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[AIRFLOW-1756] Fix S3TaskHandler to work with Boto3-based S3Hook
[AIRFLOW-1797] S3Hook.load_string didn't work on Python3
[AIRFLOW-1792] Missing intervals DruidOperator
[AIRFLOW-1789][AIRFLOW-1712] Log SSHOperator stderr to log.warning
[AIRFLOW-1669] Fix Docker and pin Moto to 1.1.19
[AIRFLOW-71] Add support for private Docker images
[AIRFLOW-1779] Add keepalive packets to ssh hook
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Give a clue what the 'ds' variable is
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Correct typos in the faq docs page
[AIRFLOW-1571] Add AWS Lambda Hook
[AIRFLOW-1675] Fix docstrings for API docs
[AIRFLOW-1712][AIRFLOW-756][AIRFLOW-751] Log SSHOperator output
[AIRFLOW-1776] Capture stdout and stderr for logging
[AIRFLOW-1765] Make experimental API securable without needing Kerberos.
[AIRFLOW-1764] The web interface should not use the experimental API
[AIRFLOW-1634] Adds task_concurrency feature
[AIRFLOW-1018] Make processor use logging framework
[AIRFLOW-1695] Add RedshiftHook using boto3
[AIRFLOW-1706] Fix query error for MSSQL backend
[AIRFLOW-1711] Use ldap3 dict for group membership
[AIRFLOW-1757] Add missing options to SparkSubmitOperator
[AIRFLOW-1734][Airflow 1734] Sqoop hook/operator enhancements
[AIRFLOW-1731] Set pythonpath for logging
[AIRFLOW-1641] Handle executor events in the scheduler
[AIRFLOW-1744] Make sure max_tries can be set
[AIRFLOW-1330] Add conn_type argument to CLI when adding connection
[AIRFLOW-926] Fix JDBC Hook
[AIRFLOW-1520] Boto3 S3Hook, S3Log
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix DateTime in Tree View
[AIRFLOW-1432] Charts label for Y axis not visible
[AIRFLOW-1743] Verify ldap filters correctly
[AIRFLOW-1745] Restore default signal disposition
[AIRFLOW-1741] Correctly hide second chart on task duration page
[AIRFLOW-1726] Add copy_expert psycopg2 method to PostgresHook
[AIRFLOW-1698] Remove SCHEDULER_RUNS env var in systemd
[AIRFLOW-1694] Stop using itertools.izip
[AIRFLOW-1692] Change test_views filename to support Windows
[AIRFLOW-1722] Fix typo in scheduler autorestart output filename
[AIRFLOW-1691] Add better Google cloud logging documentation
[AIRFLOW-1690] Add detail to gcs error messages
[AIRFLOW-1682] Make S3TaskHandler write to S3 on close
[AIRFLOW-1676] Make GCSTaskHandler write to GCS on close
[AIRFLOW-1635] Allow creating GCP connection without requiring a JSON file
[AIRFLOW-1323] Made Dataproc operator parameter names consistent
[AIRFLOW-1590] fix unused module and variable
[AIRFLOW-988] Fix repeating SLA miss callbacks
[AIRFLOW-1611] Customize logging
[AIRFLOW-1668] Expose keepalives_idle for Postgres connections
[AIRFLOW-1658] Kill Druid task on timeout
[AIRFLOW-1669][AIRFLOW-1368] Fix Docker import
[AIRFLOW-1560] Add AWS DynamoDB hook and operator for inserting batch items
[AIRFLOW-1654] Show tooltips for link icons in DAGs view
[AIRFLOW-1660] Change webpage width to full-width
[AIRFLOW-1664] write file as binary instead of str
[AIRFLOW-1659] Fix invalid obj attribute bug in
[AIRFLOW-1650] Fix custom celery config loading
[AIRFLOW-1647] Fix Spark-sql hook
[AIRFLOW-1587] Fix CeleryExecutor import error
[AIRFLOW-1636] Add AWS and EMR connection type
[AIRFLOW-1527] Refactor celery config
[AIRFLOW-1639] Fix Fernet error handling
[AIRFLOW-1628] Fix docstring of sqlsensor
[AIRFLOW-1331] add SparkSubmitOperator option
[AIRFLOW-1627] Only query pool in SubDAG init when necessary
[AIRFLOW-1629] Make extra a textarea in edit connections form
[AIRFLOW-1621] Add tests for server side paging
[AIRFLOW-1519] Add server side paging in DAGs list
[AIRFLOW-289] Make airflow timezone independent
[AIRFLOW-1356] Add `--celery_hostname` to `airflow worker`
[AIRFLOW-1591] Avoid attribute error when rendering logging filename
[AIRFLOW-1031] Replace hard-code to DagRun.ID_PREFIX
[AIRFLOW-1604] Rename logger to log
[AIRFLOW-1512] Add PythonVirtualenvOperator
[AIRFLOW-1617] Fix XSS vulnerability in Variable endpoint
[AIRFLOW-1497] Reset hidden fields when changing connection type
[AIRFLOW-1177] Fix Variable.setdefault w/existing JSON
[AIRFLOW-1600] Fix exception handling in get_fernet
[AIRFLOW-1614] Replace inspect.stack() with sys._getframe()
[AIRFLOW-1613] Make MySqlToGoogleCloudStorageOperator compaitible with python3
[AIRFLOW-1609] Fix gitignore to ignore all venvs
[AIRFLOW-1601] Add configurable task cleanup time
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Bumping Airflow 1.9.0alpha0 version
[AIRFLOW-1608] Handle pending job state in GCP Dataflow hook
[AIRFLOW-1606] Use non static DAG.sync_to_db
[AIRFLOW-1606][Airflow-1606][AIRFLOW-1605][AIRFLOW-160] DAG.sync_to_db is now a normal method
[AIRFLOW-1602] LoggingMixin in DAG class
[AIRFLOW-1593] expose load_string in WasbHook
[AIRFLOW-1597] Add GameWisp as Airflow user
[AIRFLOW-1594] Don't install test packages into python root.[]
[AIRFLOW-1582] Improve logging within Airflow
[AIRFLOW-1476] add INSTALL instruction for source releases
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Save username and password in airflow-pr
[AIRFLOW-1522] Increase text size for var field in variables for MySQL
[AIRFLOW-950] Missing AWS integrations on documentation::integrations
[AIRFLOW-XXX] 1.8.2 release notes
[AIRFLOW-1573] Remove `thrift < 0.10.0` requirement
[AIRFLOW-1584] Remove insecure /headers endpoint
[AIRFLOW-1586] Add mapping for date type to mysql_to_gcs operator
[AIRFLOW-1579] Adds support for jagged rows in Bigquery hook for BQ load jobs
[AIRFLOW-1577] Add token support to DatabricksHook
[AIRFLOW-1580] Error in string formating
[AIRFLOW-1567] Updated docs for Google ML Engine operators/hooks
[AIRFLOW-1574] add 'to' attribute to templated vars of email operator
[AIRFLOW-1572] add carbonite to company list
[AIRFLOW-1568] Fix typo in BigQueryHook
[AIRFLOW-1493][AIRFLOW-XXXX][WIP] fixed dumb thing
[AIRFLOW-1567][Airflow-1567] Renamed cloudml hook and operator to mlengine
[AIRFLOW-1568] Add datastore export/import operators
[AIRFLOW-1564] Use Jinja2 to render logging filename
[AIRFLOW-1562] Spark-sql logging contains deadlock
[AIRFLOW-1556][Airflow 1556] Add support for SQL parameters in BigQueryBaseCursor
[AIRFLOW-108] Add to companies list
[AIRFLOW-1541] Add channel to template fields of slack_operator
[AIRFLOW-1535] Add service account/scopes in dataproc
[AIRFLOW-1384] Add to CaDC/ARGO
[AIRFLOW-1546] add Zymergen 80to org list in README
[AIRFLOW-1545] Add Nextdoor to companies list
[AIRFLOW-1544] Add DataFox to companies list
[AIRFLOW-1529] Add logic supporting quoted newlines in Google BigQuery load jobs
[AIRFLOW-1521] Fix emplate rendering for BigqueryTableDeleteOperator
[AIRFLOW-1324] Generalize Druid operator and hook
[AIRFLOW-1516] Fix error handling getting fernet
[AIRFLOW-1420][AIRFLOW-1473] Fix deadlock check
[AIRFLOW-1495] Fix migration on index on job_id
[AIRFLOW-1483] Making page size consistent in list
[AIRFLOW-1495] Add TaskInstance index on job_id
[AIRFLOW-855] Replace PickleType with LargeBinary in XCom
[AIRFLOW-1505] Document when Jinja substitution occurs
[AIRFLOW-1504] Log dataproc cluster name
[AIRFLOW-1239] Fix unicode error for logs in base_task_runner
[AIRFLOW-1280] Fix Gantt chart height
[AIRFLOW-1507] Template parameters in file_to_gcs operator
[AIRFLOW-1452] workaround lock on method
[AIRFLOW-1385] Make Airflow task logging configurable
[AIRFLOW-940] Handle error on variable decrypt
[AIRFLOW-1492] Add gauge for task successes/failures
[AIRFLOW-1443] Update Airflow configuration documentation
[AIRFLOW-1486] Unexpected S3 writing log error
[AIRFLOW-1487] Added links to all companies officially using Airflow
[AIRFLOW-1489] Fix typo in BigQueryCheckOperator
[AIRFLOW-1349] Fix backfill to respect limits
[AIRFLOW-1478] Chart owner column should be sortable
[AIRFLOW-1397][AIRFLOW-1] No Last Run column data displyed in Airflow UI 1.8.1
[AIRFLOW-1474] Add dag_id regex feature for `airflow clear` command
[AIRFLOW-1445] Changing HivePartitionSensor UI color to lighter shade
[AIRFLOW-1359] Use default_args in Cloud ML eval
[AIRFLOW-1389] Support createDisposition in BigQueryOperator
[AIRFLOW-1349] Refactor BackfillJob _execute
[AIRFLOW-1459] Fixed broken integration .rst formatting
[AIRFLOW-1448] Revert "Fix cli reading logfile in memory"
[AIRFLOW-1398] Allow ExternalTaskSensor to wait on multiple runs of a task
[AIRFLOW-1399] Fix cli reading logfile in memory
[AIRFLOW-1442] Remove extra space from ignore_all_deps generated command
[AIRFLOW-1438] Change batch size per query in scheduler
[AIRFLOW-1439] Add max billing tier for the BQ Hook and Operator
[AIRFLOW-1437] Modify BigQueryTableDeleteOperator
[Airflow 1332] Split logs based on try number
[AIRFLOW-1385] Create abstraction for Airflow task logging
[AIRFLOW-756][AIRFLOW-751] Replace ssh hook, operator & sftp operator with paramiko based
[AIRFLOW-1393][[AIRFLOW-1393] Enable Py3 tests in contrib/spark_submit_hook[
[AIRFLOW-1345] Dont expire TIs on each scheduler loop
[AIRFLOW-1059] Reset orphaned tasks in batch for scheduler
[AIRFLOW-1255] Fix SparkSubmitHook output deadlock
[AIRFLOW-1359] Add Google CloudML utils for model evaluation
[AIRFLOW-1247] Fix ignore all dependencies argument ignored
[AIRFLOW-1401] Standardize cloud ml operator arguments
[AIRFLOW-1394] Add quote_character param to GCS hook and operator
[AIRFLOW-1402] Cleanup SafeConfigParser DeprecationWarning
[AIRFLOW-1326][[AIRFLOW-1326][AIRFLOW-1184] Don't split argument array -- it's already an array.[
[AIRFLOW-1384] Add ARGO/CaDC as a Airflow user
[AIRFLOW-1357] Fix scheduler zip file support
[AIRFLOW-1382] Add working dir option to DockerOperator
[AIRFLOW-1388] Add Cloud ML Engine operators to integration doc
[AIRFLOW-1387] Add unicode string prefix
[AIRFLOW-1366] Add max_tries to task instance
[AIRFLOW-1300] Enable table creation with TBLPROPERTIES
[AIRFLOW-1271] Add Google CloudML Training Operator
[AIRFLOW-300] Add Google Pubsub hook and operator
[AIRFLOW-1343] Fix dataproc label format
[AIRFLOW-1367] Pass Content-ID To reference inline images in an email, we need to be able to add <img src="cid:{}"/> to the HTML. However currently the Content-ID (cid) is not passed, so we need to add it
[AIRFLOW-1265] Fix celery executor parsing CELERY_SSL_ACTIVE
[AIRFLOW-1272] Google Cloud ML Batch Prediction Operator
[AIRFLOW-1352][AIRFLOW-1335] Revert MemoryHandler change ()[]
[AIRFLOW-1350] Add query_uri param to Hive/SparkSQL DataProc operator
[AIRFLOW-1334] Check if tasks are backfill on scheduler in a join
[AIRFLOW-1343] Add Airflow default label to the dataproc operator
[AIRFLOW-1273] Add Google Cloud ML version and model operators
[AIRFLOW-1273]AIRFLOW-1273] Add Google Cloud ML version and model operators
[AIRFLOW-1321] Fix hidden field key to ignore case
[AIRFLOW-1337] Make log_format key names lowercase
[AIRFLOW-1338][AIRFLOW-782] Add GCP dataflow hook runner change to
[AIRFLOW-801] Remove outdated docstring on BaseOperator
[AIRFLOW-1344] Fix text encoding bug when reading logs for Python 3.5
[AIRFLOW-1338] Fix incompatible GCP dataflow hook
[AIRFLOW-1333] Enable copy function for Google Cloud Storage Hook
[AIRFLOW-1337] Allow log format customization via airflow.cfg
[AIRFLOW-1320] Update LetsBonus users in README
[AIRFLOW-1335] Use MemoryHandler for buffered logging
[AIRFLOW-1339] Add Drivy to the list of users
[AIRFLOW-1275] Put 'airflow pool' into API
[AIRFLOW-1296] Propagate SKIPPED to all downstream tasks
