Changelogs » Aredis



* new: Dev conn pool max idle time (111) release connection if max-idle-time exceeded

* update: discard travis-CI

* Fix bug: new stream id used for test_streams




* allow use of zadd options for zadd in sorted sets
* fix bug: use inspect.isawaitable instead of typing.Awaitable to judge if an object is awaitable
* fix bug: implicitly disconnection on cancelled error (84 )
* new: add support for `streams`(including commands not officially released


* fix bug: redis command encoding bug
* optimization: sync change on acquring lock from redis-py
* fix bug: decrement connection count on connection disconnected
* fix bug: initiation error of aws cluster client caused by not appropiate function list used
* fix bug: use `ssl_context` instead of ssl_keyfile,ssl_certfile,ssl_cert_reqs,ssl_ca_certs in intialization of connection_pool


* fix bug: connection with unread response being released to connection pool will lead to parse error, now this kind of connection will be destructed directly. [related issue](

* fix bug: remove Connection.can_read check which may lead to block in awaiting pubsub message. Connection.can_read api will be deprecated in next release. [related issue](

* add c extension to speedup crc16, which will speedup cluster slot hashing

* add error handling for asyncio.futures.Cancelled error, which may cause error in response parsing.

* sync optimization of client list made by swilly22 from redis-py

* add support for distributed lock using redis cluster


* sync optimization of scripting from redis-py made by [bgreenberg]( --> [related pull request](

* sync bug fixed of `geopos` from redis-py made by [categulario]( --> [related pull request](

* fix bug which makes pipeline callback function not executed
* fix error caused by byte decode issues in sentinel
* add basic transaction support for single node in cluster
* fix bug of get_random_connection reported by myrfy001


* fix bug of pubsub, in some env AssertionError is raised because connection is used again after reader stream being fed eof
* add reponse decoding related options(`encoding` & `decode_responses`), make client easier to use * add support for command `cluster forget`
* add support for command option `spop count`