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Highlights of features/bugfixes in this release:
  - Dispatch routing from yaml
  - Remove azure / keyring dependencies
  - Remove outdated upgrade code
  - Fix unit tests for FDB changes
  - Add fdb_clusterfile_content property to AppScalefile
  - set version to 3.8.0
  - Remove iaas system manager
  - AppController client handle not ready error
  - Add search2 role
  - replacement with appscale.agents
  - merge release-3.7 branch back into master
  - Log warning on deploy for unsupported queue rate options
  - Include subnet and vpc IDs when setting parameters
  - Remove login role


Highlights of features/bugfixes in this release:
  - pin keyring to < 19.0.0 for py2 compatibility


Highlights of features/bugfixes in this release:
  - Include subnet and vpc IDs when setting parameters
  - Remove login role


Highlights of features/bugfixes in this release:
  - Issue-715 - SSH login problems when starting cloud-mode on GCE (tools)


Highlights of features/bugfixes in this release:
  - Update error messages for min/max_machines
  - Warn about non appscale images for Azure
  - Azure error handling
  - 3.6.0 version bump
  - Limit Pip version
  - Azure managed disks
  - Allow the user to deploy a service yaml file
  - Fix matching nodes
  - Limit the number of retries for user operations
  - Azure package upgrades
  - Don't suppress timeouts when making AC calls
  - Limit msrest version
  - Stats command
  - One appserver running for Dashboard is enough to say "Ok"
  - Consolidate configuration parsing functionality


Highlights of features/bugs in this release:
  - Allow different instance type per role
  - Use project flag
  - Deprecate old AppScalefile arguments
  - Dont disable autoscale
  - Attach disk for EC2
  - Restrict msrestazure version
  - Update cron configuration after deploying version
  - Display correct module name in log message
  - Add support for Jessie
  - Remove support for precise
  - Fix broken Context Manager reference
  - Include inbound services in version configuration
  - The tools can parse ‘ and  ’
  - Create friendly navigation symlinks in gathered logs
  - Remove old AppScalefiles
  - New format needs to check disk uniqueness and account for single disk
  - Change appengine role to compute


Highlights of features/bugs in this release:
  - Introduced ability to deploy and manage multiple services
  - Introduced 'appscale services' command
  - Redesigned ips layout in the AppScalefile
  - Introduced a NEW and IMPROVED AppScalefile with backwards compatibility
  - Introduced ability to create a new user from the tools
  - Fixed a bug with XMPP account creation to allow for two emails with same name but different domain
  - Removed the need for email address while deploying apps
  - Increased default timeout for tools operations
  - Fixed a bug to now allow use of Service accounts while working with GCE
  - Other minor improvements and fixes


Highlights of features/bugs in this release:
  - Added support to use AdminClient to deploy/undeploy applications.
  - Added capability to create publisher image in the Azure agent.
  - Modified AppController service to be started directly and add itself to monit.
  - Fixed a bug to allow instances to be added manually to a cluster.
  - Fixed a bug in the Azure agent to terminate specific instances during downscaling.
  - Limited requests package version to >= 2.7.0 and <2.15.
  - Fixed a bug in upgrade command to be able to do an appscale down.


Highlights of features/bugs in this release:
  - Fixed appscale upgrade from 3.1.0
  - Added support for appscale ssh to role
  - Integrated Azure Scale Sets into the agent
  - Modified Azure agent to assign Public IPs only for load balancers
  - Refined appscale down: added --terminate option
  - Improved appscale get/set property functionality
  - Improved appscale status output (in particular for large deployments)
  - Fixed a bug where agents would default to spot instances
  - Simplified deployment state handling (merged locations yaml and locations json file)


Notable Changes
  - Added support for using Azure as an infrastructure
  - Added a check to see if the tools are up-to-date when running `appscale upgrade`
  - Dropped `nose` as a dependency


- Decouple AppScale Tools and AppScale versions


Highlights of features/bugs in this release:
  - Use NodeLayout to determine roles during upgrade
  - Fetch latest tag with GitHub API
  - Add options for login/test during upgrade
  - Recover AppController logs if init fails
  - Wait for external port to close to mark app as terminated
  - Log the progress of the upgrade script
  - Use fixed version of wstools
  - Save bootstrap in /var/log/appscale log during upgrade


Highlights of features/bugs in this release:
  - Installed libraries in namespace
  - Added an upgrade tool command to make future platform upgrades easier
  - Generate a crash log without trying to get the locale
  - No confirmation for removal of app when test is set to true in AppScalefile


Highlights of features/bugs in this release:
  - Removed OSX install script
  - Modified UserAppClient calls from the tools to go via the AppController
  - Locates keyname file from multiple valid locations
  - Better exception handling for errors returned from AppController
  - Reduced GCE resource length


Highlights of features/bugs in this release:
  - Experimental support for Google Compute Engine service accounts


Highlights of features/bugs in this release:
  - Removed the use of root RSA keys
  - Assigned application ports will now persist through down/up
  - Unify terminate code paths


Highlights of features/bugs in this release:
  - Java SDK upgrade to 1.8.4
  - Better handling of crash logs
  - Better handling of Mac OS X metadata during an app upload
  - Cleanup of unsupported AWS instance types


**Highlights of features/bugs in this release:**
  - Better parameter handling


**Highlights of features/bugs in this release:**
  - Updated to 1.8.1 Java SDK
  - Better error messages
  - Better syncing of user-modified code with the AppScale deployment
  - Removed use of deprecated modules
  - Ability to register an AppScale deployment with the AppScale Portal


- Fixed critical bug in AppScale Tools affecting virtualized clusters on down/up




Highlights of features/bugs in this release:
  - Better error messages for AppScale tools
  - Moved to package installation of most installed software (faster build)
  - Cleanup of instances on "appscale down"
  - Ability to support more dynamic code layout of Java applications
  - Upgraded Cassandra to 2.0.7
  - Use ntp service for clock sync
  - Have AppScale catch when there are not enough resources on start
  - Using openjdk instead of Oracle's JVM
  - Fixed issue where monit thought ZooKeeper was not running
  - Made build process more resilient
  - Dead code elimination
  - Wheezy support
  - Updated bootstrap script
  - Batching for datastore queries (better memory management and stability)
  - Support for list composite indexes
  - Support for distinct queries
  - Projection queries no longer fetch from the entity table (faster queries)
  - ZigZag Merge Join optimization
  - Taskqueue statistics now reports number of tasks pending in a queue
  - Fixed critical bug where a failed slave node would come up as master
  - Fixed critical bug with nginx failing to be reloaded
  - Experimental OpenStack agent (auto scaling)