[AIRFLOW-1317] Fix minor issues in API reference
[AIRFLOW-1308] Disable nanny usage for Dask
[AIRFLOW-1172] Support nth weekday of the month cron expression
[AIRFLOW-936] Add clear/mark success for DAG in the UI
[AIRFLOW-1294] Backfills can loose tasks to execute
[AIRFLOW-1299] Support imageVersion in Google Dataproc cluster
[AIRFLOW-1291] Update NOTICE and LICENSE files to match ASF requirements
[AIRFLOW-1301] Add New Relic to list of companies
[AIRFLOW-1289] Removes restriction on number of scheduler threads
[AIRFLOW-1024] Ignore celery executor errors (49)
[AIRFLOW-1265] Fix exception while loading celery configurations
[AIRFLOW-1290] set docs author to 'Apache Airflow'
[AIRFLOW-1242] Allowing project_id to have a colon in it.
[AIRFLOW-1282] Fix known event column sorting
[AIRFLOW-1166] Speed up _change_state_for_tis_without_dagrun
[AIRFLOW-1208] Speed-up cli tests
[AIRFLOW-1192] Some enhancements to qubole_operator
[AIRFLOW-1281] Sort variables by key field by default
[AIRFLOW-1277] Forbid KE creation with empty fields
[AIRFLOW-1276] Forbid event creation with end_data earlier than start_date
[AIRFLOW-1263] Dynamic height for charts
[AIRFLOW-1266] Increase width of gantt y axis
[AIRFLOW-1244] Forbid creation of a pool with empty name
[AIRFLOW-1274][HTTPSENSOR] Rename parameter params to data
[AIRFLOW-654] Add SSL Config Option for CeleryExecutor w/ RabbitMQ - Add BROKER_USE_SSL config to give option to send AMQP messages over SSL - Can be set using usual airflow options (e.g. airflow.cfg, env vars, etc.)
[AIRFLOW-1256] Add United Airlines to readme
[AIRFLOW-1251] Add eRevalue to Airflow users
[AIRFLOW-908] Print hostname at the start of cli run
[AIRFLOW-1237] Fix IN-predicate sqlalchemy warning
[AIRFLOW-1243] DAGs table has no default entries to show
[AIRFLOW-1245] Fix random failure in test_trigger_dag_for_date
[AIRFLOW-1248] Fix wrong conf name for worker timeout
[AIRFLOW-1197] : SparkSubmitHook on_kill error
[AIRFLOW-1191] : SparkSubmitHook custom cmd
[AIRFLOW-1234] Cover utils.operator_helpers with UTs
[AIRFLOW-1217] Enable Sqoop logging
[AIRFLOW-645] Support HTTPS connections in HttpHook
[AIRFLOW-1231] Use flask_wtf.CSRFProtect
[AIRFLOW-1232] Remove deprecated readfp warning
[AIRFLOW-1233] Cover utils.json with unit tests
[AIRFLOW-1227] Remove empty column on the Logs view
[AIRFLOW-1226] Remove empty column on the Jobs view
[AIRFLOW-1221] Fix templating bug with DatabricksSubmitRunOperator
[AIRFLOW-1210] Enable DbApiHook unit tests
[AIRFLOW-1199] Fix create modal
[AIRFLOW-1200] Forbid creation of a variable with an empty key
[AIRFLOW-1207] Enable utils.helpers unit tests
[AIRFLOW-1213] Add hcatalog parameters to sqoop
[AIRFLOW-1201] Update deprecated 'nose-parameterized'
[AIRFLOW-1186] Sort dag.get_task_instances by execution_date
[AIRFLOW-1203] Pin Google API client version to fix OAuth issue
[AIRFLOW-1145] Fix closest_date_partition function with before set to True If we're looking for the closest date before, we should take the latest date in the list of date before.
[AIRFLOW-1180] Fix flask-wtf version for test_csrf_rejection
[AIRFLOW-993] Update date inference logic
[AIRFLOW-1170] DbApiHook insert_rows inserts parameters separately
[AIRFLOW-1041] Do not shadow xcom_push method[]
[AIRFLOW-860][AIRFLOW-935] Fix plugin executor import cycle and executor selection
[AIRFLOW-1189] Fix get a DataFrame using BigQueryHook failing
[AIRFLOW-1184] SparkSubmitHook does not split args
[AIRFLOW-1182] SparkSubmitOperator template field
[AIRFLOW-823] Allow specifying execution date in task_info API
[AIRFLOW-1175] Add Pronto Tools to Airflow user list
[AIRFLOW-1150] Fix scripts execution in sparksql hook[]
[AIRFLOW-1141] remove crawl_for_tasks
[AIRFLOW-1193] Add Checkr to company using Airflow
[AIRFLOW-1168] Add closing() to all connections and cursors
[AIRFLOW-1188] Add max_bad_records param to GoogleCloudStorageToBigQueryOperator
[AIRFLOW-1187][AIRFLOW-1185] Fix PyPi package names in documents
[AIRFLOW-1185] Fix PyPi URL in templates
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Updating CHANGELOG, README, and UPDATING after 1.8.1 release
[AIRFLOW-1181] Add delete and list functionality to gcs_hook
[AIRFLOW-1179] Fix Pandas 0.2x breaking Google BigQuery change
[AIRFLOW-1167] Support microseconds in FTPHook modification time
[AIRFLOW-1173] Add Robinhood to who uses Airflow
[AIRFLOW-945][AIRFLOW-941] Remove psycopg2 connection workaround
[AIRFLOW-1140] DatabricksSubmitRunOperator should template the "json" field.
[AIRFLOW-1160] Update Spark parameters for Mesos
[AIRFLOW 1149][AIRFLOW-1149] Allow for custom filters in Jinja2 templates
[AIRFLOW-1036] Randomize exponential backoff
[AIRFLOW-1155] Add to community
[AIRFLOW-1142] Do not reset orphaned state for backfills
[AIRFLOW-492] Make sure stat updates cannot fail a task
[AIRFLOW-1119] Fix unload query so headers are on first row[]
[AIRFLOW-1089] Add Spark application arguments
[AIRFLOW-1125] Document encrypted connections
[AIRFLOW-1122] Increase stroke width in UI
[AIRFLOW-1138] Add missing licenses to files in scripts directory
(AIRFLOW-11-38) [AIRFLOW-1136] Capture invalid arguments for Sqoop
[AIRFLOW-1127] Move license notices to LICENSE
[AIRFLOW-1118] Add to Airflow users
[AIRFLOW-1121][AIRFLOW-1004] Fix `airflow webserver --pid` to write out pid file
[AIRFLOW-1124] Do not set all tasks to scheduled in backfill
[AIRFLOW-1120] Update version view to include Apache prefix
[AIRFLOW-1091] Add script that can compare jira target against merges
[AIRFLOW-1107] Add support for ftps non-default port
[AIRFLOW-1000] Rebrand distribution to Apache Airflow
[AIRFLOW-1094] Run unit tests under contrib in Travis
[AIRFLOW-1112] Log which pool when pool is full in scheduler
[AIRFLOW-1106] Add Groupalia/Letsbonus to the ReadMe
[AIRFLOW-1109] Use kill signal to kill processes and log results
[AIRFLOW-1074] Don't count queued tasks for concurrency limits
[AIRFLOW-1095] Make ldap_auth memberOf come from configuration
[AIRFLOW-1090] Add HBO
[AIRFLOW-1035] Use binary exponential backoff
[AIRFLOW-1081] Improve performance of duration chart
[AIRFLOW-1078] Fix latest_runs endpoint for old flask versions
[AIRFLOW-1085] Enhance the SparkSubmitOperator
[AIRFLOW-1050] Do not count up_for_retry as not ready
[AIRFLOW-1028] Databricks Operator for Airflow
[AIRFLOW-1075] Security docs cleanup
[AIRFLOW-1033][AIFRLOW-1033] Fix ti_deps for no schedule dags
[AIRFLOW-1016] Allow HTTP HEAD request method on HTTPSensor
[AIRFLOW-970] Load latest_runs on homepage async
[AIRFLOW-111] Include queued tasks in scheduler concurrency check
[AIRFLOW-1001] Fix landing times if there is no following schedule
[AIRFLOW-1065] Add functionality for Azure Blob Storage over wasb://
[AIRFLOW-947] Improve exceptions for unavailable Presto cluster
[AIRFLOW-1067] use in examples
[AIRFLOW-1064] Change default sort to job_id for TaskInstanceModelView
[AIRFLOW-1030][AIRFLOW-1] Fix hook import for HttpSensor
[AIRFLOW-1051] Add a test for resetdb to CliTests
[AIRFLOW-1004][AIRFLOW-276] Fix `airflow webserver -D` to run in background
[AIRFLOW-1062] Fix DagRunfind to return correct result
[AIRFLOW-1011] Fix bug in BackfillJob._execute() for SubDAGs
[AIRFLOW-1038] Specify celery serialization options explicitly
[AIRFLOW-1054] Fix broken import in test_dag
[AIRFLOW-1007] Use Jinja sandbox for chart_data endpoint
[AIRFLOW-719] Fix race condition in ShortCircuit, Branch and LatestOnly
[AIRFLOW-1043] Fix doc strings of operators
[AIRFLOW-840] Make ticket renewer python3 compatible
[AIRFLOW-985] Extend the sqoop operator and hook
[AIRFLOW-1034] Make it possible to connect to S3 in sigv4 regions
[AIRFLOW-1045] Make log level configurable via airflow.cfg
[AIRFLOW-1047] Sanitize strings passed to Markup
[AIRFLOW-1040] Fix some small typos in comments and docstrings
[AIRFLOW-1017] get_task_instance shouldn't throw exception when no TI
[AIRFLOW-1006] Add config_templates to MANIFEST
[AIRFLOW-999] Add support for Redis database
[AIRFLOW-1009] Remove SQLOperator from Concepts page
[AIRFLOW-1006] Move config templates to separate files
[AIRFLOW-1005] Improve Airflow startup time
[AIRFLOW-1010] Add convenience script for signing releases
[AIRFLOW-995] Remove reference to actual Airflow issue
[AIRFLOW-681] homepage doc link should pointing to apache repo not airbnb repo
[AIRFLOW-705][AIRFLOW-706] Fix run_command bugs
[AIRFLOW-990] Fix Py27 unicode logging in DockerOperator
[AIRFLOW-963] Fix non-rendered code examples
[AIRFLOW-969] Catch bad python_callable argument
[AIRFLOW-984] Enable subclassing of SubDagOperator
[AIRFLOW-997] Update setup.cfg to point to Apache
[AIRFLOW-994] Add MiNODES to the official airflow user list
[AIRFLOW-995][AIRFLOW-1] Update GitHub PR Template
[AIRFLOW-989] Do not mark dag run successful if unfinished tasks
[AIRFLOW-903] New configuration setting for the default dag view
[AIRFLOW-979] Add GovTech GDS
[AIRFLOW-933] Replace eval with literal_eval to prevent RCE
[AIRFLOW-974] Fix mkdirs race condition
[AIRFLOW-917] Fix formatting of error message
[AIRFLOW-770] Refactor BaseHook so env vars are always read
[AIRFLOW-900] Double trigger should not kill original task instance
[AIRFLOW-900] Fixes bugs in LocalTaskJob for double run protection
[AIRFLOW-932][AIRFLOW-932][AIRFLOW-921][AIRFLOW-910] Do not mark tasks removed when backfilling[
[AIRFLOW-961] run onkill when SIGTERMed
[AIRFLOW-910] Use parallel task execution for backfills
[AIRFLOW-967] Wrap strings in native for py2 ldap compatibility
[AIRFLOW-958] Improve tooltip readability
AIRFLOW-959 Cleanup and reorganize .gitignore
AIRFLOW-960 Add .editorconfig file
[AIRFLOW-931] Do not set QUEUED in TaskInstances
[AIRFLOW-956] Get docs working on
[AIRFLOW-954] Fix configparser ImportError
[AIRFLOW-941] Use defined parameters for psycopg2
[AIRFLOW-943] Update Digital First Media in users list
[AIRFLOW-942] Add mytaxi to Airflow users
[AIRFLOW-939] add .swp to gitginore
[AIRFLOW-719] Prevent DAGs from ending prematurely
[AIRFLOW-938] Use test for True in task_stats queries
[AIRFLOW-937] Improve performance of task_stats
[AIRFLOW-933] use ast.literal_eval rather eval because ast.literal_eval does not execute input.
[AIRFLOW-925] Revert airflow.hooks change that cherry-pick picked
[AIRFLOW-919] Running tasks with no start date shouldn't break a DAGs UI
[AIRFLOW-802][AIRFLOW-1] Add spark-submit operator/hook
[AIRFLOW-725] Use keyring to store credentials for JIRA
[AIRFLOW-916] Remove deprecated readfp function
[AIRFLOW-911] Add coloring and timing to tests
[AIRFLOW-906] Update Code icon from lightning bolt to file
[AIRFLOW-897] Prevent dagruns from failing with unfinished tasks
[AIRFLOW-896] Remove unicode to 8-bit conversion in BigQueryOperator
[AIRFLOW-899] Tasks in SCHEDULED state should be white in the UI instead of black
[AIRFLOW-895] Address Apache release incompliancies
[AIRFLOW-893][AIRFLOW-510] Fix crashing webservers when a dagrun has no start date
[AIRFLOW-880] Make webserver serve logs in a sane way for remote logs
[AIRFLOW-889] Fix minor error in the docstrings for BaseOperator
[AIRFLOW-809][AIRFLOW-1] Use __eq__ ColumnOperator When Testing Booleans
[AIRFLOW-875] Add template to HttpSensor params
[AIRFLOW-866] Add FTPSensor
[AIRFLOW-881] Check if SubDagOperator is in DAG context manager
[AIRFLOW-885] Add to the users list
[AIRFLOW-836] Use POST and CSRF for state changing endpoints
[AIRFLOW-862] Fix Unit Tests for DaskExecutor


