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Changes in this release:
  - Minor bugfixes
  - `--exclude-cols` option didn't work in html_fancy template. Fixed.
  - "Show only given columns" (`-c` / `--columns` option) now does what you'd think for html_fancy templates.
  - Changed the build system from Make to sla.


This release of ansible features the following changes:
  * You can now limit which hosts are included in the output with the `-l` / `--limit` commandline option.
  * You can now easily add custom columns using the `-C` / `--cust-cols` option. See [the documentation]( for how to use them.
  * SELinux info is now properly displayed in host details.
  * Various minor fixes to templates.
  * Support for RPM packages has been dropped due to Alien no longer working properly.


* Better host fact updating prevents problems with differently structured host facts.
  * Various improvements and fixes for abnormal network interface structures.
  Additionally, support for RPM distribution has been dropped and the Arch Linux instructions have been removed since the package is lagging behind by 8 versions.


* Handle empty host var files properly.
  * Fixed free disk space in sql template.
  * YAML tags (e.g. `!vault`)  in host and group var files are now properly ignored and no longer generate warnings.


This release fixes bugs in the Python package for ansible-cmdb. No other changes were made.


The following features were added or improved:
  * Custom and host local facts are now sorted by name
  * Updates in the python packages that ansible-cmdb depends on.
  * Improvements to the uninstall procedures.
  The following bug fixes were made:
  * Fixes in how columns are displayed
  * Fixes in how custom and host local facts are parsed and displayed.
  * Fixes in the markdown template that prevented rendering if there were no host vars.
  * Various fixes in the html_fancy templates
  * Several fixes that prevented ansible-cmdb from properly working on systems with only Python v3.x
  * Bug fix in the RPM package that prevented installation on some Redhat / Centos versions.


This release features the following changes:
  * A new `--exclude-cols` switch was added which excludes columns entirely from the output of the fancy_html template. This can make the output much smaller and thus faster (notably the exclusion of the "(Mem|Disk) Free / Available" columns.
  * 'all' variables are now properly applied.
  *Bug fixes*:
  * A bug in the inventory parser regarding comments was fixed (patch by Daniel Linder)
  * Hostnames got '.yml' and such appended to them. This has been fixed.
  * Variable precedence was not always handled properly causing more specific variables to override more generic ones. Fixed.
  * Invalid files / directories in inventory, group and host_vars are now skipped. (patch by Thomas Gaudin)
  * group_vars and host_vars are now properly read when specifying a directory to the `-i` option.


This release fixes a bug:
  * Properly handle nested directories in group_vars (credit to Bertrand Tornil)


This release features:
  * group_vars are now parsed.
  * Sub directories in host_vars are now parsed.
  * Addition of a `-q`/`--quiet` switch to suppress warnings.
  * Minor bugfixes and additions.


- html_fancy template: Ability to turn off rendering of host details.
  - html_fancy template: Ability to skip empty hosts for which no facts are available. This prevents empty entries with just the host's name in the output.
  - Multiple `-i` params are now allowed
  - A bug in multiple inventory file support for Python v2 was fixed.
  - A new 'html_fancy_split' template which generates a separate HTML file for each host with the host's details. Useful for large inventories.
  - A new 'markdown_split' template which generates a separate Markdown file for each host with the host's details. Useful for large inventories and importing into Markdown-compatible wikis.
  - Various fixes in encoding handling.
  - Various other bugfixes.


This release fixes support for Python v2.6.


This release brings the following changes:
  - Support for installation in a VirtualEnv.
  - New columns in the html_fancy template for the number of network interfaces and physical disk sizes.
  - Improved error reporting.
  - Added a "Reset settings" button to the html_fancy template that resets localStorage
  - The user that generated the overview and the host it was generated on are now shown in the html_fancy output.
  - Various minor cosmetic changes to the html_fancy template.
  - Work properly with disk sizes of 0 bytes.
  - Host detail information in the html_fancy template can now be collapsed. Use the `-p collapse=1` flag to automatically collapse all sections.


- Always show stack trace on error and include class name.
  - Exit with proper exit codes.
  - Exclude certain file extensions from consideration as inventories.
  - Improved error reporting and lookups of templates.
  - Improved error reporting when specifying inventories.


This is a minor release featuring:
  - Python Pip package support.
  - Fixes in the "Make install" from repository procedure.
  - If Ansible-cmdb finds a "hosts" file in the current dir, it will use it.


This is a minor bug-fix release:
  - A bug that caused whitespace to be added each time a character was typed into the search box was fixed.
  - Fix for HP-UX missing netmask (patch by Randy Rasmussen)
  - SQL template improvements for BSD.


This release brings the following changes:
  - Added "all ipv6" column to html_fancy template.
  - Fixed broken name urls on html_fancy template (patch by Jordan Anderson)


This release brings the following changes:
  - Improvements to the resilience against wrong, unsupported and missing data.
  - SQL template. Generates SQL for use with SQLite and MySQL.
  - Minor bugfixes.


This is a bugfix and feature release, featuring the following changes:
  - Look for ansible.cfg and use hostfile setting.
  - html_fancy: Properly sort vcpu and ram columns.
  - html_fancy: Remember which columns the user has toggled.
  - html_fancy: display groups and hostvars even if no host information was collected.
  - html_fancy: support for facter and custom facts.
  - html_fancy: Hide sections if there are no items for it.
  - html_fancy: Improvements in the rendering of custom variables.
  - Apply Dynamic Inventory vars to all hostnames in the group.
  - Many minor bugfixes.


