Changelogs » Ansible-autodoc



* FIX: when reporting files, use relative paths
* improve readme template
* improve doc_and_readme template
* improve documentation


* FIX: run only in playbook or role project
* add -V | --version to cli
* solve pip install issues

* add missing feature example
* improve default template "readme"
* update install dependency on yaml for pip


* added uint tests
* refactored annotation discovery into Annotation object
* changed annotation to allow multi line description
* made annotation syntax more uniform
* moved some essential logic from AutodocCli to Config
* IMPROVEMENT: got rid of annotations author and description and use meta: author | description instead
* Missing feature from 0.4: example


* Added example block annotation


* Added print template to stdout, useful for project review and development
* Added var annotation


* Basic functionality with tag annotations working
* simple annotations: "author", "description" and "todo2 also working


list of documented items to change, solve or improve

* when a yaml file with a special char is templated, an UnicodeEncodeError will be thrown
* Improve test coverage
* add template cli parameter

* improve the default templates : ongoing task
* improve the documentation : ongoing task
* improve data extraction from annotations: 'example ' requires the  to identify the following lines as content
* add autodoc tag, to use as flags for specific templates, i.e  autodoc tags:hidden
* add configuration file for defining template include locations, to allow to have multiple include files in a subfolder
to hide the render of tags section
* add annotation personalization by extending annotation definition in configuration file
* document annotation personalization