[AIRFLOW-2429] Fix api, bin, config_templates folders flake8 error
[AIRFLOW-2493] Mark template_fields of all Operators in the API document as "templated"


[AIRFLOW-1964] Add Upsight to list of Airflow users


[AIRFLOW-663] Improve time units for task performance charts
[AIRFLOW-665] Fix email attachments
[AIRFLOW-734] Fix SMTP auth regression when not using user/pass
[AIRFLOW-702] Fix LDAP Regex Bug
[AIRFLOW-717] Add Cloud Storage updated sensor
[AIRFLOW-695] Retries do not execute because dagrun is in FAILED state
[AIRFLOW-673] Add operational metrics test for SchedulerJob
[AIRFLOW-727] try_number is not increased
[AIRFLOW-715] A more efficient HDFS Sensor:
[AIRFLOW-716] Allow AVRO BigQuery load-job without schema
[AIRFLOW-718] Allow the query URI for DataProc Pig
Log needs to be part of try/catch block
[AIRFLOW-721] Descendant process can disappear before termination
[AIRFLOW-403] Bash operator's kill method leaves underlying processes running
[AIRFLOW-657] Add AutoCommit Parameter for MSSQL
[AIRFLOW-641] Improve pull request instructions
[AIRFLOW-685] Add test for MySqlHook.bulk_load()
[AIRFLOW-686] Match auth backend config section
[AIRFLOW-691] Add SSH KeepAlive option to SSH_hook
[AIRFLOW-709] Use same engine for migrations and reflection
[AIRFLOW-700] Update to reference to web authentication documentation
[AIRFLOW-649] Support non-sched DAGs in LatestOnlyOp
[AIRFLOW-712] Fix AIRFLOW-667 to use proper HTTP error properties
[AIRFLOW-710] Add OneFineStay as official user
[AIRFLOW-703][AIRFLOW-1] Stop Xcom being cleared too early
[AIRFLOW-679] Stop concurrent task instances from running
[AIRFLOW-704][AIRFLOW-1] Fix invalid syntax in BQ hook
[AIRFLOW-667] Handle BigQuery 503 error
[AIRFLOW-680] Disable connection pool for commands
[AIRFLOW-678] Prevent scheduler from double triggering TIs
[AIRFLOW-677] Kill task if it fails to heartbeat
[AIRFLOW-674] Ability to add descriptions for DAGs
[AIRFLOW-682] Bump MAX_PERIODS to make mark_success work for large DAGs
Use jdk selector to set required jdk
[AIRFLOW-647] Restore dag.get_active_runs
[AIRFLOW-662] Change seasons to months in project description
[AIRFLOW-656] Add dag/task/date index to xcom table
[AIRFLOW-658] Improve schema_update_options in GCP
[AIRFLOW-41] Fix pool oversubscription
[AIRFLOW-489] Add API Framework
[AIRFLOW-653] Add some missing endpoint tests
[AIRFLOW-652] Remove obsolete endpoint
[AIRFLOW-345] Add contrib ECSOperator
[AIRFLOW-650] Adding Celect to user list
[AIRFLOW-510] Filter Paused Dags, show Last Run & Trigger Dag
[AIRFLOW-643] Improve date handling for sf_hook
[AIRFLOW-638] Add schema_update_options to GCP ops
[AIRFLOW-640] Install and enable nose-ignore-docstring
[AIRFLOW-639]AIRFLOW-639] Alphasort package names
[AIRFLOW-375] Fix pylint errors
[AIRFLOW-347] Show empty DAG runs in tree view
[AIRFLOW-628] Adding SalesforceHook to contrib/hooks
[AIRFLOW-514] hive hook loads data from pandas DataFrame into hive and infers types
[AIRFLOW-565] Fixes DockerOperator on Python3.x
[AIRFLOW-635] Encryption option for S3 hook
[AIRFLOW-137] Fix max_active_runs on clearing tasks
[AIRFLOW-343] Fix schema plumbing in HiveServer2Hook
[AIRFLOW-130] Fix ssh operator macosx
[AIRFLOW-633] Show TI attributes in TI view
[AIRFLOW-626][AIRFLOW-1] HTML Content does not show up when sending email with attachment
[AIRFLOW-533] Set autocommit via set_autocommit
[AIRFLOW-629] stop pinning lxml
[AIRFLOW-464] Add setdefault method to Variable
[AIRFLOW-626][AIRFLOW-1] HTML Content does not show up when sending email with attachment
[AIRFLOW-591] Add datadog hook & sensor
[AIRFLOW-561] Add RedshiftToS3Transfer operator
[AIRFLOW-570] Pass root to date form on gantt
[AIRFLOW-504] Store fractional seconds in MySQL tables
[AIRFLOW-623] LDAP attributes not always a list
[AIRFLOW-611] source_format in BigQueryBaseCursor
[AIRFLOW-619] Fix exception in Gannt chart
[AIRFLOW-618] Cast DateTimes to avoid sqllite errors
[AIRFLOW-422] Add JSON endpoint for task info
[AIRFLOW-616][AIRFLOW-617] Minor fixes to PR tool UX
[AIRFLOW-179] Fix DbApiHook with non-ASCII chars
[AIRFLOW-566] Add timeout while fetching logs
[AIRFLOW-615] Set graph glyphicon first
[AIRFLOW-609] Add application_name to PostgresHook
[AIRFLOW-604] Revert .first() to .one()
[AIRFLOW-370] Create AirflowConfigException in
[AIRFLOW-582] Fixes TI.get_dagrun filter (removes start_date)
[AIRFLOW-568] Fix double task_stats count if a DagRun is active
[AIRFLOW-585] Fix race condition in backfill execution loop
[AIRFLOW-580] Prevent landscape warning on .format
[AIRFLOW-597] Check if content is None, not false-equivalent
[AIRFLOW-586] test_dag_v1 fails from 0 to 3 a.m.
[AIRFLOW-453] Add XCom Admin Page
[AIRFLOW-588] Add Google Cloud Storage Object sensor[]
[AIRFLOW-592] example_xcom import Error
[AIRFLOW-587] Fix incorrect scope for Google Auth[]
[AIRFLOW-589] Add templatable job_name[]
[AIRFLOW-227] Show running config in config view
[AIRFLOW-319]AIRFLOW-319] xcom push response in HTTP Operator
[AIRFLOW-385] Add symlink to latest scheduler log directory
[AIRFLOW-583] Fix decode error in gcs_to_bq
[AIRFLOW-96] s3_conn_id using environment variable
[AIRFLOW-575] Clarify tutorial and FAQ about `schedule_interval` always inheriting from DAG object
[AIRFLOW-577] Output BigQuery job for improved debugging
[AIRFLOW-560] Get URI & SQLA engine from Connection
[AIRFLOW-518] Require DataProfilingMixin for Variables CRUD
[AIRFLOW-553] Fix load path for filters.js
[AIRFLOW-554] Add Jinja support to Spark-sql
[AIRFLOW-550] Make ssl config check empty string safe
[AIRFLOW-500] Use id for github allowed teams
[AIRFLOW-556] Add UI PR guidelines
[AIRFLOW-358][AIRFLOW-430] Add `connections` cli
[AIRFLOW-548] Load DAGs immediately & continually
[AIRFLOW-539] Updated BQ hook and BQ operator to support Standard SQL.
[AIRFLOW-378] Add string casting to params of spark-sql operator
[AIRFLOW-544] Add Pause/Resume toggle button
[AIRFLOW-333][AIRFLOW-258] Fix non-module plugin components
[AIRFLOW-542] Add tooltip to DAGs links icons
[AIRFLOW-530] Update docs to reflect connection environment var has to be in uppercase
[AIRFLOW-525] Update template_fields in Qubole Op
[AIRFLOW-480] Support binary file download from GCS
[AIRFLOW-198] Implement latest_only_operator
[AIRFLOW-91] Add SSL config option for the webserver
[AIRFLOW-191] Fix connection leak with PostgreSQL backend
[AIRFLOW-512] Fix 'bellow' typo in docs & comments
[AIRFLOW-509][AIRFLOW-1] Create operator to delete tables in BigQuery
[AIRFLOW-498] Remove hard-coded gcp project id
[AIRFLOW-505] Support unicode characters in authors' names
[AIRFLOW-494] Add per-operator success/failure metrics
[AIRFLOW-488] Fix test_simple fail


[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add PMC to list of companies using Airflow
[AIRFLOW-2100] Fix Broken Documentation Links
[AIRFLOW-1404] Add 'flatten_results' & 'maximum_bytes_billed' to BQ Operator
[AIRFLOW-800] Initialize valid Google BigQuery Connection
[AIRFLOW-1319] Fix misleading SparkSubmitOperator and SparkSubmitHook docstring
[AIRFLOW-1983] Parse environment parameter as template
[AIRFLOW-2095] Add operator to create External BigQuery Table
[AIRFLOW-2085] Add SparkJdbc operator
[AIRFLOW-1002] Add ability to clean all dependencies of removed DAG
[AIRFLOW-2094] Jinjafied project_id, region & zone in DataProc{*} Operators
[AIRFLOW-2092] Fixed incorrect parameter in docstring for FTPHook
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add SocialCops to Airflow users
[AIRFLOW-2088] Fix duplicate keys in MySQL to GCS Helper function
[AIRFLOW-2091] Fix incorrect docstring parameter in BigQuery Hook
[AIRFLOW-2090] Fix typo in DataStore Hook
[AIRFLOW-1157] Fix missing pools crashing the scheduler
[AIRFLOW-713] Jinjafy {EmrCreateJobFlow,EmrAddSteps}Operator attributes
[AIRFLOW-2083] Docs: Use "its" instead of "it's" where appropriate
[AIRFLOW-2066] Add operator to create empty BQ table
[AIRFLOW-XXX] add Karmic to list of companies
[AIRFLOW-2073] Make FileSensor fail when the file doesn't exist
[AIRFLOW-2078] Improve task_stats and dag_stats performance
[AIRFLOW-2080] Use a log-out icon instead of a power button
[AIRFLOW-2077] Fetch all pages of list_objects_v2 response
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add TM to list of companies
[AIRFLOW-1985] Impersonation fixes for using `run_as_user`
[AIRFLOW-2018][AIRFLOW-2] Make Sensors backward compatible
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix typo in concepts doc (dag_md)
[AIRFLOW-2069] Allow Bytes to be uploaded to S3
[AIRFLOW-2074] Fix log var name in GHE auth
[AIRFLOW-1927] Convert naive datetimes for TaskInstances
[AIRFLOW-1760] Password auth for experimental API
[AIRFLOW-2038] Add missing kubernetes dependency for dev
[AIRFLOW-2040] Escape special chars in task instance logs URL
[AIRFLOW-1968][AIRFLOW-1520] Add role_arn and aws_account_id/aws_iam_role support back to aws hook
[AIRFLOW-2048] Fix task instance failure string formatting
[AIRFLOW-2046] Fix kerberos error to work with python 3.x
[AIRFLOW-2063] Add missing docs for GCP
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix typo in docs
[AIRFLOW-1793] Use docker_url instead of invalid base_url
[AIRFLOW-2055] Elaborate on slightly ambiguous documentation
[AIRFLOW-2039] BigQueryOperator supports priority property
[AIRFLOW-2053] Fix quote character bug in BQ hook
[AIRFLOW-2057] Add Overstock to list of companies
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Plaid to Airflow users
[AIRFLOW-2044] Add SparkSubmitOperator to documentation
[AIRFLOW-2037] Add methods to get Hash values of a GCS object
[AIRFLOW-2050] Fix Travis permission problem
[AIRFLOW-2043] Add Intercom to list of companies
[AIRFLOW-2023] Add debug logging around number of queued files
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Pernod-ricard as a airflow user
[AIRFLOW-1453] Add 'steps' into template_fields in EmrAddSteps
[AIRFLOW-2015] Add flag for interactive runs
[AIRFLOW-1895] Fix primary key integrity for mysql
[AIRFLOW-2030] Fix KeyError:`i` in DbApiHook for insert
[AIRFLOW-1943] Add External BigQuery Table feature
[AIRFLOW-2033] Add Google Cloud Storage List Operator
[AIRFLOW-2006] Add local log catching to kubernetes operator
[AIRFLOW-2031] Add missing gcp_conn_id in the example in DataFlow docstrings
[AIRFLOW-2029] Fix AttributeError in BigQueryPandasConnector
[AIRFLOW-2028] Add JobTeaser to official users list
[AIRFLOW-2016] Add support for Dataproc Workflow Templates
[AIRFLOW-2025] Reduced Logging verbosity
[AIRFLOW-1267][AIRFLOW-1874] Add dialect parameter to BigQueryHook
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fixed a typo
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Typo node to nodes
[AIRFLOW-2019] Update DataflowHook for updating Streaming type job
[AIRFLOW-2017][Airflow 2017] adding query output to PostgresOperator
[AIRFLOW-1889] Split sensors into separate files
[AIRFLOW-1950] Optionally pass xcom_pull task_ids
[AIRFLOW-1755] Allow mount below root
[AIRFLOW-511][Airflow 511] add success/failure callbacks on dag level
[AIRFLOW-192] Add weight_rule param to BaseOperator
[AIRFLOW-2008] Use callable for python column defaults
[AIRFLOW-1984] Fix to AWS Batch operator
[AIRFLOW-2000] Support non-main dataflow job class
[AIRFLOW-2003] Use flask-caching instead of flask-cache
[AIRFLOW-2002] Do not swallow exception on logging import
[AIRFLOW-2004] Import flash from flask not flask.login
[AIRFLOW-1997] Fix GCP operator doc strings
[AIRFLOW-1996] Update DataflowHook waitfordone for Streaming type job[]
[AIRFLOW-1995][Airflow 1995] add on_kill method to SqoopOperator
[AIRFLOW-1770] Allow HiveOperator to take in a file
[AIRFLOW-1994] Change background color of Scheduled state Task Instances
[AIRFLOW-1436][AIRFLOW-1475] EmrJobFlowSensor considers Cancelled step as Successful
[AIRFLOW-1517] Kubernetes operator PR fixes
[AIRFLOW-1517] addressed PR comments
[AIRFLOW-1517] started documentation of k8s operator
[AIRFLOW-1517] Restore authorship of resources
[AIRFLOW-1517] Remove authorship of resources
[AIRFLOW-1517] Add minikube for kubernetes integration tests
[AIRFLOW-1517] Restore authorship of resources
[AIRFLOW-1517] fixed license issues
[AIRFLOW-1517] Created more accurate failures for kube cluster issues
[AIRFLOW-1517] Remove authorship of resources
[AIRFLOW-1517] Add minikube for kubernetes integration tests
[AIRFLOW-1988] Change BG color of None state TIs
[AIRFLOW-790] Clean up TaskInstances without DagRuns
[AIRFLOW-1949] Fix var upload, str() produces "b'...'" which is not json
[AIRFLOW-1930] Convert to timezone.utcnow()
[AIRFLOW-1688] Support load.time_partitioning in bigquery_hook
[AIRFLOW-1975] Make TriggerDagRunOperator callback optional
[AIRFLOW-1480] Render template attributes for ExternalTaskSensor fields
[AIRFLOW-1958] Add **kwargs to send_email
[AIRFLOW-1976] Fix for missing log/logger attribute FileProcessHandler
[AIRFLOW-1982] Fix Executor event log formatting
[AIRFLOW-1971] Propagate hive config on impersonation
[AIRFLOW-1969] Always use HTTPS URIs for Google OAuth2
[AIRFLOW-1954] Add DataFlowTemplateOperator
[AIRFLOW-1963] Add config for HiveOperator mapred_queue
[AIRFLOW-1946][AIRFLOW-1855] Create a BigQuery Get Data Operator
[AIRFLOW-1953] Add labels to dataflow operators


