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A bunch of enhancement included.

Installation Command for Linux:

python3 -m pip install --upgrade antares


First Antares version ported to PYPI.

**Installation Command for Linux:**
python3 -m pip install --upgrade antares


New updates:

1. Detect Windows HLSL ending lines `\r\n` in c-hlsl_win64/c-hlsl_xbox backend;
2. Refine extra overhead in JIT plugin computation for pytorch;
3. Add IPU/IPU2 evaluator for c-ipu backend;
4. Enhance in evaluating c-sycl_cuda backend;

Thanks for contributions from mzmssg, Michoumichmich.


New updates:

1. HLSL support native `erf` & `pow` operators.
2. Extend new backend: `c-mcpu_android` for aarch64 CPU.
3. TF/Pytotch JIT Plugin: Support extending AVX512 & SYCL kernels.
4. Collective library: MPI Support for TF-Intel; NCCL/RCCL Support for TF-CUDA/TF-ROCM.


New updates:

1. **Change of Auto-scheduling**: Enhanced CPU(c-scpu/c-mcpu/c-mcpu_avx512) & IPU(renamed from c-gc to c-ipu) auto tuning search space.
2. **Change of JIT Tuning**: Pytorch/Tensorflow JIT Plugin is changed into *local tuning* by setting `ANTARES_ROOT`. (Tuning over rest-server is canceled)
3. **Change of Installation**: Allow non-root users to install Antares components.
4. Many other fixes.


New features:
1) Supporting More Backends: e.g. SYCL for CPU, ROCm for Windows, OCL for Android, etc.
2) Enhanced Tuning Mechanism OpEvo-2: Faster and Effective Tuner than Legacy Ansor.
3) AB Backend interface for all hardware (e.g. ab::init, ab::launchKernel, ..)
4) Enhanced Antares HLSL library using DXC-6.0, tuning efficiency is much improved.
5) Initial support for inter-op tuning (only for small graph in this version, large graph tuning will be supported in the following releases).


This version is frozen to keep legacy usage of Antares (intra-op optimizations, v0.1 api for directx12).



Has known vulnerabilities