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- Fixed bug in UploadCommand, git push should be before git tag.


- Fixed bug in, incorrect order between VERSION and UploadCommand (no tag was created on upload)


- setup url fixed.
- Added import of Enum to alexber.utils package.


- - keywords added.


- fixed typo.


- alexber.utils.UploadCommand - bug fixed, failed on git tag, because VERSION was undefined.


- alexber.utils.StrAsReprMixinEnum - Enum Mixin that has __str__() equal to __repr__().
- alexber.utils.AutoNameMixinEnum-  Enum Mixin that generate value equal to the name.
- alexber.utils.MissingNoneMixinEnum - Enum Mixin will return None if value will not be found.
- alexber.utils.LookUpMixinEnum - Enim Mixin that is designed to be used for lookup by value.

If lookup fail, None will be return. Also, __str__() will return the same value as __repr__().
- alexber.utils.threadlocal_var, get_threadlocal_var, del_threadlocal_var.

Inspired by

- alexber.utils.UploadCommand -  Support upload.

UploadCommand is intented to be used only from

It's builds Source and Wheel distribution.

It's uploads the package to PyPI via Twine.

It's pushes the git tags.

- alexber.utils.uuid1mc is is a hybrid between version 1 & version 4. This is v1 with random MAC ("v1mc").

uuid1mc() is deliberately generating v1 UUIDs with a random broadcast MAC address.

The resulting v1 UUID is time dependant (like regular v1), but lacks all host-specific information (like v4).

Note: somebody reported that ran into trouble using UUID1 in Amazon EC2 instances.

- alexber.utils.importer.importer - Convert str to Python construct that target is represented.
- alexber.utils.importer.new_instance - Convert str to Python construct that target is represented.
args and kwargs will be passed in to appropriate __new__() / __init__() / __init_subclass__() methods.
- alexber.utils.inspects.issetdescriptor - Return true if the object is a method descriptor with setters.

But not if ismethod() or isclass() or isfunction() are true.
- alexber.utils.inspects.ismethod - Return false if object is not a class and not a function.
Otherwise, return true iff signature has 2 params.
- alexber.utils.parsers.safe_eval - The purpose of this function is convert numbers from str to correct type.

This function support convertion of built-in Python number to correct type (int, float)

This function doesn't support decimal.Decimal or datetime.datetime or numpy types.
- alexber.utils.parsers.is_empty - if value is None returns True.

if value is empty iterable (for example, empty str or emptry list),returns true otherwise false.

Note: For not iterable values, behaivour is undefined.
- alexber.utils.parsers.parse_boolean - if value is None returns None.

if value is boolean, it is returned as it is.
if value is str and value is equals ignoring case to "True", True is returned.
if value is str and value is equals ignoring case to "False", False is returned.

For every other value, the answer is undefined.

- alexber.utils.props.Properties - A Python replacement for java.util.Properties class

This is modelled as closely as possible to the Java original.

Created - Anand B Pillai <>.

Update to Python 3 by Alex.

Also there are some tweeks that was done by Alex.