[AIRFLOW-2448] Enhance HiveCliHook.load_df to work with datetime
[AIRFLOW-2487] Enhance druid ingestion hook
[AIRFLOW-2397] Support affinity policies for Kubernetes executor/operator
[AIRFLOW-2482] Add test for rewrite method in GCS Hook
[AIRFLOW-2481] Fix flaky Kubernetes test
[AIRFLOW-2479] Improve doc FAQ section
[AIRFLOW-2485] Fix Incorrect logging for Qubole Sensor
[AIRFLOW-2486] Remove unnecessary slash after port
[AIRFLOW-2429] Make Airflow flake8 compliant
[AIRFLOW-2491] Resolve flask version conflict
[AIRFLOW-2484] Remove duplicate key in MySQL to GCS Op
[ARIFLOW-2458] Add cassandra-to-gcs operator
[AIRFLOW-2477] Improve time units for task duration and landing times charts for RBAC UI
[AIRFLOW-2474] Only import snakebite if using py2
[AIRFLOW-48] Parse connection uri querystring
[AIRFLOW-2467][AIRFLOW-2] Update import direct warn message to use the module name
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix order of companies
[AIRFLOW-2452] Document field_dict must be OrderedDict
[AIRFLOW-2420] Azure Data Lake Hook
[AIRFLOW-2213] Add Quoble check operator
[AIRFLOW-2465] Fix wrong module names in the doc
[AIRFLOW-1929] Modifying TriggerDagRunOperator to accept execution_date
[AIRFLOW-2460] Users can now use volume mounts and volumes
[AIRFLOW-2110][AIRFLOW-2122] Enhance Http Hook
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Updated contributors list
[AIRFLOW-2435] Add launch_type to ECSOperator to allow FARGATE
[AIRFLOW-2451] Remove extra slash ('/') char when using wildcard in gcs_to_gcs operator
[AIRFLOW-2461] Add support for cluster scaling on dataproc operator
[AIRFLOW-2376] Fix no hive section error
[AIRFLOW-2425] Add lineage support
[AIRFLOW-2430] Extend query batching to additional slow queries
[AIRFLOW-2453] Add default nil value for kubernetes/git_subpath
[AIRFLOW-2396] Add support for resources in kubernetes operator
[AIRFLOW-2169] Encode binary data with base64 before importing to BigQuery
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add spotahome in user list
[AIRFLOW-2457] Update FAB version requirement
[AIRFLOW-2454][Airflow 2454] Support imagePullPolicy for k8s
[AIRFLOW-2450] update supported k8s versions to 1.9 and 1.10
[AIRFLOW-2333] Add Segment Hook and TrackEventOperator
[AIRFLOW-2442][AIRFLOW-2] Airflow run command leaves database connections open
[AIRFLOW-2016] assign template_fields for Dataproc Workflow Template sub-classes, not base class
[AIRFLOW-2446] Add S3ToRedshiftTransfer into the "Integration" doc
[AIRFLOW-2449] Fix to run all test cases
[AIRFLOW-2424] Add dagrun status endpoint and increased k8s test coverage
[AIRFLOW-2441] Fix bugs in HiveCliHook.load_df
[AIRFLOW-2358][AIRFLOW-201804] Make the Kubernetes example optional
[AIRFLOW-2436] Remove cli_logger in initdb
[AIRFLOW-2444] Remove unused option(include_adhoc) in cli backfill command
[AIRFLOW-2447] Fix TestHiveMetastoreHook to run all cases
[AIRFLOW-2445] Allow templating in kubernetes operator
[AIRFLOW-2086][AIRFLOW-2393] Customize default dagrun number in tree view
[AIRFLOW-2437] Add PubNub to list of current airflow users
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Quantopian to list of Airflow users
[AIRFLOW-1978] Add WinRM windows operator and hook
[AIRFLOW-2427] Add tests to named hive sensor
[AIRFLOW-2412] Fix HiveCliHook.load_file to address HIVE-10541
[AIRFLOW-2431] Add the navigation bar color parameter for RBAC UI
[AIRFLOW-2407] Resolve Python undefined names
[AIRFLOW-1952] Add the navigation bar color parameter
[AIRFLOW-2222] Implement GoogleCloudStorageHook.rewrite
[AIRFLOW-2426] Add Google Cloud Storage Hook tests
[AIRFLOW-2418] Bump Flask-WTF
[AIRFLOW-2417] Wait for pod is not running to end task
[AIRFLOW-1914] Add other charset support to email utils
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Update with CraigWork
[AIRFLOW-1899] Fix Kubernetes tests
[AIRFLOW-1812] Update logging example
[AIRFLOW-2313] Add TTL parameters for Dataproc
[AIRFLOW-2411] add dataproc_jars to templated_fields
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Reddit to Airflow users
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix wrong table header in scheduler.rst
[AIRFLOW-2409] Supply password as a parameter
[AIRFLOW-2410][AIRFLOW-75] Set the timezone in the RBAC Web UI
[AIRFLOW-2394] default cmds and arguments in kubernetes operator
[AIRFLOW-2406] Add Apache2 License Shield to Readme
[AIRFLOW-2404] Add additional documentation for unqueued task
[AIRFLOW-2400] Add Ability to set Environment Variables for K8s
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Twine Labs as an Airflow user
[AIRFLOW-1853] Show only the desired number of runs in tree view
[AIRFLOW-2401] Document the use of variables in Jinja template
[AIRFLOW-2403] Fix License Headers
[AIRFLOW-1313] Fix license header
[AIRFLOW-2398] Add BounceX to list of current airflow users
[AIRFLOW-2363] Fix return type bug in TaskHandler
[AIRFLOW-2389] Create a pinot db api hook
[AIRFLOW-2390] Resolve FlaskWTFDeprecationWarning
[AIRFLOW-1933] Fix some typos
[AIRFLOW-1960] Add support for secrets in kubernetes operator
[AIRFLOW-1313] Add vertica_to_mysql operator
[AIRFLOW-1575] Add AWS Kinesis Firehose Hook for inserting batch records
[AIRFLOW-2266][AIRFLOW-2343] Remove google-cloud-dataflow dependency
[AIRFLOW-2370] Implement --use_random_password in create_user
[AIRFLOW-2348] Strip path prefix from the destination_object when source_object contains a wildcard[]


New features:

[AIRFLOW-2524] Airflow integration with AWS Sagemaker
[AIRFLOW-2657] Add ability to delete DAG from web ui
[AIRFLOW-2780] Adds IMAP Hook to interact with a mail server
[AIRFLOW-2794] Add delete support for Azure blob
[AIRFLOW-2912] Add operators for Google Cloud Functions
[AIRFLOW-2974] Add Start/Restart/Terminate methods Databricks Hook
[AIRFLOW-2989] No Parameter to change bootDiskType for DataprocClusterCreateOperator
[AIRFLOW-3078] Basic operators for Google Compute Engine
[AIRFLOW-3147] Update Flask-AppBuilder version
[AIRFLOW-3231] Basic operators for Google Cloud SQL (deploy / patch / delete)
[AIRFLOW-3276] Google Cloud SQL database create / patch / delete operators


[AIRFLOW-393] Add progress callbacks for FTP downloads
[AIRFLOW-520] Show Airflow version on web page
[AIRFLOW-843] Exceptions now available in context during on_failure_callback


[AIRFLOW-2870] Use abstract TaskInstance for migration
[AIRFLOW-2859] Implement own UtcDateTime (3708)
[AIRFLOW-2140] Don't require kubernetes for the SparkSubmit hook
[AIRFLOW-2869] Remove smart quote from default config
[AIRFLOW-2857] Fix Read the Docs env
[AIRFLOW-2817] Force explicit choice on GPL dependency
[AIRFLOW-2716] Replace async and await py3.7 keywords
[AIRFLOW-2810] Fix typo in Xcom model timestamp
[AIRFLOW-2710] Clarify fernet key value in documentation
[AIRFLOW-2606] Fix DB schema and SQLAlchemy model
[AIRFLOW-2646] Fix not to install snakebite on Python3
[AIRFLOW-2604] Add index to task_fail
[AIRFLOW-2650] Mark SchedulerJob as succeed when hitting Ctrl-c
[AIRFLOW-2678] Fix db schema unit test to remove checking fab models
[AIRFLOW-2624] Fix webserver login as anonymous
[AIRFLOW-2654] Fix incorret URL on refresh in Graph View of FAB UI
[AIRFLOW-2668] Handle missing optional cryptography dependency
[AIRFLOW-2681] Include last dag run of externally triggered DAGs in UI.
[AIRFLOW-1840] Support back-compat on old celery config
[AIRFLOW-2612][AIRFLOW-2534] Clean up Hive-related tests
[AIRFLOW-2608] Implements/Standardize custom exceptions for experimental APIs
[AIRFLOW-2607] Fix failing TestLocalClient
[AIRFLOW-2638] dbapi_hook: support REPLACE INTO
[AIRFLOW-2542][AIRFLOW-1790] Rename AWS Batch Operator queue to job_queue
[AIRFLOW-2567] Extract result from the kubernetes pod as Xcom
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Adding REA Group to readme
[AIRFLOW-2601] Allow user to specify k8s config
[AIRFLOW-2559] Azure Fileshare hook
[AIRFLOW-1786] Enforce correct behavior for soft-fail sensors
[AIRFLOW-2355] Airflow trigger tag parameters in subdag
[AIRFLOW-2613] Fix Airflow searching .zip bug
[AIRFLOW-2627] Add a sensor for Cassandra
[AIRFLOW-2634][AIRFLOW-2534] Remove dependency for impyla
[AIRFLOW-2611] Fix wrong dag volume mount path for kubernetes executor
[AIRFLOW-2562] Add Google Kubernetes Engine Operators
[AIRFLOW-2630] Fix classname in
[AIRFLOW-2534] Fix bug in HiveServer2Hook
[AIRFLOW-2586] Stop getting AIRFLOW_HOME value from config file in bash operator
[AIRFLOW-2605] Fix autocommit for MySqlHook
[AIRFLOW-2539][AIRFLOW-2359] Move remaing log config to configuration file
[AIRFLOW-1656] Tree view dags query changed
[AIRFLOW-2617] add imagePullPolicy config for kubernetes executor
[AIRFLOW-2429] Fix security/task/sensors/ti_deps folders flake8 error
[AIRFLOW-2550] Implements API endpoint to list DAG runs
[AIRFLOW-2512][AIRFLOW-2522] Use google-auth instead of oauth2client
[AIRFLOW-2429] Fix operators folder flake8 error
[AIRFLOW-2585] Fix several bugs in CassandraHook and CassandraToGCSOperator
[AIRFLOW-2597] Restore original behavior
[AIRFLOW-2590] Fix commit in for no-autocommit DB
[AIRFLOW-1115] fix github oauth api URL
[AIRFLOW-2587] Add TIMESTAMP type mapping to MySqlToHiveTransfer
[AIRFLOW-2591][AIRFLOW-2581] Set default value of autocommit to False in
[AIRFLOW-59] Implement bulk_dump and bulk_load for the Postgres hook
[AIRFLOW-2533] Fix path to DAG's on kubernetes executor workers
[AIRFLOW-2581] RFLOW-2581] Fix DbApiHook autocommit
[AIRFLOW-2578] Add option to use proxies in JiraHook
[AIRFLOW-2575] Make gcs to gcs operator work with large files
[AIRFLOW-437] Send TI context in kill zombies
[AIRFLOW-2566] Change backfill to rerun failed tasks
[AIRFLOW-1021] Fix double login for new users with LDAP
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Typo fix
[AIRFLOW-2561] Fix typo in EmailOperator
[AIRFLOW-2573] Cast BigQuery TIMESTAMP field to float
[AIRFLOW-2560] Adding support for internalIpOnly to DataprocClusterCreateOperator
[AIRFLOW-2565] templatize cluster_label
[AIRFLOW-83] add mongo hook and operator
[AIRFLOW-2558] Clear task/dag is clearing all executions
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix doc typos
[AIRFLOW-2513] Change `bql` to `sql` for BigQuery Hooks & Ops
[AIRFLOW-2557] Fix pagination for s3
[AIRFLOW-2545] Eliminate DeprecationWarning
[AIRFLOW-2500] Fix MySqlToHiveTransfer to transfer unsigned type properly
[AIRFLOW-2462] Change PasswordUser setter to correct syntax
[AIRFLOW-2525] Fix a bug introduced by commit dabf1b9
[AIRFLOW-2553] Add to .gitignore
[AIRFLOW-1863][AIRFLOW-2529] Add dag run selection widgets to gantt view
[AIRFLOW-2504] Log username correctly and add extra to search columns
[AIRFLOW-2551] Encode binary data with base64 standard rather than base64 url
[AIRFLOW-2537] Add reset-dagrun option to backfill command
[AIRFLOW-2526] dag_run.conf can override params
[AIRFLOW-2544][AIRFLOW-1967] Guard against next major release of Celery, Flower
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Yieldr to who is using airflow
[AIRFLOW-2547] Describe how to run tests using Docker
[AIRFLOW-2538] Update faq doc on how to reduce airflow scheduler latency
[AIRFLOW-2529] Improve graph view performance and usability
[AIRFLOW-2517] backfill support passing key values through CLI
[AIRFLOW-2532] Support logs_volume_subpath for KubernetesExecutor
[AIRFLOW-2466] consider task_id in _change_state_for_tis_without_dagrun
[AIRFLOW-2519] Fix CeleryExecutor with SQLAlchemy
[AIRFLOW-2402] Fix RBAC task log
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add M4U to user list
[AIRFLOW-2536] docs about how to deal with airflow initdb failure
[AIRFLOW-2530] KubernetesOperator supports multiple clusters
[AIRFLOW-1499] Eliminate duplicate and unneeded code
[AIRFLOW-2521] backfill - make variable name and logging messages more acurate
[AIRFLOW-2429] Fix hook, macros folder flake8 error
[Airflow-XXX] add Prime to company list
[AIRFLOW-2525] Fix PostgresHook.copy_expert to work with "COPY FROM"
[AIRFLOW-2515] Add dependency on thrift_sasl to hive extra
[AIRFLOW-2523] Add how-to for managing GCP connections
[AIRFLOW-2510] Introduce new macros: prev_ds and next_ds
[AIRFLOW-1730] Unpickle value of XCom queried from DB
[AIRFLOW-2518] Fix broken ToC links in integration.rst
[AIRFLOW-1472] Fix SLA misses triggering on skipped tasks.
[AIRFLOW-2520] CLI - make backfill less verbose
[AIRFLOW-2107] add time_partitioning to run_query on BigQueryBaseCursor
[AIRFLOW-1057][AIRFLOW-1380][AIRFLOW-2362][2362] AIRFLOW Update DockerOperator to new API
[AIRFLOW-2415] Make airflow DAG templating render numbers
[AIRFLOW-2473] Fix wrong skip condition for TransferTests
[AIRFLOW-2472] Implement MySqlHook.bulk_dump
[AIRFLOW-2419] Use default view for subdag operator
[AIRFLOW-2498] Fix Unexpected argument in SFTP Sensor
[AIRFLOW-2509] Separate config docs into how-to guides
[AIRFLOW-2429] Add BaseExecutor back
[AIRFLOW-2429] Fix dag, example_dags, executors flake8 error
[AIRFLOW-2502] Change Single triple quotes to double for docstrings
[AIRFLOW-2503] Fix broken links in
[AIRFLOW-2501] Refer to devel instructions in docs contrib guide
[AIRFLOW-2429] Fix contrib folder's flake8 errors
[AIRFLOW-2471] Fix HiveCliHook.load_df to use unused parameters


