Changelogs » Archive-tools



New features
+ 33: `archive-tool create` should have an option to exclude files.
+ 35: :class:`FileInfo` calculates checksums lazily.
+ 34: files of unsupported type are ignored when creating an
archive.  A warning is emitted instead of raising an error.

Incompatible changes
+ 36: Drop support for strings in the file name arguments
`path`, `paths`, `basedir`, and `workdir` of the methods
:meth:`Archive.create` and :meth:``.  These
arguments require :class:`Path` objects now.

Bug fixes and minor changes
+ 37: `archive-tool create` throws an error when trying to
explicitly add a symlink.


New features
+ 28: support deduplication.
+ 26 and 30: add support for custom metadata:
- Add methods :meth:`Archive.add_metadata` and
:meth:`Archive.get_metadata` to add and to retrieve custom
metadata to and from archives.
- Add a list of metadata items in the header of the
- Bump manifest version to 1.1.
+ 4, 32: Add :class:`MailArchive` implementing a special
flavour of an :class:`Archive` for storing mails.
+ 27: Add command line flags `--prefix <dir>` and `--stdin` to
`archive-tool check`.

Incompatible changes
+ 23 and 26: review the API of :class:`Archive`:
- Add two methods :meth:`Archive.create` and
:meth:`` that create and read archives
- The :meth:`Archive.__init__` method does not create or
open archives any longer.
- :meth:`Archive.verify` does not accept the mode argument
any more.
- :class:`Archive` keeps a file object to read the tarfile.
It is opened in :meth:``.
:meth:`Archive.verify` does not reopen the tarfile, but
relies on the internal file object to be left open.
- Add a :meth:`Archive.close` method.
- :class:`Archive` implements the context manager protocol.

Bug fixes and minor changes
+ 20: :meth:`Archive.create` takes a working directory as
optional argument.
+ 29: Verfiy fails if archive contains hard links.
+ 25: `archive-tool check` should ignore metadata.


+ Initial release.