Changelogs » Aiocouchdb

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  - Read views and changes feeds line by line, not by chunks.
  This fixes 8 and 9 issues.
  - Deprecate Python 3.3 support. 0.10 will be 3.4.1+ only.


  - First release in aio-libs organization (:
  - Add context managers for response and feeds objects to release connection
  when work with them is done
  - Use own way to handle JSON responses that doesn't involves chardet usage
  - Add HTTPSession object that helps to apply the same auth credentials and
  TCP connector for the all further requests made with it
  - aiocouchdb now uses own request module which is basically fork of aiohttp one
  - AuthProviders API upgraded for better workflow
  - Fix _bulk_docs request with new_edit
  - Workaround COUCHDB-2295 by calculating multipart request body
  - Allow to pass event loop explicitly to every major objects
  - Fix parameters for Server.replicate method
  - Minor fixes for docstrings
  - Quite a lot of changes in Makefile commands for better life
  - Minimal requirements for aiohttp raised up to 0.17.4 version


  - Source tree was refactored in the way to support multiple major CouchDB
  versions as like as the other friendly forks
  - Database create and delete methods now return exact the same response as
  CouchDB sends back
  - Each module now contains __all__ list to normalize their exports
  - API classes and Resource now has nicer __repr__ output
  - Better error messages format
  - Fix function_clause error on attempt to update a document with attachments
  by using multipart request
  - Document.update doesn't makes document's dict invalid for further requests
  after multipart one
  - Fixed accidental payload sent with HEAD/GET/DELETE requests which caused
  connection close from CouchDB side
  - Added integration with Travis CI
  - Code cleaned by following pylint and flake8 notices
  - Added short tutorial for documentation
  - Minor fixes and Makefile improvements


  - Greatly improved multipart module, added multipart writer
  - Document.update now supports multipart requests to upload
  multiple attachments in single request
  - Added Proxy Authentication provider
  - Minimal requirements for aiohttp raised up to 0.14.0 version


  - Adopt test suite to run against real CouchDB instance
  - Database, documents and attachments now provides access to their name/id
  - Remove redundant longnamed constructors
  - Construct Database/Document/Attachment instances through __getitem__ protocol
  - Add Document.rev method to get current document`s revision
  - Add helpers to work with authentication database (_users)
  - Add optional limitation of feeds buffer
  - All remove(...) methods are renamed to delete(...) ones
  - Add support for config option existence check
  - Correctly set members for database security
  - Fix requests with Accept-Ranges header against attachments
  - Fix views requests when startkey/endkey should be null
  - Allow to pass custom query parameters and request headers onto changes feed
  - Handle correctly HTTP 416 error response
  - Minor code fixes and cleanup

0.5.0 not secure

  - Last checkpoint release. It's in beta now!
  - Implements CouchDB Design Documents HTTP API
  - Views refactoring and implementation consolidation


  - Another checkpoint release
  - Implements CouchDB Attachment HTTP API
  - Minimal requirements for aiohttp raised up to 0.9.1 version
  - Minor fixes for Document API


  - Third checkpoint release
  - Implements CouchDB Document HTTP API
  - Support document`s multipart API (but not doc update due to COUCHDB-2295)
  - Minimal requirements for aiohttp raised up to 0.9.0 version
  - Better documentation


  - Second checkpoint release
  - Implements CouchDB Database HTTP API
  - Bulk docs accepts generator as an argument and streams request doc by doc
  - Views are processed as stream
  - Unified output for various changes feed types
  - Basic Auth accepts non-ASCII credentials
  - Minimal requirements for aiohttp raised up to 0.8.4 version


  - Initial checkpoint release
  - Implements CouchDB Server HTTP API
  - BasicAuth, Cookie, OAuth authentication providers
  - Multi-session workflow