[AIRFLOW-1897][AIRFLOW-1873] Task Logs for running instance not visible in WebUI
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Make sure session is committed
[AIRFLOW-1896] FIX bleach <> html5lib incompatibility
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix log handler test
[AIRFLOW-1873] Set TI.try_number to right value depending TI state
[AIRFLOW-1554] Fix wrong DagFileProcessor termination method call
[AIRFLOW-1872] Set context for all handlers including parents
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add dask lock files to excludes
[AIRFLOW-1839] Fix more bugs in S3Hook boto -> boto3 migration
[AIRFLOW-1795] Correctly call S3Hook after migration to boto3
[AIRFLOW-1813] Bug SSH Operator empty buffer
[AIRFLOW-1794] Remove uses of Exception.message for Python 3
[AIRFLOW-1799] Fix logging line which raises errors



9a53e66 [AIRFLOW-809][AIRFLOW-1] Use __eq__ ColumnOperator When Testing Booleans
333e0b3 [AIRFLOW-1296] Propagate SKIPPED to all downstream tasks
93825d5 Re-enable caching for hadoop components
33a9dcb Pin Hive and Hadoop to a specific version and create writable warehouse dir
7cff6cd [AIRFLOW-1308] Disable nanny usage for Dask


69bd269 [AIRFLOW-1160] Update Spark parameters for Mesos
9692510 [AIRFLOW 1149][AIRFLOW-1149] Allow for custom filters in Jinja2 templates
6de5330 [AIRFLOW-1119] Fix unload query so headers are on first row[]
b4e9eb8 [AIRFLOW-1089] Add Spark application arguments
a4083f3 [AIRFLOW-1078] Fix latest_runs endpoint for old flask versions
7a02841 [AIRFLOW-1074] Don't count queued tasks for concurrency limits
a2c18a5 [AIRFLOW-1064] Change default sort to job_id for TaskInstanceModelView
d1c64ab [AIRFLOW-1038] Specify celery serialization options explicitly
b4ee88a [AIRFLOW-1036] Randomize exponential backoff
9fca409 [AIRFLOW-993] Update date inference logic
272c2f5 [AIRFLOW-1167] Support microseconds in FTPHook modification time
c7c0b72 [AIRFLOW-1179] Fix Pandas 0.2x breaking Google BigQuery change
acd0166 [AIRFLOW-1263] Dynamic height for charts
7f33f6e [AIRFLOW-1266] Increase width of gantt y axis
fc33c04 [AIRFLOW-1290] set docs author to 'Apache Airflow'
2e9eee3 [AIRFLOW-1282] Fix known event column sorting
2389a8a [AIRFLOW-1166] Speed up _change_state_for_tis_without_dagrun
bf966e6 [AIRFLOW-1192] Some enhancements to qubole_operator
57d5bcd [AIRFLOW-1281] Sort variables by key field by default
802fc15 [AIRFLOW-1244] Forbid creation of a pool with empty name
1232b6a [AIRFLOW-1243] DAGs table has no default entries to show
b0ba3c9 [AIRFLOW-1227] Remove empty column on the Logs view
c406652 [AIRFLOW-1226] Remove empty column on the Jobs view
51a83cc [AIRFLOW-1199] Fix create modal
cac7d4c [AIRFLOW-1200] Forbid creation of a variable with an empty key
5f3ee52 [AIRFLOW-1186] Sort dag.get_task_instances by execution_date
f446c08 [AIRFLOW-1145] Fix closest_date_partition function with before set to True If we're looking for the closest date before, we should take the latest date in the list of date before.
93b8e96 [AIRFLOW-1180] Fix flask-wtf version for test_csrf_rejection
bb56805 [AIRFLOW-1170] DbApiHook insert_rows inserts parameters separately
093b2f0 [AIRFLOW-1150] Fix scripts execution in sparksql hook[]
777f181 [AIRFLOW-1168] Add closing() to all connections and cursors
bc8e912 [AIRFLOW-XXX] Updating CHANGELOG, README, and UPDATING after 1.8.1 release



[AIRFLOW-1142] SubDAG Tasks Not Executed Even Though All Dependencies Met
[AIRFLOW-1138] Add licenses to files in scripts directory
[AIRFLOW-1127] Move license notices to LICENSE instead of NOTICE
[AIRFLOW-1124] Do not set all task instances to scheduled on backfill
[AIRFLOW-1120] Update version view to include Apache prefix
[AIRFLOW-1062] DagRunfind returns wrong result if external_trigger=False is specified
[AIRFLOW-1054] Fix broken import on test_dag
[AIRFLOW-1050] Retries ignored - regression
[AIRFLOW-1033] TypeError: can't compare datetime.datetime to None
[AIRFLOW-1017] get_task_instance should return None instead of throw an exception for non-existent TIs
[AIRFLOW-1011] Fix bug in BackfillJob._execute() for SubDAGs
[AIRFLOW-1004] `airflow webserver -D` runs in foreground
[AIRFLOW-1001] Landing Time shows "unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'datetime.datetime' and 'NoneType'" on example_subdag_operator
[AIRFLOW-1000] Rebrand to Apache Airflow instead of Airflow
[AIRFLOW-989] Clear Task Regression
[AIRFLOW-974] airflow.util.file mkdir has a race condition
[AIRFLOW-906] Update Code icon from lightning bolt to file
[AIRFLOW-858] Configurable database name for DB operators
[AIRFLOW-853] stdout decode default to ASCII
[AIRFLOW-832] Fix debug server
[AIRFLOW-817] Trigger dag fails when using CLI + API
[AIRFLOW-816] Make sure to pull nvd3 from local resources
[AIRFLOW-815] Add previous/next execution dates to available default variables.
[AIRFLOW-813] Fix unterminated unit tests in tests.job (tests/
[AIRFLOW-812] Scheduler job terminates when there is no dag file
[AIRFLOW-806] UI should properly ignore DAG doc when it is None
[AIRFLOW-794] Consistent access to DAGS_FOLDER and SQL_ALCHEMY_CONN
[AIRFLOW-785] ImportError if cgroupspy is not installed



[AIRFLOW-900] Double trigger should not kill original task instance
[AIRFLOW-900] Fixes bugs in LocalTaskJob for double run protection
[AIRFLOW-932] Do not mark tasks removed when backfilling
[AIRFLOW-961] run onkill when SIGTERMed
[AIRFLOW-910] Use parallel task execution for backfills
[AIRFLOW-967] Wrap strings in native for py2 ldap compatibility
[AIRFLOW-941] Use defined parameters for psycopg2
[AIRFLOW-719] Prevent DAGs from ending prematurely
[AIRFLOW-938] Use test for True in task_stats queries
[AIRFLOW-937] Improve performance of task_stats
[AIRFLOW-933] use ast.literal_eval rather eval because ast.literal_eval does not execute input.
[AIRFLOW-925] Revert airflow.hooks change that cherry-pick picked
[AIRFLOW-919] Running tasks with no start date shouldn't break a DAGs UI
[AIRFLOW-802] Add spark-submit operator/hook
[AIRFLOW-897] Prevent dagruns from failing with unfinished tasks
[AIRFLOW-861] make pickle_info endpoint be login_required
[AIRFLOW-853] use utf8 encoding for stdout line decode
[AIRFLOW-856] Make sure execution date is set for local client
[AIRFLOW-830][AIRFLOW-829][AIRFLOW-88] Reduce Travis log verbosity
[AIRFLOW-831] Restore import to fix broken tests
[AIRFLOW-794] Access DAGS_FOLDER and SQL_ALCHEMY_CONN exclusively from settings
[AIRFLOW-694] Fix config behaviour for empty envvar
[AIRFLOW-365] Set dag.fileloc explicitly and use for Code view
[AIRFLOW-931] Do not set QUEUED in TaskInstances
[AIRFLOW-899] Tasks in SCHEDULED state should be white in the UI instead of black
[AIRFLOW-895] Address Apache release incompliancies
[AIRFLOW-893][AIRFLOW-510] Fix crashing webservers when a dagrun has no start date
[AIRFLOW-793] Enable compressed loading in S3ToHiveTransfer
[AIRFLOW-863] Example DAGs should have recent start dates
[AIRFLOW-869] Refactor mark success functionality
[AIRFLOW-856] Make sure execution date is set for local client
[AIRFLOW-814] Fix Presto*CheckOperator.__init__
[AIRFLOW-844] Fix cgroups directory creation
[AIRFLOW-816] Use static nvd3 and d3
[AIRFLOW-821] Fix py3 compatibility
[AIRFLOW-817] Check for None value of execution_date in endpoint
[AIRFLOW-822] Close db before exception
[AIRFLOW-815] Add prev/next execution dates to template variables
[AIRFLOW-813] Fix unterminated unit tests in SchedulerJobTest
[AIRFLOW-813] Fix unterminated scheduler unit tests
[AIRFLOW-806] UI should properly ignore DAG doc when it is None
[AIRFLOW-812] Fix the scheduler termination bug.
[AIRFLOW-780] Fix dag import errors no longer working
[AIRFLOW-783] Fix py3 incompatibility in BaseTaskRunner
[AIRFLOW-810] Correct down_revision dag_id/state index creation
[AIRFLOW-807] Improve scheduler performance for large DAGs
[AIRFLOW-798] Check return_code before forcing termination
[AIRFLOW-139] Let psycopg2 handle autocommit for PostgresHook
[AIRFLOW-776] Add missing cgroups devel dependency
[AIRFLOW-777] Fix expression to check if a DagRun is in running state
[AIRFLOW-785] Don't import CgroupTaskRunner at global scope



[AIRFLOW-463] Link Airflow icon to landing page
[AIRFLOW-149] Task Dependency Engine + Why Isn't My Task Running View
[AIRFLOW-361] Add default failure handler for the Qubole Operator
[AIRFLOW-353] Fix dag run status update failure
[AIRFLOW-447] Store source URIs in Python 3 compatible list
[AIRFLOW-443] Make module names unique when importing
[AIRFLOW-444] Add Google authentication backend
[AIRFLOW-446][AIRFLOW-445] Adds missing dataproc submit options
[AIRFLOW-431] Add CLI for CRUD operations on pools
[AIRFLOW-329] Update Dag Overview Page with Better Status Columns
[AIRFLOW-360] Fix style warnings in
[AIRFLOW-425] Add white fill for null state tasks in tree view.
[AIRFLOW-69] Use dag runs in backfill jobs
[AIRFLOW-415] Make dag_id not found error clearer
[AIRFLOW-416] Use ordinals in README's company list
[AIRFLOW-369] Allow setting default DAG orientation
[AIRFLOW-410] Add 2 Q/A to the FAQ in the docs
[AIRFLOW-407] Add different colors for some sensors
[AIRFLOW-414] Improve error message for missing FERNET_KEY
[AIRFLOW-406] Sphinx/rst fixes
[AIRFLOW-412] Fix lxml dependency
[AIRFLOW-413] Fix unset path bug when backfilling via pickle
[AIRFLOW-78] Airflow clear leaves dag_runs
[AIRFLOW-402] Remove NamedHivePartitionSensor static check, add docs
[AIRFLOW-394] Add an option to the Task Duration graph to show cumulative times
[AIRFLOW-404] Retry download if unpacking fails for hive
[AIRFLOW-276] Gunicorn rolling restart
[AIRFLOW-399] Remove dags/
[AIRFLOW-400] does not correctly set state
[AIRFLOW-395] Fix colon/equal signs typo for resources in default config
[AIRFLOW-397] Documentation: Fix typo "instatiating" to "instantiating"
[AIRFLOW-395] Remove trailing commas from resources in config
[AIRFLOW-388] Add a new chart for Task_Tries for each DAG
[AIRFLOW-322] Fix typo in FAQ section
[AIRFLOW-375] Pylint fixes
limit scope to user email only AIRFLOW-386
[AIRFLOW-383] Cleanup example qubole operator dag
[AIRFLOW-160] Parse DAG files through child processes
[AIRFLOW-381] Manual UI Dag Run creation: require dag_id field
[AIRFLOW-373] Enhance CLI variables functionality
[AIRFLOW-379] Enhance Variables page functionality: import/export variables
[AIRFLOW-331] modify the LDAP authentication config lines in  'Security' sample codes
[AIRFLOW-356][AIRFLOW-355][AIRFLOW-354] Replace nobr, enable DAG only exists locally message, change edit DAG icon
[AIRFLOW-362] Import __future__ division



