Changelogs » Appkernel



- production ready gevent based WSGI server is initialised (if pip install gevent is issued prior to launching the service)
- simplified service initialistion
- unified and improved logging
- additional documentation regarding installation and integration into own project



- bugfixes on the validation framework
- possible to expose services which do not inherit from the Model class
- link decorator renamed to action
- introduced resource decorator for easy method exposure on plain classes
- http rpc client
- complete tutorial is added to the project
- bulk inserts
- atomic updates
- extended Query methods (update_one, find_one_and_update, etc.)


- [x] validation on the data model using multiple custom validators
- [x] json serialisation support
- [x] json schema generator
- [x] value generators
- [x] value converters
- [x] wire-format marshaller
- [x] omitted fields
ORM Feature
- [x] basic CRUD (create/update/delete) operations
- [x] easy to use active record style queries
- [x] automatically generated prefixed database ID
- [x] index management (unique index, text index, etc.) on the database
- [x] database schema validation and schema management
- [x] builtin converters for serialising or deserialising the model to and from various other formats
- [x] audited fields (eg. automatically added created, updated, updated_by fields)
- [x] document versioning
- [x] Bulk Inserts
REST Service Endpoints
- [x] REST services (GET, PUT, POST, PATCH, DELETE)
- [x] HATEOAS actions on model
- [x] model metadata and json schema
- [x] URL query interface
- [x] Read-only by default
- [x] role based account management (RBAC)
- [x] basic authentication and JWT token support
- [x] customised, machine readable error messages