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Quelques fixes et améliorations
  Gestion de l'installation en service système (systemd et rc.d) avec uWSGI


Fix user sessions mess-up ...


Set warning log for some 404 errors


Restore the broken worldmap view
  Prepare the Alignak 1.0.0. release


Several fixes:
  - timeseries edition
  - some other small fixes


Worldmap view:
  - update leaflet.js version
  - allow to update an host position on the map
  Host / service view:
  - multi line check plugin output
  - make the panels collapsible
  - create a main variables
  User view:
  - display notifications commands
  - enable/disable notifications
  - allow to change user password
  - clean user menu in the page header
  Currently view:
  - allow to download an image for the livestate history graphes
  Add more external commands: global commands for notification/event handlers/ ...
  Several small fixes: 280, 282


Many modifications for the new scheduled backend release (currently 0.8.15)
  Huge tests and code coverage improvements

This version fixes some minor issues and improves the host view:
  - optimized grafana panel
  - services tree view
  - restore packages graphs in the host view (to be described and documented)


This version introduces some improvements and features:
  - search engine in the top navigation bar (draft and experimental version)
  - minor changes in the topbar navigation: direct navigation from livestate to currently
  - worldmap loading time improvement
  - worldmap configuration made available for hosts info view


Restore edition mode
  Clean realms view (hosts livestate is displayed)
  Log directory configuration

Layout and design cleanings:
  - colors
  - small fixes
  - tables layout

Many cleaning and layout refactoring:
  - livestate view
  - items icons

After a huge refactoring... no real new features but many improvements:
  - better performance
  - enhanced views
  - many tests

Several fixes:
  - logs table
  - ack popup
  - ...
  Version Published on Pypi


Version published on PyPi:
  - run Alignak Web UI with an installed script (alignak-webui-uswgi)
  - compatible with the most recent alignak backend
  - not yet edition enabled but coming soon :wink:


This version is released for the whole Alignak demo:
  - fix a bunch of problems introduced by recent backend modifications
  - fix broken tests