- Fix : Don't treat premature tasks as could_not_run tasks
- AIRFLOW-92 Avoid unneeded upstream_failed session closes apache/incubator-airflow1485
- Add logic to lock DB and avoid race condition
- Handle queued tasks from multiple jobs/executors
- AIRFLOW-52 Warn about overwriting tasks in a DAG
- Fix corner case with joining processes/queues (1473)
- [AIRFLOW-52] Fix bottlenecks when working with many tasks
- Add columns to toggle extra detail in the connection list view.
- Log the number of errors when importing DAGs
- Log dagbag metrics dupplicate messages in queue into Statsd (1406)
- Clean up issue template (1419)
- correct missed arg.foreground to arg.daemon in cli
- Reinstate imports for github enterprise auth
- Use os.execvp instead of subprocess.Popen for the webserver
- Revert from using "--foreground" to "--daemon"
- Implement a Cloudant hook
- Add missing args to `airflow clear`
- Fixed a bug in the scheduler: num_runs used where runs intended
- Add multiprocessing support to the scheduler
- Partial fix to make sure next_run_date cannot be None
- Support list/get/set variables in the CLI
- Properly handle BigQuery booleans in BigQuery hook.
- Added the ability to view XCom variables in webserver
- Change DAG.tasks from a list to a dict
- Add support for zipped dags
- Stop creating hook on instantiating of S3 operator
- User subquery in views to find running DAGs
- Prevent DAGs from being reloaded on every scheduler iteration
- Add a missing word to docs
- Document the parameters of `DbApiHook`
- added oracle operator with existing oracle hook
- Add PyOpenSSL to Google cloud gcp_api.
- Remove executor error unit test
- Add DAG inference, deferral, and context manager
- Don't return error when writing files to Google cloud storage.
- Fix GCS logging for gcp_api.
- Ensure attr is in scope for error message
- Extract non_pooled_task_slot_count into a configuration param
- Update plugins.rst for clarity on the example (1309)
- Fix s3 logging issue
- Add twitter feed example dag
- Reduce logger verbosity
- Adding a PR Template
- Add Lucid to list of users
- Fix usage of asciiart
- Use session instead of outdated main_session for are_dependencies_met
- Fix celery flower port allocation
- Fix for missing edit actions due to flask-admin upgrade
- Fix typo in comment in prioritize_queued method
- Add HipchatOperator
- Include all example dags in backfill unit test
- Make sure skipped jobs are actually skipped
- Fixing a broken example dag,
- Add consistent and thorough signal handling and logging
- Allow Operators to specify SKIPPED status internally
- Update docstring for executor trap unit test
- Doc: explain the usage of Jinja templating for templated params
- Don't schedule runs before the DAG's start_date
- Fix infinite retries with pools, with test
- Fix handling of deadlocked jobs
- Show only Airflow's deprecation warnings
- Set DAG_FOLDER for unit tests
- Missing comma in
- Deprecate *args and **kwargs in BaseOperator
- Raise deep scheduler exceptions to force a process restart.
- Change inconsistent example DAG owners
- Fix module path of send_email_smtp in configuration
- added Gentner Lab to list of users
- Increase timeout time for unit test
- Fix reading strings from conf
- CHORE - Remove Trailing Spaces
- Fix SSHExecuteOperator crash when using a custom ssh port
- Add note about airflow components to template
- Rewrite BackfillJob logic for clarity
- Add unit tests
- Fix miscellaneous bugs and clean up code
- Fix logic for determining DagRun states
- Make SchedulerJob not run EVERY queued task
- Improve BackfillJob handling of queued/deadlocked tasks
- Introduce ignore_depends_on_past parameters
- Use Popen with CeleryExecutor
- Rename user table to users to avoid conflict with postgres
- Beware of negative pool slots.
- Add support for calling_format from boto to S3_Hook
- Add pypi meta data and sync version number
- Set dags_are_paused_at_creation's default value to True
- Resurface S3Log class eaten by rebase/push -f
- Add missing session.commit() at end of initdb
- Validate that subdag tasks have pool slots available, and test
- Use urlparse for remote GCS logs, and add unit tests
- Make webserver worker timeout configurable
- Fixed scheduling for once interval
- Use psycopg2's API for serializing postgres cell values
- Make the provide_session decorator more robust
- update link to Lyft's website
- use num_shards instead of partitions to be consistent with batch ingestion
- Add documentation links to README
- Update docs with separate configuration section
- Fix airflow.utils deprecation warning code being Python 3 incompatible
- Extract dbapi cell serialization into its own method
- Set Postgres autocommit as supported only if server version is < 7.4
- Use refactored utils module in unit test imports
- Add changelog for 1.7.0
- Use LocalExecutor on Travis if possible
- remove unused logging,errno, MiniHiveCluster imports
- remove extra import of logging lib
- Fix required gcloud version
- Refactoring utils into smaller submodules
- Properly measure number of task retry attempts
- Add function to get configuration as dict, plus unit tests
- Merge branch 'master' into hivemeta_sasl
- Add wiki link to
- [hotfix] make email.Utils > email.utils for py3
- Add the missing "Date" header to the warning e-mails
- Add the missing "Date" header to the warning e-mails
- Check name of SubDag class instead of class itself
- [hotfix] removing repo_token from .coveralls.yml
- Set the service_name in coverals.yml
- Fixes 1223
- Update Airflow docs for remote logging
- Add unit tests for trapping Executor errors
- Make sure Executors properly trap errors
- Fix HttpOpSensorTest to use fake resquest session
- Linting
- Add an example on pool usage in the documentation
- Add two methods to bigquery hook's base cursor: run_table_upsert, which adds a table or updates an existing table; and run_grant_dataset_view_access, which grants view access to a given dataset for a given table.
- Tasks references upstream and downstream tasks using strings instead of references
- Fix typos in
- Fix broken links in documentation
- [hotfix] fixing the Scheduler CLI to make dag_id optional
- Update link to Common Pitfalls wiki page in README
- Allow disabling periodic committing when inserting rows with DbApiHook
- added Glassdoor to "who uses airflow"
- Fix typo preventing from launching webserver
- Documentation badge
- Fixing ISSUE_TEMPLATE name to include .md suffix
- Adding an ISSUE_TEMPLATE to ensure that issues are adequately defined
- Linting & debugging
- Refactoring the CLI to be data-driven
- Updating the Bug Reporting protocol in the file
- Fixing the docs
- clean up references to old session
- remove session reference
- resolve conflict
- clear xcom data when task instance starts
- replace main_session with provide_session
- Add extras to installation.rst
- Changes to Contributing to reflect more closely the current state of development.
- Modifying README to link to the wiki committer list
- docs: fixes a spelling mistake in default config
- Set killMode to 'control-group' for webservice.service
- Set KillMode to 'control-group' for worker.service
- Linting
- Fix WebHdfsSensor
- Adding more licenses to pass checks
- fixing landscape's config
- [hotfix] typo that made it in master
- [hotfix] fixing landscape requirement detection
- Make testing on hive conditional
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into minicluster
- Update
- Throwing in a few license to pass the build
- Adding a reqs.txt for
- Pointing to a reqs file
- Some linting
- Adding a .landscape.yml file
- badge for pypi version
- Add license and ignore for sql and csv
- Use correct connection id
- Use correct table name
- Provide data for ci tests
- new badge for showing staleness of reqs
- removing requirements.txt as it is uni-dimensional
- Make it work on py3
- Remove decode for logging
- Also keep py2 compatible
- More py3 fixes
- Convert to bytes for py3 compat
- Make sure to be py3 compatible
- Use unicodecsv to make it py3 compatible
- Replace tab with spaces Remove unused import
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
- Support decimal types in MySQL to GCS
- Make sure to write binary as string can be unicode
- Ignore metastore
- More impyla fixes
- Test HivemetaStore if python 2
- Allow users to set hdfs_namenode_principal in HDFSHook config
- Add tests for Hiveserver2 and fix some issues from impyla
- Merge branch 'impyla' into minicluster
- This patch allows for testing of hive operators and hooks. Sasl is used (NoSasl in connection string is not possible). Tests have been adjusted.
- Treat SKIPPED and SUCCESS the same way when evaluating depends_on_past=True
- fix bigquery hook
- version cap for gcp_api
- Fix typo when returning VerticaHook
- Adding fernet key to use it as part of stdout commands
- Adding support for ssl parameters.  (picking up from jthomas123)
- more detail in error message.
- make sure paths don't conflict bc of trailing /
- change gcs_hook to self.hook
- refactor remote log read/write and add GCS support
- Only use multipart upload in S3Hook if file is large enough
- Merge branch 'airbnb/master'
- Add GSSAPI SASL to HiveMetaStoreHook.
- Add warning for deprecated setting
- Use kerberos_service_name = 'hive' as standard instead of 'impala'.
- Use GSSAPI instead of KERBEROS and provide backwards compatibility
- ISSUE-1123 Use impyla instead of pyhs2
- set celery_executor to use queue name as exchange


[AIRFLOW-2248] Fix wrong param name in RedshiftToS3Transfer doc
[AIRFLOW-1433][AIRFLOW-85] New Airflow Webserver UI with RBAC support
[AIRFLOW-1235] Fix webserver's odd behaviour
[AIRFLOW-1460] Allow restoration of REMOVED TI's
[airflow-2235] Fix wrong docstrings in two operators
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Fix chronological order for companies using Airflow
[AIRFLOW-2124] Upload Python file to a bucket for Dataproc
[AIRFLOW-2212] Fix ungenerated sensor API reference
[AIRFLOW-2226] Rename google_cloud_storage_default to google_cloud_default
[AIRFLOW-2211] Rename to for consistency
[AIRFLOW-2225] Update document to include DruidDbApiHook
[Airflow-2202] Add filter support in HiveMetastoreHook().max_partition()
[AIRFLOW-2220] Remove duplicate numeric list entry in security.rst
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Update tutorial documentation
[AIRFLOW-2215] Update celery task to preserve environment variables and improve logging on exception
[AIRFLOW-2185] Use state instead of query param
[AIRFLOW-2183] Refactor DruidHook to enable sql
[AIRFLOW-2203] Defer cycle detection
[AIRFLOW-2203] Remove Useless Commands.
[AIRFLOW-2203] Cache signature in apply_defaults
[AIRFLOW-2203] Speed up Operator Resources
[AIRFLOW-2203] Cache static rules (trigger/weight)
[AIRFLOW-2203] Store task ids as sets not lists
[AIRFLOW-2205] Remove unsupported args from JdbcHook doc
[AIRFLOW-2207] Fix flaky test that uses app.cached_app()
[AIRFLOW-2206] Remove unsupported args from JdbcOperator doc
[AIRFLOW-2140] Add Kubernetes scheduler to SparkSubmitOperator
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Xero to list of users
[AIRFLOW-2204] Fix webserver debug mode
[AIRFLOW-102] Fix test_complex_template always succeeds
[AIRFLOW-442] Add SFTPHook
[AIRFLOW-2169] Add schema to MySqlToGoogleCloudStorageOperator
[AIRFLOW-2184][AIRFLOW-2138] Google Cloud Storage allow wildcards
[AIRFLOW-1588] Cast Variable value to string
[AIRFLOW-2199] Fix invalid reference to logger
[AIRFLOW-2191] Change scheduler heartbeat logs from info to debug
[AIRFLOW-2106] SalesForce hook sandbox option
[AIRFLOW-2197] Silence hostname_callable config error message
[AIRFLOW-2150] Use lighter call in HiveMetastoreHook().max_partition()
[AIRFLOW-2186] Change the way logging is carried out in few ops
[AIRFLOW-2181] Convert password_auth and test_password_endpoints from DOS to UNIX
[AIRFLOW-2187] Fix Broken Travis CI due to AIRFLOW-2123
[AIRFLOW-2175] Check that filepath is not None
[AIRFLOW-2173] Don't check task IDs for concurrency reached check
[AIRFLOW-2168] Remote logging for Azure Blob Storage
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add DocuTAP to list of users
[AIRFLOW-2176] Change the way logging is carried out in BQ Get Data Operator
[AIRFLOW-2177] Add mock test for GCS Download op
[AIRFLOW-2123] Install CI dependencies from
[AIRFLOW-2129] Presto hook calls _parse_exception_message but defines _get_pretty_exception_message
[AIRFLOW-2174] Fix typos and wrongly rendered documents
[AIRFLOW-2171] Store delegated credentials
[AIRFLOW-2166] Restore BQ run_query dialect param
[AIRFLOW-2163] Add HBC Digital to users of airflow
[AIRFLOW-2065] Fix race-conditions when creating loggers
[AIRFLOW-2147] Plugin manager: added 'sensors' attribute
[AIRFLOW-2059] taskinstance query is awful, un-indexed, and does not scale
[AIRFLOW-2159] Fix a few typos in salesforce_hook
[AIRFLOW-2132] Add step to initialize database
[AIRFLOW-2160] Fix bad rowid deserialization
[AIRFLOW-2161] Add Vevo to list of companies using Airflow
[AIRFLOW-2149] Add link to apache Beam documentation to create self executing Jar
[AIRFLOW-2151] Allow getting the session from AwsHook
[AIRFLOW-2097] tz referenced before assignment
[AIRFLOW-2152] Add Multiply to list of companies using Airflow
[AIRFLOW-1551] Add operator to trigger Jenkins job
[AIRFLOW-2034] Fix mixup between %s and {} when using str.format Convention is to use .format for string formating oustide logging, else use lazy format See comment in related issue Identified problematic case using following command line .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG:`grep -r '%s'./* | grep '\.format('`
[AIRFLOW-2102] Add custom_args to Sendgrid personalizations
[AIRFLOW-1035][AIRFLOW-1053] import unicode_literals to parse Unicode in HQL
[AIRFLOW-2127] Keep loggers during DB migrations
[AIRFLOW-2146] Resolve issues with BQ using DbApiHook methods
[AIRFLOW-2087] Scheduler Report shows incorrect Total task number
[AIRFLOW-2139] Remove unncecessary boilerplate to get DataFrame using pandas_gbq
[AIRFLOW-2125] Using binary package psycopg2-binary
[AIRFLOW-2142] Include message on mkdir failure
[AIRFLOW-1615] SSHHook: use port specified by Connection
[AIRFLOW-2122] Handle boolean values in sshHook
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Tile to the list of users
[AIRFLOW-2130] Add missing Operators to API Reference docs
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add timeout units (seconds)
[AIRFLOW-2134] Add Alan to the list of companies that use Airflow
[AIRFLOW-2133] Remove references to GitHub issues in CONTRIBUTING
[AIRFLOW-2131] Remove confusing AirflowImport docs
[AIRFLOW-1852] Allow hostname to be overridable.
[AIRFLOW-2126] Add Bluecore to active users
[AIRFLOW-1618] Add feature to create GCS bucket
[AIRFLOW-2108] Fix log indentation in BashOperator
[AIRFLOW-2115] Fix doc links to PythonHosted
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add contributor from Easy company
[AIRFLOW-1882] Add ignoreUnknownValues option to gcs_to_bq operator
[AIRFLOW-2089] Add on kill for SparkSubmit in Standalone Cluster
[AIRFLOW-2113] Address missing DagRun callbacks Given that the handle_callback method belongs to the DAG object, we are able to get the list of task directly with get_task and reduce the communication with the database, making airflow more lightweight.
[AIRFLOW-2112] Fix svg width for Recent Tasks on UI.


[AIRFLOW-230] [HiveServer2Hook] adding multi statements support
[AIRFLOW-142] doesn't download hive tarball if hdp is specified as distro
[AIRFLOW-223] Make parametrable the IP on which Flower binds to
[AIRFLOW-218] Added option to enable webserver gunicorn access/err logs
[AIRFLOW-213] Add "Closes X" phrase to commit messages
[AIRFLOW-68] Align start_date with the schedule_interval
[AIRFLOW-9] Improving docs to meet Apache's standards
[AIRFLOW-131] Make XCom.clear more selective
[AIRFLOW-214] Fix occasion of detached taskinstance
[AIRFLOW-206] Add commit to close PR
[AIRFLOW-206] Always load local log files if they exist
[AIRFLOW-211] Fix JIRA "resolve" vs "close" behavior
[AIRFLOW-64] Add note about relative DAGS_FOLDER
[AIRFLOW-114] Sort plugins dropdown
[AIRFLOW-209] Add scheduler tests and improve lineage handling
[AIRFLOW-207] Improve JIRA auth workflow
[AIRFLOW-187] Improve PR tool UX
[AIRFLOW-155] Documentation of Qubole Operator
Optimize and refactor process_dag
[AIRFLOW-185] Handle empty versions list
[AIRFLOW-201] Fix for HiveMetastoreHook + kerberos
[AIRFLOW-202]: Fixes stray print line
[AIRFLOW-196] Fix bug that exception is not handled in HttpSensor
[AIRFLOW-195] : Add toggle support to subdag clearing in the CLI
[AIRFLOW-23] Support for Google Cloud DataProc
[AIRFLOW-25] Configuration for Celery always required
[AIRFLOW-190] Add codecov and remove download count
[AIRFLOW-168] Correct evaluation of once schedule
[AIRFLOW-183] Fetch log from remote when worker returns 4xx/5xx response
[AIRFLOW-181] Fix failing unpacking of hadoop by redownloading
[AIRFLOW-176] remove unused formatting key
[AIRFLOW-167]: Add dag_state option in cli
[AIRFLOW-178] Fix bug so that zip file is detected in DAG folder
[AIRFLOW-176] Improve PR Tool JIRA workflow
AIRFLOW-45: Support Hidden Airflow Variables
[AIRFLOW-175] Run git-reset before checkout in PR tool
[AIRFLOW-157] Make PR tool Py3-compat; add JIRA command
[AIRFLOW-170] Add missing apply_defaults


[AIRFLOW-624] Fix to not import airflow.version as version
[AIRFLOW-779] Task should fail with specific message when deleted
[AIRFLOW-778] Fix completey broken MetastorePartitionSensor
[AIRFLOW-739] Set pickle_info log to debug
[AIRFLOW-771] Make S3 logs append instead of clobber
[AIRFLOW-773] Fix flaky datetime addition in api test
[AIRFLOW-219][AIRFLOW-398] Cgroups + impersonation
[AIRFLOW-683] Add jira hook, operator and sensor
[AIRFLOW-762] Add Google DataProc delete operator
[AIRFLOW-760] Update systemd config
[AIRFLOW-759] Use previous dag_run to verify depend_on_past
[AIRFLOW-757] Set child_process_log_directory default more sensible
[AIRFLOW-692] Open XCom page to super-admins only
[AIRFLOW-737] Fix HDFS Sensor directory.
[AIRFLOW-747] Fix retry_delay not honoured
[AIRFLOW-558] Add Support for dag.catchup=(True|False) Option
[AIRFLOW-489] Allow specifying execution date in trigger_dag API
[AIRFLOW-738] Commit deleted xcom items before insert
[AIRFLOW-729] Add Google Cloud Dataproc cluster creation operator
[AIRFLOW-728] Add Google BigQuery table sensor
[AIRFLOW-741] Log to debug instead of info for
[AIRFLOW-731] Fix period bug for NamedHivePartitionSensor


[AIRFLOW-159] Add cloud integration section + GCP documentation
[AIRFLOW-477][AIRFLOW-478] Restructure security section for clarity
[AIRFLOW-467] Allow defining of project_id in BigQueryHook
[AIRFLOW-483] Change print to logging statement
[AIRFLOW-475] make the segment granularity in Druid hook configurable


[AIRFLOW-886] Pass result to post_execute() hook
[AIRFLOW-871] change logging.warn() into warning()
[AIRFLOW-882] Remove unnecessary dag>>op assignment in docs
[AIRFLOW-861] make pickle_info endpoint be login_required
[AIRFLOW-869] Refactor mark success functionality
[AIRFLOW-877] Remove .sql template extension from GCS download operator
[AIRFLOW-826] Add Zendesk hook
[AIRFLOW-842] do not query the DB with an empty IN clause
[AIRFLOW-834] change raise StopIteration into return
[AIRFLOW-832] Let debug server run without SSL
[AIRFLOW-862] Add DaskExecutor
[AIRFLOW-858] Configurable database name for DB operators
[AIRFLOW-863] Example DAGs should have recent start dates
[AIRFLOW-853] use utf8 encoding for stdout line decode
[AIRFLOW-857] Use library assert statements instead of conditionals
[AIRFLOW-856] Make sure execution date is set for local client
[AIRFLOW-854] Add OKI as Airflow user
[AIRFLOW-830][AIRFLOW-829][AIRFLOW-88] Reduce Travis log verbosity
[AIRFLOW-814] Fix Presto*CheckOperator.__init__
[AIRFLOW-793] Enable compressed loading in S3ToHiveTransfer
[AIRFLOW-844] Fix cgroups directory creation
[AIRFLOW-831] Restore import to fix broken tests
[AIRFLOW-794] Access DAGS_FOLDER and SQL_ALCHEMY_CONN exclusively from settings
[AIRFLOW-694] Fix config behaviour for empty envvar
[AIRFLOW-365] Set dag.fileloc explicitly and use for Code view
[AIRFLOW-781] Allow DataFlowOperators to accept jobs stored in GCS


[AIRFLOW-2381] Fix the flaky ApiPasswordTests test
[AIRFLOW-2378] Add Groupon to list of current users
[AIRFLOW-2382] Fix wrong description for delimiter
[AIRFLOW-2380] Add support for environment variables in Spark submit operator.
[AIRFLOW-2377] Improve Sendgrid sender support
[AIRFLOW-2331] Support init action timeout on dataproc cluster create
[AIRFLOW-1835] Update docs: Variable file is json
[AIRFLOW-1781] Make search case-insensitive in LDAP group
[AIRFLOW-2042] Fix browser menu appearing over the autocomplete menu
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Remove wheelhouse files from travis not owned by travis
[AIRFLOW-2336] Use hmsclient in hive_hook
[AIRFLOW-2041] Correct Syntax in python examples
[AIRFLOW-74] SubdagOperators can consume all celeryd worker processes
[AIRFLOW-2369] Fix gcs tests
[AIRFLOW-2365] Fix autocommit attribute check
[AIRFLOW-2068] MesosExecutor allows optional Docker image
[AIRFLOW-1652] Push DatabricksRunSubmitOperator metadata into XCOM
[AIRFLOW-2234] Enable insert_rows for PrestoHook
[AIRFLOW-2208][Airflow-22208] Link to same DagRun graph from TaskInstance view
[AIRFLOW-1153] Allow HiveOperators to take hiveconfs
[AIRFLOW-775] Fix autocommit settings with Jdbc hook
[AIRFLOW-2364] Warn when setting autocommit on a connection which does not support it
[AIRFLOW-2357] Add persistent volume for the logs
[AIRFLOW-766] Skip conn.commit() when in Auto-commit
[AIRFLOW-2351] Check for valid default_args start_date
[AIRFLOW-1433] Set default rbac to initdb
[AIRFLOW-2270] Handle removed tasks in backfill
[AIRFLOW-2344] Fix `connections -l` to work with pipe/redirect
[AIRFLOW-2300] Add S3 Select functionarity to S3ToHiveTransfer
[AIRFLOW-1314] Cleanup the config
[AIRFLOW-1314] Polish some of the Kubernetes docs/config
[AIRFLOW-1314] Improve error handling
[AIRFLOW-1999] Add per-task GCP service account support
[AIRFLOW-1314] Rebasing against master
[AIRFLOW-1314] Small cleanup to address PR comments (24)
[AIRFLOW-1314] Add executor_config and tests
[AIRFLOW-1314] Improve k8s support
[AIRFLOW-1314] Use VolumeClaim for transporting DAGs
[AIRFLOW-1314] Create integration testing environment
[AIRFLOW-1314] Git Mode to pull in DAGs for Kubernetes Executor
[AIRFLOW-1314] Add support for volume mounts & Secrets in Kubernetes Executor
[AIRFLOW=1314] Basic Kubernetes Mode
[AIRFLOW-2326][AIRFLOW-2222] remove contrib.gcs_copy_operator
[AIRFLOW-2328] Fix empty GCS blob in S3ToGoogleCloudStorageOperator
[AIRFLOW-2350] Fix grammar in
[AIRFLOW-2302] Fix documentation
[AIRFLOW-2345] pip is not used in this
[AIRFLOW-2347] Add Banco de Formaturas to Readme
[AIRFLOW-2346] Add Investorise as official user of Airflow
[AIRFLOW-2330] Do not append destination prefix if not given
[AIRFLOW-2240][DASK] Added TLS/SSL support for the dask-distributed scheduler.
[AIRFLOW-2309] Fix duration calculation on TaskFail
[AIRFLOW-2335] fix issue with jdk8 download for ci
[AIRFLOW-2184] Add druid_checker_operator
[AIRFLOW-2299] Add S3 Select functionarity to S3FileTransformOperator
[AIRFLOW-2254] Put header as first row in unload
[AIRFLOW-610] Respect _cmd option in config before defaults
[AIRFLOW-2287] Fix incorrect ASF headers
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Zego as an Apache Airflow user
[AIRFLOW-952] fix save empty extra field in UI
[AIRFLOW-1325] Add ElasticSearch log handler and reader
[AIRFLOW-2301] Sync files of an S3 key with a GCS path
[AIRFLOW-2293] Fix S3FileTransformOperator to work with boto3
[AIRFLOW-3212][AIRFLOW-2314] Remove only leading slash in GCS path
[AIRFLOW-1509][AIRFLOW-442] SFTP Sensor
[AIRFLOW-2291] Add optional params to ML Engine
[AIRFLOW-1774] Allow consistent templating of arguments in MLEngineBatchPredictionOperator
[AIRFLOW-2302] Add missing operators and hooks
[AIRFLOW-2312] Docs Typo Correction: Corresponding
[AIRFLOW-1623] Trigger on_kill method in operators
[AIRFLOW-2162] When impersonating another user, pass env variables to sudo
[AIRFLOW-2304] Update quickstart doc to mention scheduler part
[AIRFLOW-1633] docker_operator needs a way to set shm_size
[AIRFLOW-1340] Add S3 to Redshift transfer operator
[AIRFLOW-2303] Lists the keys inside an S3 bucket
[AIRFLOW-2209] restore flask_login imports
[AIRFLOW-2306] Add Bonnier Broadcasting to list of current users
[AIRFLOW-2305][AIRFLOW-2027] Fix CI failure caused by []
[AIRFLOW-2281] Add support for Sendgrid categories
[AIRFLOW-2027] Only trigger sleep in scheduler after all files have parsed
[AIRFLOW-2256] SparkOperator: Add Client Standalone mode and retry mechanism
[AIRFLOW-2284] GCS to S3 operator
[AIRFLOW-2287] Update license notices
[AIRFLOW-2296] Add Cinimex DataLab to Readme
[AIRFLOW-2298] Add Kalibrr to who uses airflow
[AIRFLOW-2292] Fix docstring for S3Hook.get_wildcard_key
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Update PR template
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Remove outdated migrations.sql
[AIRFLOW-2287] Add license header to docs/Makefile
[AIRFLOW-2286] Add tokopedia to the readme
[AIRFLOW-2273] Add Discord webhook operator/hook
[AIRFLOW-2282] Fix grammar in
[AIRFLOW-2200] Add snowflake operator with tests
[AIRFLOW-2178] Add handling on SLA miss errors
[AIRFLOW-2169] Fix type 'bytes' is not JSON serializable in python3
[AIRFLOW-2215] Pass environment to subproces.Popen in base_task_runner
[AIRFLOW-2253] Add Airflow CLI instrumentation
[AIRFLOW-2274] Fix Dataflow tests
[AIRFLOW-2269] Add Custom Ink as an Airflow user
[AIRFLOW-2259] Dataflow Hook Index out of range
[AIRFLOW-2233] Update to include the info of hdfs_sensors renaming
[AIRFLOW-2217] Add Slack webhook operator
[AIRFLOW-1729] improve dagBag time
[AIRFLOW-2264] Improve create_user cli help message
[AIRFLOW-2260] [AIRFLOW-2260] SSHOperator add command template .sh files
[AIRFLOW-2261] Check config/env for remote base log folder
[AIRFLOW-2258] Allow import of Parquet-format files into BigQuery
[AIRFLOW-1430] Include INSTALL instructions to avoid GPL
[AIRFLOW-1430] Solve GPL dependency
[AIRFLOW-2251] Add Thinknear as an Airflow user
[AIRFLOW-2244] bugfix: remove legacy LongText code from
[AIRFLOW-2247] Fix RedshiftToS3Transfer not to fail with ValueError
[AIRFLOW-2249] Add side-loading support for Zendesk Hook
[AIRFLOW-XXX] Add Qplum to Airflow users
[AIRFLOW-2228] Enhancements in ValueCheckOperator
[AIRFLOW-1206] Typos


