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  * Explicitly mark Python 3.8 as supported in wheel metadata.
  * Migrate from Bitbucket to GitHub
  * Run black on the entire repository


  * Explicitly mark Python 3.7 as supported in wheel metadata.


  * Add LICENSE file


  * ``ObjectGraph.get_edges``, ``ObjectGraph.getEdgeData`` and ``ObjectGraph.updateEdgeData``
  accept *None* as the node to get and treat this as an alias for *self* (as other
  methods already did).


  - Issue 7: Remove use of ``iteritems`` in altgraph.GraphAlgo code


  - Issue 4: Graph._bfs_subgraph and back_bfs_subgraph return subgraphs with reversed edges
  Fix by "pombredanne" on bitbucket.


  - Added ``ObjectGraph.edgeData`` to retrieve the edge data
  from a specific edge.
  - Added ``AltGraph.update_edge_data`` and ``ObjectGraph.updateEdgeData``
  to update the data associated with a graph edge.


  - Stabilize the order of elements in dot file exports,
  patch from bitbucket user 'pombredanne'.
  - Tweak file to remove dependency on distribute (but
  keep the dependency on setuptools)


  - There where no classifiers in the package metadata due to a bug


  This is a bugfix release
  Bug fixes:
  - Issue 3: The source archive contains a README.txt
  while the setup file refers to ReadMe.txt.
  This is caused by a misfeature in distutils, as a
  workaround I've renamed ReadMe.txt to README.txt
  in the source tree and setup file.


  This is a minor feature release
  - Do not use "2to3" to support Python 3.
  As a side effect of this altgraph now supports
  Python 2.6 and later, and no longer supports
  earlier releases of Python.
  - The order of attributes in the Dot output
  is now always alphabetical.
  With this change the output will be consistent
  between runs and Python versions.


  This is a minor bugfix release
  - Added ``altgraph.ObjectGraph.ObjectGraph.nodes``, a method
  yielding all nodes in an object graph.
  - The 0.8 release didn't work with py2app when using
  python 3.x.


  This is a minor feature release. The major new feature
  is a extensive set of unittests, which explains almost
  all other changes in this release.
  - Installing failed with Python 2.5 due to using a distutils
  class that isn't available in that version of Python
  (issue 1 on the issue tracker)
  - ``altgraph.GraphStat.degree_dist`` now actually works
  - ``altgraph.Graph.add_edge(a, b, create_nodes=False)`` will
  no longer create the edge when one of the nodes doesn't
  - ``altgraph.Graph.forw_topo_sort`` failed for some sparse graphs.
  - ``altgraph.Graph.back_topo_sort`` was completely broken in
  previous releases.
  - ``altgraph.Graph.forw_bfs_subgraph`` now actually works.
  - ``altgraph.Graph.back_bfs_subgraph`` now actually works.
  - ``altgraph.Graph.iterdfs`` now returns the correct result
  when the ``forward`` argument is ``False``.
  - ``altgraph.Graph.iterdata`` now returns the correct result
  when the ``forward`` argument is ``False``.
  - The ``altgraph.Graph`` constructor now accepts an argument
  that contains 2- and 3-tuples instead of requireing that
  all items have the same size. The (optional) argument can now
  also be any iterator.
  - ``altgraph.Graph.Graph.add_node`` has no effect when you
  add a hidden node.
  - The private method ``altgraph.Graph._bfs`` is no longer
  - The private method ``altgraph.Graph._dfs`` is no longer
  - ``altgraph.ObjectGraph`` now has a ``__contains__`` methods,
  which means you can use the ``in`` operator to check if a
  node is part of a graph.
  - ``altgraph.GraphUtil.generate_random_graph`` will raise
  ``GraphError`` instead of looping forever when it is
  impossible to create the requested graph.
  - ``altgraph.Dot.edge_style`` raises ``GraphError`` when
  one of the nodes is not present in the graph. The method
  silently added the tail in the past, but without ensuring
  a consistent graph state.
  - ``altgraph.Dot.save_img`` now works when the mode is


  This is a minor bugfix release
  - distutils didn't include the documentation subtree


  This is a minor feature release
  - Documentation is now generated using `sphinx <>`_
  and can be viewed at <>.
  - The repository has moved to bitbucket
  - ``altgraph.GraphStat.avg_hops`` is no longer present, the function had no
  implementation and no specified behaviour.
  - the module ``altgraph.compat`` is gone, which means altgraph will no
  longer work with Python 2.3.


  This is a minor feature release.
  - Support for Python 3
  - It is now possible to run tests using 'python test'
  (The actual testsuite is still very minimal though)