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This release focused on supporting the `getblocktemplate` call proposed in
BIP 22 and BIP 23 and implemented by Bitcoin Core and btcd. This finally allows
mining without a pool if you supply an address to mine coins to at the command

HTTP work sources now default to using `getblocktemplate` instead of `getwork`.
This feature is new and might have bugs that could lead to loss of potential
mining rewards.

It looks like the work sourcing threads run into i/o issues occasionally due to
using the not-thread-safe Python http lib. I don't aim to address this as most
of the threaded communication ought to be completely replaced by an event runner
like asyncio or trio at some point.

Thanks to momchil for the original `getwork` code, luke-jr sipa and vsergeev
for helping me understand getblocktemplate.


* First release following the fork from m0mchil/poclbm.
* Migrated code to Python 3. Requires Python 3.5+
* Fix kernel compilation error in clang-based OpenCL compilers like macOS OpenCL and AMD ROCm.
* Fix for not submitting shares to stratum servers reporting pdifficulty when server-side pdifficulty is below. By luke-jr.
* Minor performance improvements