[AIRFLOW-2592] Bump Bleach dependency
[AIRFLOW-2622] Add "confirm=False" option to SFTPOperator
[AIRFLOW-2662] support affinity & nodeSelector policies for kubernetes executor/operator
[AIRFLOW-2709] Improve error handling in Databricks hook
[AIRFLOW-2723] Update lxml dependancy to >= 4.0.
[AIRFLOW-2763] No precheck mechanism in place during worker initialisation for the connection to metadata database
[AIRFLOW-2789] Add ability to create single node cluster to DataprocClusterCreateOperator
[AIRFLOW-2797] Add ability to create Google Dataproc cluster with custom image
[AIRFLOW-2854] kubernetes_pod_operator add more configuration items
[AIRFLOW-2855] Need to Check Validity of Cron Expression When Process DAG File/Zip File
[AIRFLOW-2904] Clean an unnecessary line in airflow/executors/
[AIRFLOW-2921] A trivial incorrectness in CeleryExecutor()
[AIRFLOW-2922] Potential deal-lock bug in CeleryExecutor()
[AIRFLOW-2932] GoogleCloudStorageHook - allow compression of file
[AIRFLOW-2949] Syntax Highlight for Single Quote
[AIRFLOW-2951] dag_run end_date Null after a dag is finished
[AIRFLOW-2956] Kubernetes tolerations for pod operator
[AIRFLOW-2997] Support for clustered tables in Bigquery hooks/operators
[AIRFLOW-3006] Fix error when schedule_interval="None"
[AIRFLOW-3008] Move Kubernetes related example DAGs to contrib/example_dags
[AIRFLOW-3025] Allow to specify dns and dns-search parameters for DockerOperator
[AIRFLOW-3067] (www_rbac) Flask flash messages are not displayed properly (no background color)
[AIRFLOW-3069] Decode output of S3 file transform operator
[AIRFLOW-3072] Assign permission get_logs_with_metadata to viewer role
[AIRFLOW-3090] INFO logs are too verbose
[AIRFLOW-3103] Update Flask-Login
[AIRFLOW-3112] Align SFTP hook with SSH hook
[AIRFLOW-3119] Enable loglevel on celery worker and inherit from airflow.cfg
[AIRFLOW-3137] Make ProxyFix middleware optional
[AIRFLOW-3173] Add _cmd options for more password config options
[AIRFLOW-3177] Change scheduler_heartbeat metric from gauge to counter
[AIRFLOW-3193] Pin docker requirement version to v3
[AIRFLOW-3195] Druid Hook: Log ingestion spec and task id
[AIRFLOW-3197] EMR Hook is missing some parameters to valid on the AWS API
[AIRFLOW-3232] Make documentation for GCF Functions operator more readable
[AIRFLOW-3262] Can't get log containing Response when using SimpleHttpOperator
[AIRFLOW-3265] Add support for "unix_socket" in connection extra for Mysql Hook

Doc-only changes:

[AIRFLOW-1441] Tutorial Inconsistencies Between Example Pipeline Definition and Recap
[AIRFLOW-2682] Add how-to guide(s) for how to use basic operators like BashOperator and PythonOperator
[AIRFLOW-3104] .airflowignore feature is not mentioned at all in documentation
[AIRFLOW-3237] Refactor example DAGs
[AIRFLOW-3187] Update airflow.gif file with a slower version
[AIRFLOW-3159] Update Airflow documentation on GCP Logging
[AIRFLOW-3030] Command Line docs incorrect subdir
[AIRFLOW-2990] Docstrings for Hooks/Operators are in incorrect format
[AIRFLOW-3127] Celery SSL Documentation is out-dated
[AIRFLOW-2779] Add license headers to doc files
[AIRFLOW-2779] Add project version to license

Bug fixes:

[AIRFLOW-839] attempts to log status key without first checking existence
[AIRFLOW-1104] Concurrency check in scheduler should count queued tasks as well as running
[AIRFLOW-1163] Add support for x-forwarded-* headers to support access behind AWS ELB
[AIRFLOW-1195] Cleared tasks in SubDagOperator do not trigger Parent dag_runs
[AIRFLOW-1508] Skipped state not part of State.task_states
[AIRFLOW-1762] Use key_file in SSHHook.create_tunnel()
[AIRFLOW-1837] Differing start_dates on tasks not respected by scheduler.
[AIRFLOW-1874] Support standard SQL in Check, ValueCheck and IntervalCheck BigQuery operators
[AIRFLOW-1917] print() from python operators end up with extra new line
[AIRFLOW-1970] Database cannot be initialized if an invalid fernet key is provided
[AIRFLOW-2145] Deadlock after clearing a running task
[AIRFLOW-2216] Cannot specify a profile for AWS Hook to load with s3 config file
[AIRFLOW-2574] initdb fails when mysql password contains percent sign
[AIRFLOW-2707] Error accessing log files from web UI
[AIRFLOW-2716] Replace new Python 3.7 keywords
[AIRFLOW-2744] RBAC app doesn't integrate plugins (blueprints etc)
[AIRFLOW-2772] BigQuery hook does not allow specifying both the partition field name and table name at the same time
[AIRFLOW-2778] Bad Import in collect_dag in DagBag
[AIRFLOW-2786] Variables view fails to render if a variable has an empty key
[AIRFLOW-2799] Filtering UI objects by datetime is broken
[AIRFLOW-2800] Remove airflow/ low-hanging linting errors
[AIRFLOW-2825] S3ToHiveTransfer operator may not may able to handle GZIP file with uppercase ext in S3
[AIRFLOW-2848] dag_id is missing in metadata table "job" for LocalTaskJob
[AIRFLOW-2860] DruidHook: time variable is not updated correctly when checking for timeout
[AIRFLOW-2865] Race condition between on_success_callback and LocalTaskJob's cleanup
[AIRFLOW-2893] Stuck dataflow job due to jobName mismatch.
[AIRFLOW-2895] Prevent scheduler from spamming heartbeats/logs
[AIRFLOW-2900] Code not visible for Packaged DAGs
[AIRFLOW-2905] Switch to regional dataflow job service.
[AIRFLOW-2907] Sendgrid - Attachments - ERROR - Object of type 'bytes' is not JSON serializable
[AIRFLOW-2938] Invalid 'extra' field in connection can raise an AttributeError when attempting to edit
[AIRFLOW-2979] Deprecated Celery Option not in Options list
[AIRFLOW-2981] TypeError in dataflow operators when using GCS jar or py_file
[AIRFLOW-2984] Cannot convert naive_datetime when task has a naive start_date/end_date
[AIRFLOW-2994] flatten_results in BigQueryOperator/BigQueryHook should default to None
[AIRFLOW-3002] ValueError in dataflow operators when using GCS jar or py_file
[AIRFLOW-3012] Email on sla miss is send only to first address on the list
[AIRFLOW-3046] ECS Operator mistakenly reports success when task is killed due to EC2 host termination
[AIRFLOW-3064] No output from `airflow test` due to default logging config
[AIRFLOW-3072] Only admin can view logs in RBAC UI
[AIRFLOW-3079] Improve initdb to support MSSQL Server
[AIRFLOW-3089] Google auth doesn't work under http
[AIRFLOW-3099] Errors raised when some blocs are missing in airflow.cfg
[AIRFLOW-3109] Default user permission should contain 'can_clear'
[AIRFLOW-3111] Confusing comments and instructions for log templates in and default_airflow.cfg
[AIRFLOW-3124] Broken webserver debug mode (RBAC)
[AIRFLOW-3136] Scheduler Failing the Task retries run while processing Executor Events
[AIRFLOW-3138] Migration cc1e65623dc7 creates issues with postgres
[AIRFLOW-3161] Log Url link does not link to task instance logs in RBAC UI
[AIRFLOW-3162] HttpHook fails to parse URL when port is specified
[AIRFLOW-3183] Potential Bug in utils/dag_processing/DagFileProcessorManager.max_runs_reached()
[AIRFLOW-3203] Bugs in DockerOperator & Some operator test scripts were named incorrectly
[AIRFLOW-3238] Dags, removed from the filesystem, are not deactivated on initdb
[AIRFLOW-3268] Cannot pass SSL dictionary to mysql connection via URL
[AIRFLOW-3277] Invalid timezone transition handling for cron schedules
[AIRFLOW-3295] Require encryption in DaskExecutor when certificates are configured.
[AIRFLOW-3297] EmrStepSensor marks cancelled step as successful


[AIRFLOW-261] Add bcc and cc fields to EmailOperator
[AIRFLOW-348] Fix code style warnings
[AIRFLOW-349] Add metric for number of zombies killed
[AIRFLOW-340] Remove unused dependency on Babel
[AIRFLOW-339]: Ability to pass a flower conf file
[AIRFLOW-341][operators] Add resource requirement attributes to operators
[AIRFLOW-335] Fix simple style errors/warnings
[AIRFLOW-337] Add __repr__ to VariableAccessor and VariableJsonAccessor
[AIRFLOW-334] Fix using undefined variable
[AIRFLOW-315] Fix blank lines code style warnings
[AIRFLOW-306] Add Spark-sql Hook and Operator
[AIRFLOW-327] Add rename method to the FTPHook
[AIRFLOW-321] Fix a wrong code example about tests/dags
[AIRFLOW-316] Always check DB state for Backfill Job execution
[AIRFLOW-264] Adding workload management for Hive
[AIRFLOW-297] support exponential backoff option for retry delay
[AIRFLOW-31][AIRFLOW-200] Add note to
[AIRFLOW-307] There is no __neq__ python magic method.
[AIRFLOW-309] Add requirements of develop dependencies to docs
[AIRFLOW-307] Rename __neq__ to __ne__ python magic method.
[AIRFLOW-313] Fix code style for
[AIRFLOW-311] Fix wrong path in
[AIRFLOW-24] DataFlow Java Operator
[AIRFLOW-308] Add link to refresh DAG within DAG view header
[AIRFLOW-314] Fix BigQuery cursor run_table_upsert method
[AIRFLOW-298] fix incubator diclaimer in docs
[AIRFLOW-284] HiveServer2Hook fix for cursor scope for get_results
[AIRFLOW-260] More graceful exit when issues can't be closed
[AIRFLOW-260] Handle case when no version is found
[AIRFLOW-228] Handle empty version list in PR tool
[AIRFLOW-302] Improve default squash commit message
[AIRFLOW-187] Improve prompt styling
[AIRFLOW-187] Fix typo in argument name
[AIRFLOW-187] Move "Close XXX" message to end of squash commit
[AIRFLOW-247] Add EMR hook, operators and sensors. Add AWS base hook
[AIRFLOW-301] Fix broken unit test
[AIRFLOW-100] Add execution_date_fn to ExternalTaskSensor
[AIRFLOW-282] Remove PR Tool logic that depends on version formatting
[AIRFLOW-291] Add index for state in TI table
[AIRFLOW-269] Add some unit tests for PostgreSQL
[AIRFLOW-296] template_ext is being treated as a string rather than a tuple in qubole operator
[AIRFLOW-286] Improve FTPHook to implement context manager interface
[AIRFLOW-243] Create NamedHivePartitionSensor
[AIRFLOW-246] Improve dag_stats endpoint query
[AIRFLOW-189] Highlighting of Parent/Child nodes in Graphs
[ARFLOW-255] Check dagrun timeout when comparing active runs
[AIRFLOW-281] Add port to mssql_hook
[AIRFLOW-285] Use Airflow 2.0 style imports for all remaining hooks/operators
[AIRFLOW-40] Add LDAP group filtering feature.
[AIRFLOW-277] Multiple deletions does not work in Task Instances view if using SQLite backend
[AIRFLOW-200] Make hook/operator imports lazy, and print proper exceptions
[AIRFLOW-283] Make store_to_xcom_key a templated field in GoogleCloudStorageDownloadOperator
[AIRFLOW-278] Support utf-8 ecoding for SQL
[AIRFLOW-280] clean up tmp druid table no matter if an ingestion job succeeds or not
[AIRFLOW-274] Add XCom functionality to GoogleCloudStorageDownloadOperator
[AIRFLOW-273] Create an svg version of the airflow logo.
[AIRFLOW-275] Update contributing guidelines
[AIRFLOW-244] Modify hive operator to inject analysis data
[AIRFLOW-162] Allow variable to be accessible into templates
[AIRFLOW-248] Add Apache license header to all files
[AIRFLOW-263] Remove temp backtick file
[AIRFLOW-252] Raise Sqlite exceptions when deleting tasks instance in WebUI
[AIRFLOW-180] Fix timeout behavior for sensors
[AIRFLOW-262] Simplify commands in
[AIRFLOW-31] Add zope dependency
[AIRFLOW-6] Remove dependency on Highcharts
[AIRFLOW-234] make task that aren't `running` self-terminate
[AIRFLOW-256] Fix test_scheduler_reschedule heartrate
Add Python 3 compatibility fix
[AIRFLOW-31] Use standard imports for hooks/operators
[AIRFLOW-173] Initial implementation of FileSensor
[AIRFLOW-224] Collect orphaned tasks and reschedule them
[AIRFLOW-239] Fix tests indentation
[AIRFLOW-225] Better units for task duration graph
[AIRFLOW-241] Add testing done section to PR template
[AIRFLOW-222] Show duration of task instances in ui
[AIRFLOW-231] Do not eval user input in PrestoHook
[AIRFLOW-216] Add Sqoop Hook and Operator
[AIRFLOW-171] Add upgrade notes on email and S3 to