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  - Fix bug in handling of session options when providing explicit ``binds`` value via ``session_options`` during ``Manager`` in initialization. Thanks brianbruggeman_!


  - Fix bug with ``events.before_delete`` where decorator was defined using invalid parent class making it completely non-functional as a decorator.


  - Add ``metadata``argument to ``alchy.model.make_declarative_base`` to provide custom metaclass for declarative base model. Thanks fabioramponi_!


  - Add ``Meta`` argument to ``alchy.model.make_declarative_base`` to provide custom metaclass for declarative base model. Thanks elidchan_!


  - Make ``Session.get_bind()`` ``mapper`` argument have default value of ``None``.


  - Add ``Query.index_by``.
  - Add ``Query.chain``.
  - Add ``pydash`` as dependency and incorporate into existing ``Query`` methods: ``map``, ``reduce``, ``reduce_right``, and ``pluck``.
  - Improve logic for setting ``__tablename__`` to work with all table inheritance styles (joined, single, and concrete), to handle ``declared_attr`` columns, and not to duplicate underscore characters. Thanks sethp_!
  - Modify logic that sets a Model class' ``__table_args__`` and ``__mapper_args__`` (unless overridden in subclass) by merging ``__global_table_args__`` and ``__global_mapper_args__`` from all classes in the class's ``mro()`` with ``__local_table_args__`` and ``__local_mapper_args__`` from the class itself. A ``__{global,local}_{table,mapper}_args__`` may be callable or classmethod, in which case it is evaluated on the class whose ``__{table,mapper}_args__`` is being set. Thanks sethp_! (**breaking change**)


  - Add support for callable ``__table_args__`` and ``__local_table_args__``. Thanks sethp_!


  - Add ``Model.is_modified()``. Thanks sethp_!
  - Add ``Model.filter()``.
  - Add ``Model.filter_by()``.


  - Add ``search.inenum`` and ``search.notinenum`` for performing an ``in_`` and ``not(in_)`` comparision using ``DeclarativeEnum``.


  - Allow ``Model.__bind_key__`` to be set at the declarative base level so that model classes can properly inherit it.


  - Make ``ModelBase``'s ``__table_args__`` and ``__mapper_args__`` inheritable via mixins. Thanks sethp_!
  - Add ``__enum_args__`` to ``DeclarativeEnum``. Thanks sethp_!
  - Allow enum name to be overridden when calling ``DeclarativeEnum.db_type()``. Thanks sethp_!


  - During ``Model.update()`` when setting a non-list relationship automatically instantiate ``dict`` values using the relationship model class.


  - Convert null relationships to ``{}`` when calling ``Model.to_dict()`` instead of leaving as ``None``.


  - During ``Model.update()`` when setting a list relationship automatically instantiate ``dict`` values using the relationship model class.


  - Allow ``alias`` keyword argument to ``Query.join_eager()`` and ``Query.outerjoin_eager()`` to be a ``dict`` mapping aliases to join keys. Enables nested aliases.


  - Fix handling of nested ``Model.update()`` calls to relationship attributes so that setting relationship to empty ``dict`` will propagate ``None`` to relationship attribute value correctly.


  - Add ``query.LoadOption`` to support nesting load options when calling the ``query.Query`` load methods: ``join_eager``, ``outerjoin_eager``, ``joinedload``, ``immediateload``, ``lazyload``, ``noload``, and ``subqueryload``.


  - Replace usage of ``classproperty`` decorators in ``ModelBase`` with ``classmethod``. Any previously defined class properties now require method access. Affected attributes are: ``session``, ``primary_key``, ``primary_keys``, ``primary_attrs``, ``attrs``, ``descriptors``, ``relationships``, ``column_attrs``, and ``columns``. (**breaking change**)
  - Proxy ``getitem`` and ``setitem`` access to ``getattr`` and ``setattr`` in ``ModelBase``. Allows models to be accessed like dictionaries.
  - Make ```` decorators class based.
  - Require ```` decorators to be instantiated using a function call (e.g. ``events.before_update()`` instead of ``events.before_update``). (**breaking change**)
  - Add ```` comparators, ``eqenum`` and ``noteqenum``, for comparing ``DeclarativeEnum`` types.


  - Fix ``utils.iterflatten()`` by calling ``iterflatten()`` instead of ``flatten`` in recursive loop.


  - Add ``ModelBase.primary_attrs`` class property that returns a list of class attributes that are primary keys.
  - Use ``ModelBase.primary_attrs`` in ```` so that it handles cases where primary keys have column names that are different than the class attribute name.


  - Modify internals of ```` to better handle searching on a query object that already has joins and filters applied.


  - Add ``search.icontains`` and ``search.noticontains`` for case insensitive contains filter.
  - Remove strict update support from ``Model.update()``. Require this to be implemented in user-land. (**breaking change**)


  - Merge originating query where clause in ```` so that pagination works properly.
  - Add ``session_class`` argument to ``Manager`` which can override the default session class used.


  - In ``ModelMeta`` when checking whether to do tablename autogeneration, tranverse all base classes when trying to determine if a primary key is defined.
  - In ``ModelMeta`` set ``bind_key`` in ``__init__`` method instead of ``__new__``. This also fixes an issue where ``__table_args__`` was incorrectly assumed to always be a ``dict``.


  - Support ``order_by`` as list/tuple in ````.


  - Fix bug in ```` where ``order_by`` wasn't applied in the correct order. Needed to come before limit/offset are applied.


