Changelogs » Anyblok-dramatiq

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  * [REF] Anyblok 0.17.0 changed setter to add application and application
  groups, So I had to adapt the existing to use new setter


  * [FIX] multi process lock
  AnyBlok seem lock the data base during the migration, the dramatiq process
  don't migrate the data base, the migration is now forbidden


  * [FIX] put the configuration ``dramatiq-broker`` on the default application


  * [IMP] dramatiq console script to execute workers process
  * [IMP] actor and actor_send decorator to define dramatiq actor
  * [IMP] dramatiq middleware to modify ``Model.Dramatiq.Message`` status
  * [IMP] dramatiq blok to historize the message and status
  * [IMP] dramatiq-task to add a back task with dramatiq