This release adds two new templates:
  - **`csv`**: Output a CSV file with host information.
  - **`markdown`**: Output a Markdown-formatted file with host information.
  It also includes minor cosmetic changes to the `html_fancy` template.


This release includes the following changes:
  - Bugfix: Don't parse hidden files in fact output dirs.
  - Bugfix: Various fixes in html_fancy template that prevent output from being generated if certain facts are missing.
  - Bugfix: Improved error handling to prevent ansible-cmdb from stopping on a single invalid host.
  - Improved error reporting
  - Ansible local facts (from /etc/ansible/facts.d on hosts) is now shown in the Host details overview.
  - Support undocumented extended YAML vars in hosts files.
  - txt_table: Show MemFree and MemUsed columns. (by Kurt Davis)
  - txt_table: Properly align table columns if the values are less wide than the title.


This release includes the following bugfixes and feature improvements:
  - Source package improvements in man page handling (Alex Barton)
  - html_fancy template now supports OpenBSD facts.
  - html_fancy template now supports Windows (2008) facts.
  - html_fancy template now shows a link icon instead of a star for the search box URL.
  - Improved error reporting and debugging mode (-d).


This is a bugfix and feature release:
  - html_fancy: Headers are now links
  - html_fancy: Search box can now be linked to using the ?search= param, which  will automatically filter the results when the page is loaded.
  - html_fancy: A star with a link now appears next to the search box for easy   copy-pasting of the search box URL.
  - UTF-8 / unicode bugfixes.


This is a feature release that includes the following changes:
  - Always output UTF-8.
  - Added the 'json' template, which dumps the entire inventory including variables and groups in JSON format.
  - Included a manual page in the packages.
  - The -t/--template switch can now point to an actual filename, and no longer requires the .tpl extension to be stripped.
  - html_fancy: Fixed a bug where the search field was not properly focussed.
  - html_fancy: Use vcpus for cores + hyperthreading count (Rowin Andruscavage)
  - html_fancy: New cpu, memory, swap columns and improved sorting (Rowin Andruscavage)
  - html_fancy: Show a hosts groups in the detailed view
  - html_fancy: Move and disable/enable some default columns.
  - html_fancy: Network overview table for host details.


This is a bugfix release:
  - Fixed a bug in Dynamic Inventory parsing
  - Spelling mistakes in README fixed (by Sebastian Gumprich)


- Added a -c / --columns option that allows users to specify the columns to show. Must be supported by template.
  - Html_fancy template now has a kernel column. (by Rowin Andruscavage)
  - Html_fancy template now has a timestamp column which displays when facts where gathered. (by Rowin Andruscavage)
  - Bugfix: Search box in html_fancy template was not properly focused automatically.
  - Version is now properly displayed with --version
  - Development related: Refactoring of ansible-cmdb into a module and a thin commandline wrapper.


This is a feature release, which includes the following changes:
  - The -i switch now supports reading dynamic inventory scripts.
  - host_vars directory now supported (by Malcolm Mallardi)
  - Support for multiple inventory sources as per
  - Improved error handling prevents ansible-cmdb from stopping if it encounters non-critical errors (malformed host definitions, etc).
  - Improved error reporting.
  - html_fancy template column headers are now visually identifiable as being sortable.


This is a feature release which includes the following improvements:
  - html_fancy overview page can now be viewed locally (through file:///) without needing to specify the `-p local_js=1` flag to it. It still fetches resources from the internet, so you still require an internet connection. If you do not want to fetch resources from the internet, use the `-p local_js=1` flag.
  - A new Material design for the html_fancy template.


The following features have been added and bugs have been fixed:
  - Support for host inventory patterns (e.g. foo[01:04]
  - Support for 'vars' and 'children' groups.
  - Support passing a directory to the `-i` param, in which case all the files in
  that directory are interpreted as one big hosts file.
  - Support for the use of local jquery files instead of via a CDN. Allows you to
  view the hosts overview in your browser using file://. See for info
  on how to enable it (hint: `ansible-cmdb -p local_js=1`).
  - Add -f/--fact-caching flag for compatibility with fact_caching=jsonfile fact
  dirs (Rowin Andruscavage).
  - The search box in the html_fancy template is now automatically focussed.
  - Show memory to one decimal to avoid "0g" in low-mem hosts.
  - Templates can now receive parameters via the -p option.
  - Strip ports from hostnames scanned from the host inventory file.
  - Various fixes in the documentation.
  - Fixes for Solaris output (memory and disk).
  I would like to extend my gratitude to the following contributors:
  - Sebastian Gumprich
  - Rowin Andruscavage
  - Cory Wagner
  - Jeff Palmer
  - Sven Schliesing


This is a maintenance release that fixes the following issues:
  - Generated RPM now installs on operating systems with strict Yum (Fedora 22, Amazon AMI).
  - The default templates (html_fancy, txt_table) no longer crash on missing information.
  - Python3 compatibility. (by Sven Schliesing).
  - Disk total and available columns have been deprecated in favour of adding the information to the Disk Usage columns. (by Sven Schliesing).
  - No longer ignore disks smaller than 1Gb, but still ignore disks of total size 0.
  - Minor fixes in the documentation (by Sebastian Gumprich, et al).
  - Better error reporting.


This is a bugfix release:
  - Fancy template: Don't fail if network interface information is not available.
  - Fancy template: Don't show Disk usage bar for disks smaller than 1mb.