - Fixed a bug where ascii py didn't properly handle PIL.Image.getpixel() return values.


I have received a few patches from a couple of people and their code has made their way into my silly little script. Thank you to Gnoxter and abhikpal and to everyone in their continued interest in my ascii_py!
  What's new?
  New flags
  - -d --density
  - Make colorful traditional ascii art as an image
  - -t --terminal
  - Make colorful traditional ascii art in your terminal
  I also added a Windows executable, compiled using Pyinstaller, for my Windows friends who don't want to go through the steps of installing everything.


Ascii py
  Create ascii image files out of pictures
  What's in this release?
  - - command line utility
  - `-o` / `--out` - Save as a specific filename
  - `-w` / `--words` - Draw the new picture with specific words
  - `-s` / `--step` - Chose the distance between characters
  - - graphical utility
  - All of the command line flags are also contained in the GUI
  - To use the GUI please install PySide (see readme)