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  - Restored to original name after maintenance handover.
  - Updated home page to new source code location.
  - Minor python 2 compatibility issue in the tests (introduced in 0.3.0) fixed.
  Ampoul3 0.3.0 (2017-12-10)
  - Python 3 support.
  - Pyflakes fixes.
  - No more trailing whitespace :).
  - Migrated to Git.
  - (Hopefully temporary) package name change while I wait for Valentino to
  give me access to PyPI...


  - Fixed bug 317287: Twisted was required by due to import
  of application code to get the version number. The now
  tries to do the same thing but if it fails it uses a separate
  hardcoded version.
  - Fixed bug 317077: Ampoule didn't work on windows xp due to childFD
  customization, now on windows ampoule uses the standard 0,1,2 fds.
  - Added pyOpenSSL as an explicit dependency since Twisted doesn't
  require it but AMP does.
  - Greatly simplify and support plain distutils too.
  - Bootstrap code now supports context managers
  - Support for execution deadline on child calls
  - Parametrize the timeout signal to send to the child
  - Pass arguments directly from the ProcessPool object for the child
  process creation.


  - Fixed bug 276841: Add timeout for subprocess calls.
  The ProcessPool constructor now supports an additional timeout
  argument that specifies a pool level timeout, in seconds, before
  which every call ever made should return. Alternatively there is
  also a per-call mechanism. Currently this second per-call system
  is not available when using the remote pool service, so be sure
  to set the timeout command line parameter at an high enough level
  to satisfy all the possible commands. If a command doesn't require
  an answer the timeout doesn't apply, of course.
  The error returned when a call is timedout is 'error.ProcessTerminated'.
  On *nix systems the process is terminated with signal 9, on windows
  ampoule uses SIGTERM and returns error code 255.


  - Fixed bug 259264, this fix introduces a number of changes in the
  architecture of the project:
  1. Removed childReactor argument form the process pool and added
  a starter argument.
  2. Introduced the concept of a starter object whose role is to
  start subprocesses with given parameters. This makes it easier
  to specify particular parameters (eg. new env variables) to the
  child processes without needing to override many methods in the
  pool using closures.
  3. is completely changed and now provides the ProcessStarter
  object which is a default implementation of IStarter.
  4. IStarter interface currently documents only 2 methods:
  in the future it's possible that we will add an additional:
  that starts whichever process we want without requiring python,
  also this might end up with the separation of ProcessPool in at
  least 2 logical levels: the ProcessPool and a dispatcher that
  talks with the children, in this way it would be possible to
  create custom ProcessPools without changing much code or requiring
  any special requirement on the children.
  - Introduced a callRemote method on the ProcessPool that is basically
  the same as doWork. Introduced for symmetry between all the RPC libraries
  in Twisted.
  - reactor short name and ampoule child class are now passed as the 2
  last arguments rather than the first 2. So if you have written any
  custom bootstrap code be sure to change sys.argv[1] and sys.argv[2]
  into sys.argv[-2] and sys.argv[-1] respectively.


  - Ampoule parent process and child processes now talk using FDs 3 (in)
  and 4 (out) in order to avoid problems with libraries that mistakenly
  send error lines to stdout (yes, I'm looking at you gtk+)


  - Added a Twisted Matrix plugin to run a process pool service that
  can be used over the network using an AMP client.
  - Added ability to change the reactor used to run the children
  - If you wrote your own bootstrap code for the pool you should change
  the way it works because now it takes 2 arguments, sys.argv[1] is
  the reactor short name while sys.argv[2] is still the AMPChild path.
  If you don't use startAMPProcess you probably have nothing to worry
  - Now the process pool doesn't raise an error when you use a command
  that doesn't require an answer.


  - Support process recycling after predefined number of calls.
  - ProcessPool argument max_idle is now maxIdle to comply with Twisted
  style guidelines.
  - ProcessPool.startAWorker is now a synchronous call
  - removed ampoule.runner module because it was essentially useless,
  if you want to change subprocess startup behavior pass it as an
  argument by overriding the processFactory with a closure like this:
  from ampoule.main import startAMPProcess
  from ampoule.pool import ProcessPool
  pp = ProcessPool()
  def myProcessFactory(*args, **kwargs):
  kwargs['bootstrap'] = myBootstrapCode
  return startAMPProcess(*args, **kwargs)
  pp.processFactory = staticmethod(myProcessFactory)