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This release acts as a bug patch resolving issues with building Ampersand websites using includes.


Version 0.5.0 of Ampersand.

New features include:

* A more advanced page-creation system with frontmatter, where you specify the path of your page and modal.
* Giving includes access to more content through Mustache.
* Improving the work flow with more organization.
* Added a new type of plugin (handlers).
* A reStructuredText README file because PyPI doesn't use Markdown.
* More error handling, minor improvements and bug fixes.


Version 0.4.0 of Ampersand.

New features include:

* The new plugin architecture, adding extendibility to Ampersand
* Using Mustache templates in layouts
* Easier creation of websites with subdirectories
* Switched from the command `ampersand` to `amp` as a shorter alternative.
* `_global.json` translations that can be used in all files
* Renamed `_config.json` to `_ampersand.json` to avoid naming conflicts
* More error handling, minor improvements and bug fixes


This version needed to be retagged due to a mistake in the naming.


New features include:
- Using translations, layouts *and* configuration file information in templates.
- Building Ampersand websites from directories other than just your project's root folder.
- Improved cross-platform compatibility.
- Various bug fixes and other minor improvements.
- About seven less lines of code than the previous version.