Changelogs » Armstrong.core.arm-layout

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  - Support for Django 1.7
  - Use Setuptools and pkg_resources for namespacing
  - Development: use ArmDev 2.0
  - Development: added Tox testing config
  - Stop shipping tests and move them out of the component module


  - **DEPRECATION:** ``BasicRenderModelBackend`` is now ``BasicLayoutBackend``
  The new name better reflects the Armstrong component and its purpose.
  The "render_model" name is more of a template tag implementation detail.
  ``ARMSTRONG_LAYOUT_BACKEND``. The new setting better indicates which
  Armstrong component it belongs to.
  - New ``ModelProvidedLayoutBackend`` that allows models to specify their own
  template lookup by implementing ``get_layout_template_name()``.
  - Provide model mixins for use with the new backend that handle common
  scenarios such as template lookup using the model's slug, full_slug or type.
  - ``render_model`` template tag now accepts ``with`` and ``only`` arguments,
  which work exactly as they do in Django's own include_ template tag.
  - Refactored three template tags using Django's simple_tag_ decorator.
  - Vast test refactor.
  .. _include:
  .. _simple_tag: