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Hey everyone !

So this is an exhaustive recap of what has happened between July and August, and what you _should_ read before upgrading in any way.

A project, A.K.A. "A story of dependencies"

So, if it's not already the case, you will understand sooner or later that a main dependency of Archey 4 has changed with v4.6.0.
As extensively discussed during 36, we will now drop the direct usage of `lsb_release` and instead ask the `distro` Python module.
The idea is to propose (in a backward-compatibility way) a better support of distribution detection, by using a known maintained module that will do the job.
In the future, we may expect a lighter integration process for new distributions (like `*-BSD` and much more), as their `id` would be predictable.
It also should be faster, as it uses `/etc/os-release` file under the hood (if available), instead of calling an external program.

This was also the occasion to improve some distribution matching pattern (`fe8ec9`).

:warning: **Unless your are using Debian Jessie (and thus you should opt for an installation from PIP now)**, you basically only have to install `python[3]-distro` package from your repositories, which will provide the `distro`Β Python module.
Don't forget that, if you don't want to install it as a package for instance, it is also [available from PyPI]( : `pip3 install distro`.

Once it's done, you _may_ consider removing the no longer used `lsb-release` dependency, if your packages manager allows you to do it :relieved:



One new feature

* A basic `SlackWare` support has been implemented : Feedbacks are welcome (`

Some bug fixes

* The truncation of `GPU` information was not handling some special characters (
* The test cases were throwing (and still throw some) warnings (see 35)

As always, some minor improvements

* `dig` & `wget` calls will now be forced to use respective IP versions while detecting your public address (`45fd5de`)
* Little performance gain during `GPU` detection (`fb7c79a`)
* Little performance gain during distribution detection (additionally to the usage of `distro`)
* Documentation and README consistencies have been improved
* The contributors list has been updated with latest "makers" (Thanks guys :heart:)
* Code styles are now compliant with PyLint `bad-indentation` warning

Surprise (!)

Finally, I'm very happy to announce that Xysto will kindly (try to do its best to) provide `.rpm` packages for Archey :tada:
As always, feedbacks will be appreciated :bow:

> The `` will now list "official" Archey 4 packagers.


Bye, thanks for your time and happy upgrading :wave:


EDIT : I forgot to sign this release... I've set you a signed Wheel as asset here.


Hey all, you'll find below a short sum up of the changes brought to Archey 4 during june and july :

* Fixes an error with some ARM devices (thanks to thisforeda) [see 31]
* Adds support for WSL filesystem (thanks to Naragato) [see 32]
* Improves code style, development workflows and adds Python 3.7 job to Travis [see 33]
* Fixes a warning occurring while running test against Python 3.4 & beautifies documentation [see f52c1c45 and 0dda3955]
* Later, the new Debian package will be published with UNIX rights fixed on configuration file !
* I've also added Python Wheel to GitHub release's assets, as long as its signature

Happy upgrade,
Bye :wave:


Hi everyone,

Below a short sum up of the changes brought between February and May :

* Installation instructions and documentation have been improved
* Encoding-relative errors will now be handled properly during execution (see 28)
* CPU detection has been extended to work on some ARM architectures (see 29 & 30)

Happy upgrade,
Cheers :wave:


Hello there,

This has been a very long road, here is an exhaustive briefing of new changes :

The project

* Software architecture has been reworked (such a Python project now)
* Test cases have been added (run them with `python3 test`)
* Now compatible with setuptools (`pip3 install .`)
* Improves documentation
* New code styles to improve readability
* Program now available on [PyPI]( (`pip3 install archey4`)
* [Travis CI]( will now automatically inspect the code !
* A `.gitignore` has been added

Features, Improvements & Bug fixes

* Now `GPU` will sort entries by relevancy and output only the best one
* Adds new strings to configuration for translation
* Execution warnings are now mutable (check `suppress_warnings` in the configuration)
* Major optimizations of external calls
* `Packages` entry will now output more accurate values, and is compatible with non-English locales


A big thanks to AdJaGu, Si13n7 and Xysto for their respective time !


PS : I'll attach new binaries a bit later, sorry for the inconvenience :grimacing:
PS2 : I'll also **stop building RPM release packages 'cause they actually don't work** (tested on Fedora with Xysto), so we'd need a packager :+1:


There is actually a problem with the DEB package (you may have some files within your `/` directory)...
It will be fixed with the next release. Sorry for the inconvenience.


So much work during these past 4 days, let's sum it up and draw a new release :

* Improves documentation (thanks to Phoenix1747)
* Precises dependencies (see next packages) (thanks again to Phoenix1747)
* Adds timeout for IP addresses detection to configuration file (thanks to AdJaGu)
* Handles the absence of `wget` (for vanilla Linux environments)
* Now warnings and errors will be printed to STDERR to allow streams redirection

Thanks, bye πŸ‘‹


Hi there,

Today it's a new release with changes mainly coming from Si13n7. A big thanks to him.

* IPv6 support for `LAN_IP` & `WAN_IP`
* One new option to specify the maximum number of local addresses to display
* Backward compatibility has been improved
* Archey support now Windows subsystems
* License and copyrights will now be externalized

Don't hesitate to report any issue πŸ‘Œ
Bye πŸ‘‹


Hello there !

New minor version, let's see what changed recently :

* Now users can mask one or many entries from the external configuration (see []( !
* Minor optimizations
* Improves code style
* Implements configuration "locking" (users can now block future configuration file to being loaded)
* Adds the color palette to `Terminal` output ! 🎨
* Fixes detection for `WindowManager` with KDE Plasma !

Everything is supposed to be backward compatible, don't hesitate to point out any issue you may experience 😬

Bye πŸ‘‹


Hi there,

New version = new stuffs :

* Adds a new entry for hardware temperature (see 10 and 12)
* Adds support for external configurations (optional though, Archey will keep working as a standalone script 😜) (see 13 and 14)
* Bug fix for RAM computation
* Typo
* Now packages are available (see `Assets` attached and previous release)
* Updates dependencies list
* Minor optimizations
* GitHub repo does not have a `dev` branch anymore (was actually useless and redundant)

Comments are still welcome πŸ‘Œ

Bye πŸ‘‹


Thanks to Si13n7, the Ubuntu logo has been fixed !
New users will have a help message about the dependence to the `lsb-release` package.
The trailing white-space which had been added to the previous release has just been removed πŸ˜‰

Happy monitoring 🏹


**EDIT 27/11/17** : A package is now available for Arch-based distributions (see binary attached below), and published on AUR (waiting for validation ?) :

**EDIT 28/11/17** : Packages for Debian and Red Hat are now available ([source]( ! Check below and new README.


Some optimizations, improves development conditions and modularity

EDIT : Sorry for those useless notifications... Some problems with GitHub... πŸ˜•

EDIT 2 : This repository is now detached from [its parent]( !
After having thought about this A LOT, I've contacted the GitHub's support and now it's finally done :tada:


A lot of new things, please see the changes below and update your local version !

* Adds Raspberry Pi compatibility for the `Model` Class (tested with Raspbian and Arch Linux ARM)
* Fixes an error when `wmctrl` was not installed
* Adds virtualized environments compatibility for the `Model` Class (shouldn't we rename this Class now ?)
* Handles packages tools errors / warnings (if you destroyed it in the past 😜)
* Many minor optimizations
* Adds GitHub Issues & PR templates

Ciao πŸ‘‹


New project name, minor optimization and backward compatibility about the empty set character.
A `dev` branch has been created, it'll be the default one on GitHub from now


Fixes missing case, deletes a false window manager, adds backward compatibility for old `inetutils` packages & replace tabulations by white-spaces for indentation


Now local and public IP addresses will be displayed (special thanks to normcyr), and some little improvements


Makes the code cleaner and widens the `lsb_release` outputs possibilities (for Arch Linux, and the future if needed)


Fix' a strange color glitch with some terminals (by removing extra left-tabulations) and allows a longer GPU information entry


Very little optimizations and fix for users who do not have a colored `$PS1` !


Adds lots of optimizations, improves backward compatibility and now correctly running as root


Minor fixes and improvements for logo displays


Main bugs fixed, lots of improvements and optimizations, support for some others OS