Changelogs » Ansigenome



- Fix code execution vulnerability by using `yaml.safe_load` instead of `yaml.load` (thanks ypid)
- Support for scanning roles that have sub-directories (thanks Yannig)
- Add `ansigenome_info.status` template variable (thanks ypid)

0.5.6 insecure

- Fixed `Warning: <stdin>: syntax error in line XX near '-'` error
- Allow hyphens in role names
- Add line breaks to split up multiple role authors and the license
- Ensure role dependencies stay in the correct order
- Replace `-` with `--` in README templates
- Add support for the AGPLv3 license
- Fix line breaks for the license in the README
- Fix line breaks in the README when roles have multiple dependencies
- Update role URLs for the new Ansible Galaxy
- Add `ansigenome_block` to README templates

0.5.5 insecure

- Fix unicode issues
- Enable syntax highlighting in defaults/main.yml

0.5.4 insecure

- Role names with `-` can now be exported

0.5.3 insecure

- Fix version conflict with PyPi

0.5.2 insecure

- Remove dependency on Jinja 2.7+
- Fix a crash when selecting "Other" license

0.5.1 insecure

- Fix the Ansible version output in the rst template
- Fix the dependency list in the rst template

0.5.0 insecure

- Support both RST and MD readme generation
- This is now a config option
- Fix duplicate dependencies in the gendoc output
- Strip all whitespace from jinaj2 tags in the output

0.4.8 insecure

- The custom readme template is now customized by replacing the file or blocks

0.4.7 insecure

- Add the SCM properties back to the README template
- This fixes templates not working

0.4.6 insecure

- Attempt to fix the readme template's path in the data/ dir

0.4.5 insecure

- Fix the VERSION file in and remove the old templates dir

0.4.4 insecure

- Fix the missing readme template and VERSION file
- Trolled hard by how package files work but I think we're good now

0.4.3 insecure

- Probably fixed the colors file not being included properly

0.4.2 insecure

- Move the color file to a data folder

0.4.1 insecure

- Add the colors file to the manifest

0.4.0 insecure

- The config format has been drastically changed - **Please make new configs**
- The config will fix itself when critical fields are missing
- `reqs` and `dump` have been merged into `export`
- `export` can also **create a dependency graph**
- It can also export png graphs if you have Graphviz installed
- You can easily adjust the size/DPI as well through the CLI/config
- Picking a license in the config is much easier (multiple choice)
- Use the flat style badge icons in the README
- When making a requirements file it will look for a VERSION file in your role
- It would live inside of each role's root directory
- Running `ansigenome --version` actually works now

0.3.2 insecure

- Galaxy style requirement/yaml files no longer get the `scm:` property added
- The `name:` property has been added when the src is URL based
- Underscores no longer get converted to hyphens for repo names

0.3.1 insecure

- Fix a crash with the `reqs` command
- Sort the roles in the `reqs` output

0.3.0 insecure

- Most commands work without a roles path now, based off the PWD
- You can still supply a path too

- Add an `.ansigenome.conf` to store most commonly used configuration options
- You only need to set this once
- It makes using ansigenome much more user friendly, less flags to remember

- `export` has been renamed to `reqs`
- `reqs` supports both text and yaml formatting
- `gendoc` has been added to generate documentation
- `genmeta` has been added to generate/augment meta files
- It will not mess with your formatting either

- Many bug fixes and more...

0.2.0 insecure

- Rename the meta_info.inventory attribute to meta_info.quick_start
- Also removed the inventory header from the readme by default.
- Fix a bug which caused string blocks to lose their spacing.
- Also make the use of string blocks in the meta fields more apparent.

0.1.2 insecure

- Support the Ansible 1.8+ requirements file format.

0.1.1 insecure

- Fix a bug where an author or github url could not be present in the meta file
- Change the github url to always be renewed from the contents of the `-u` flag

0.1.0 insecure

- Initial release