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* Improve exception handling: Convert any exception to an ERROR message and dump the traceback to DEBUG


* Reinstate Protocol class


* Docstrings added
  * CHECKURL now only splits on b' ', other whitespaces are allowed to be part of the String
  * Added support for ERROR coming from git-annex
  * Added check to Listen() if the Master has been linked to a Remote




* Add support for LISTCONFIGS
  * New test cases for CHECKURL




AnnexRemote is now compatible with Python 2.7




* Fix reading token files when they contained new lines
  * Add transfer chunk size to `git annex info <remote>`
  * Back trace in case of exceptions is now only shown with `--debug` (when using python-annexremote > v1.4.4)
  * Bugfix regarding resuming uploads


* Fix bug where `token` was set permanently when the file could not be found. This was especially likely to occur when migrating from `git-annex-remote-gdrive` (55)


Changes in this release:
  * Fix bug that occurred when setup was run in a subdir of the repo (44)
  * Fix version output (46)
  * Fix bug in INITREMOTE (47)
  * setup: Add option to choose an output file for the access token
  * setup: Add option to provide own API key as json file


Changes in this release:
  * Bugfix in setup function when using the build-in API key


Changes in this release:
  * Fix bug which prevented the option `mute-api-lockdown-warning` from being changed 45
  * Lockdown warning is now automatically muted when using own API keys
  * Option `token` is again available (though it should not be necessary generally, but it was re-added to work around issues like 44)
  * Automatically strip white spaces from the input during setup, to prevent problems when copying API key and secret directly from the developers console


Changes in this release:
  * Allow own API key (42)


* Check if setup is run inside git repo
  * Gracefully shutdown on SIGINT and SIGTERM


Large parts of the application have been re-written for this release. This enables awesome features, of which the following already have been implemented:
  * True resumable up and download
  * Fine grained progress report during transfer
  Additionally, any network connection is now deferred to when it's actually needed, so commands like `git annex whereis` and `git annex info` are now a lot faster.


* Small bugfixes
  * Notification regarding [Google Drive API lockdown](


New features:
  * Retry on Connection Error 2
  * Easy migration from git-annex-remote-gdrive and git-annex-remote-rclone 3 4
  * Clean up test keys on startup 14
  * Consistency check for export remotes 7
  * Option to specify folders by ID (eg. for shared folders) 15
  * Bugfixes




Fixed upload errors with
  * empty files 13
  * filenames containing single quotes 11


* Got rid of some 3.6-specific code.
  * Tested with 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6