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  * Moved to Python 3 (>= 3.4) (86, 95)
  * Fixed `read`/`write` with directories (121)
  * Fixed file name hashing when block size > 512 (116)
  * Musashi m68k CPU emulator updated to v3.32 (bebbo)
  * Fixed `.ini` format detection if it starts with a comment ()


  * Filesystem bitmaps are cached now to speed up packing
  * Pack/Unpack/Repack support for block size > 512 and DOS 6/7
  * Use a new notation for timestamp ticks `.00`
  * Auto open first partition when using a RDB image
  * Added `ln`/`longname` as alias for DOS 6/7 when formatting
  * Allow to unpack/pack with meta info stored in FS-UAE .uaem files
  * Fixed packing of files with decomposed unicode names (106)
  * Fixed geometry setup of large (>4GiB) images
  * Added new option to fix kick sum when copying (daleking)


  * Re-implemented dos ReadArgs() to be more compatible (80)
  * Re-implemented dos ReadItem() to be more compatible
  * Fix exception when running in Vim (77) (zedr)
  * added more tests to vamos-test suite
  * Allow to SelectInput()/SelectOutput() with BNULL
  * truncate inodes to 32 bit for fl_Key in Lock (workround for 64bit fs) (72, 35)
  * added dummy OpenResource() (selco)
  * added Uitlity's Amiga2Date(), Date2Amiga(), CheckDate() (selco)
  * added full math library support (double, single and ffp precision) (selco)
  * Added ExamineFH() (bebbo)
  * fix SDivMod32 (bebbo)
  * added Docker based toolchains for building test programs with vc, gcc6 and AROS gcc
  * added profiling support
  * machine: run code in user mode
  * machine: do not pulse reset on every run
  * allow to create temp volumes
  * allow to auto create assign dirs
  * machine: removed obsolete Trampoline (replaced by machine sub runs)
  * complete rewrite of config infrastructure. added .json configs
  * rewrote lib handling and support creation via MakeLibrary()
  * replaced VamosRun with a machine layer
  * honor cwd and progdir in OpenLibrary() calls
  * added GetProgramDir()
  * do not split command line args when parsing. fixed args with comma, parentheses.
  * fixed loading of short relocations
  * fixed romtool to allow splitting ext ROMs
  * updated split files to ROMsplit 1.25
  * fixed scanning residents without name
  * allow to format/work with partitions of arbitrary block size (>512 bytes) (>4GB FFS)
  * fixed relabel command (Zalewa)
  * added import/export partition image
  * fixed init of empty disk
  * started moving the docs to RST and ReadTheDocs
  * added vamostool and refactored typetool and vamospath


* First public release