  - PEP8 compliance with default settings.
  - Remove ``query_property`` argument from ``make_declarative_base()`` and ``extend_declarative_base()``. (**breaking change**)
  - Add ``ModelBase.primary_keys`` class property which returns a tuple always (``ModelBase.primary_key`` returns a single key if only one present or a tuple if multiple).
  - Move location of class ``QueryProperty`` from ``alchy.model`` to ``alchy.query``. (**breaking change**)
  - Create new ``Query`` subclass named ``QueryModel`` which is to be used within a query property context. Replace ``Query`` with ``QueryModel`` as default query class. (**breaking change**)
  - Move ``__advanced_search__`` and ``__simple_search__`` class attributes from ``ModelBase`` to ``QueryModel``. (**breaking change**)
  - Introduce ``QueryModel.__search_filters__`` which can define a canonical set of search filters which can then be referenced in the list version of ``__advanced_search__`` and ``__simple_search__``.
  - Modify the logic of ```` to use a subquery joined onto the originating query in order to support pagination when one-to-many and many-to-many joins are present on the originating query. (**breaking change**)
  - Support passing in a callable that returns a column attribute for ``<method>()``. Allows for ```` to be used at the class attribute level when ```` will be defined later.
  - Add search operators ``any_/notany_`` and ``has/nothas`` which can be used for the corresponding relationship operators.


  - Issue warning instead of failing when installed version of SQLAlchemy isn't compatible with ``alchy.Query``'s loading API (i.e. missing ``sqlalchemy.orm.strategy_options.Load``). This allows ``alchy`` to be used with earlier versions of SQLAlchemy at user's own risk.
  - Add ```` module which provides compatible search functions for ``ModelBase.__advanced_search__`` and ``ModelBase.__simple_search__``.


  - Change ``ModelBase.session`` to proxy ``ModelBase.query.session``.
  - Add ``ModelBase.object_session`` proxy to ``orm.object_session(ModelBase)``.


  - Remove ``engine_config_prefix`` argument to ``Manager()``. (**breaking change**)
  - Add explicit ``session_options`` argument to ``Manager()``. (**breaking change**)
  - Change the ``Manager.config`` options to follow Flask-SQLAlchemy. (**breaking change**)
  - Allow ``Manager.config`` to be either a ``dict``, ``class``, or ``module object``.
  - Add multiple database engine support using a single ``Manager`` instance.
  - Add ``__bind_key__`` configuration option for ``ModelBase`` for binding model to specific database bind (similar to Flask-SQLAlchemy).


  - For ``ModelBase.update()`` don't nest ``update()`` calls if field attribute is a ``dict``.
  - Deprecated ``refresh_on_empty`` argument to ``ModelBase.to_dict()`` and instead implement ``ModelBase.__to_dict__`` configuration property as place to handle processing of model before casting to ``dict``. (**breaking change**)
  - Add ``ModelBase.__to_dict__`` configuration property which handles preprocessing for model instance and returns a set of fields as strings to be used as dict keys when calling ``to_dict()``.


  - Rename ``alchy.ManagerBase`` to ``alchy.ManagerMixin``. (**breaking change**)
  - Add ``pylint`` support.
  - Remove dependency on ``six``.


  - Prefix event decorators which did not start with ``before_`` or ``after_`` with ``on_``. Specifically, ``on_set``, ``on_append``, ``on_remove``, ``on_append_result``, ``on_create_instance``, ``on_instrument_class``, ``on_mapper_configured``, ``on_populate_instance``, ``on_translate_row``, ``on_expire``, ``on_load``, and ``on_refresh``. (**breaking change**)
  - Remove lazy engine/session initialization in ``Manager``. Require that ``Model`` and ``config`` be passed in at init time. While this removes some functionality, it's done to simplify the ``Manager`` code so that it's more straightforward. If lazy initialization is needed, then a proxy class should be used. (**breaking change**)


  - Add ``ModelBase.primary_key`` class property for retrieving primary key(s).
  - Add ``Base=None`` argument to ``make_declarative_base()`` to support passing in a subclass of ``ModelBase``. Previously had to create a declarative ``Model`` to pass in a subclassed ``ModelBase``.
  - Let any exception occurring in ``ModelBase.query`` attribute access bubble up (previously, ``UnmappedClassError`` was caught).
  - Python 2.6 and 3.3 support.
  - PEP8 compliance.
  - New dependency: ``six`` (for Python 3 support)


  - In ``ModelBase.to_dict()`` only include fields which are mapper descriptors.
  - Support ``to_dict`` method hook when iterating over objects in ``ModelBase.to_dict()``.
  - Add ``to_dict`` method hook to ``EnumSymbol`` (propagates to ``DeclarativeEnum``).


  - Support ``__iter__`` method in model so that ``dict(model)`` is equilvalent to ``model.to_dict()``.
  - Add ``refresh_on_empty=True`` argument to ``ModelBase.to_dict()`` which supports calling ``ModelBase.refresh()`` if ``__dict__`` is empty.


  - Add ```` method which adds model instance loaded from session to transaction.
  - Add ``ModelBase.get_by()`` which proxies to ``ModelBase.query.filter_by().first()``.
  - Add model attribute ``events``.
  - Add support for multiple event decoration.
  - Add named events for all supported events.
  - Add composite events for ``before_insert_update`` and ``after_insert_update``.


  - Rename ``ModelBase.advanced_search_config`` to ``ModelBase.__advanced_search__``.
  - Rename ``ModelBase.simple_search_config`` to ``ModelBase.__simple_search__``
  - Add ``ModelMeta`` metaclass.
  - Implement ``__tablename__`` autogeneration from class name.
  - Add mapper event support via ``ModelBase.__events__`` and/or ``model.event`` decorator.


  - Fix reference to ``model.make_declarative_base`` in ``Manager`` class.


  - Add default ``query_class`` to declarative model if none defined.
  - Let ``model.make_declarative_base()`` accept predefined base and just extend its functionality.


  - First release
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