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use mkisofs or genisoimage to create an iso from a folder.
  sudo mount -o loop output_image.iso iso/
  Add a wiki page describing every options, --redir ..  and use of alias
  Unit test
  For --offline option check if local filesystem are avaiable otherwise exit cleanly and print a error message.
  For --resize option check with a regex if the parameter is correct to avoid command/parameter injection.
  Search for new kernel and rootfs images, maybe I missed some of them that have ramfs inside the kernel image.
  real time shared folder using libvirt ?
  enable kvm for x86
  Add cpio filesystem full support (now --sync and host config is only supported
  Refactor filesystem code.
  A more flexible argument parsing.
  Add bridged network.
  rootfs are mostly composed of null bytes, so we can download, preconfig, and compress all of them to gain speed.
  Use dhcp to connect several vm together
  use etc/initab for automatic sync saving ?