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  fix bugs creating journal URLs and getting related article DOIs


New Features
  – Article class properties: Taxonomy, Creative Commons license, volume, issue, elocation, doi_link
  – Many new Corpus class utilities with tutorial Jupyter Notebook, including `len(Corpus())`,`for article in Corpus()`,`Corpus.random_article`
  – Deprecates allofplos.plos_corpus in favor of allofplos.update
  – Removes all reference to PLOS's internal URLs
  – URLs now journal-specific; can construct each type of article link (to XML, to landing page, etc)
  – Tests no longer require internet connection, but do require pytest
  – Update readme and instructions for devs
  – Reorganize corpus code
  – Fixes Article class properties: abstract, figure-count, table-count, journal
  – Fixes bugs in transformations & download functions






- new Corpus class
  - customize location of corpus directory
  - rename seed corpus to starter corpus
  - two new Article class properties: revision date for VORs (revdate) and rich article title that includes HTML markup (rich_title)
  - initialize TravisCI testing
  - update tqdm progress bars to disable if not on command line (i.e. for cron jobs)


0.9.5 tqdm instead of progressbar2. Seed data. Generate database out of ploscorpus. Several bugfixes.
  0.9.0 New Article class and new test data.
  0.8.4 Moved transformation methods to new file and changes in the tests.
  0.8.3 Filename structure for annotation DOI does not depend on journal name. Improved tests.
  0.8.2 Adding a method to generate a CSV file with all PLOS articles.
  0.8.1 Adding entry point. Thanks Chris Haumesser.
  0.8.0 First public release.